The Pick Up Artist

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 06, 2007 on VH1

Episode Recap

The eight contestants describe that they have trouble with women. Mystery, who went from awkward geek to seduction master, will help the eight contestants improve their lives with the help of his two wingmen, Matador and J Dog. Each week, one contestant will be sent home, until one contestant is named the winner.

At the base in Austin, Texas, the eight contestants arrive. Joe D., 25, wants to change his relationship with women so that he can be more than just a friend. Pradeep, 22, has trouble knowing when to stop talking. Spoon, 27, gets so nervous that he can't ask women out. Alvaro, 23, has never had a girlfriend because he doesn't know how to talk to women. Fred, 45, is still a virgin and would like to understand the rules of interaction. Scott, 26, wants to have more confidence with women. Joe W., 24, is intimidated by women, who often think he's gay. Brady, 25, feels insecure about himself and feels he would benefit from Mystery's training.

The contestants describe their first impressions of each other, and get together for a discussion about their problems with women. A phone rings, and it's Mystery, welcoming the contestants. After eight weeks, the contestants will be much improved, but it will be a challenge. Mystery tells the contestants to get on a bus outside.

The contestants express their trepidation about meeting the masters. Mystery meets the contestants for the first time, and introduces them to his wingmen. Matador says the contestants need to get rid of their "nice guy" vibe. J Dog describes his own experience with PUA and sympathizes with the contestants.

Mystery asks who is a virgin, and half of the contestants raise their hands. The contestants share their stories, and Mystery expresses his intent to help them build a life. He can provide the tools, but the contestants must use them. Only one contestant will become a "master pick-up artist" and become a traveling apprentice, along with a $50,000 prize. First off, Mystery says, they will hit a nightclub and practice talking to women.

The contestants talk about the upcoming challenge. They go swimming in a giant pool outside their mansion, and they get ready for the evening out. Each contestant describes his fears about meeting women in the club. Meanwhile, Mystery describes the challenge as a "newbie drill," to assess each man's skills in approaching an attractive woman. He expects a disaster.

After informing them about the hidden cameras in the club, Mystery tells the contestants to be themselves and sends them into the club. Joe W. starts off strong with a girl, but ignores her friend. Pradeep's approach is to talk to men, since he's too afraid to talk to women. Brady asks too many questions and loses the conversation. Scott is chatty, but still gets rejected. Joe D. uses a "situational opener" and is quickly shot down. Fred cut out too soon. Alvaro took to a corner, taking no action whatsoever. Spoon introduces himself, then falls into an awkward and unsuccessful conversation with a woman.

After the series of failures, the contestants watch the three "master PUAs" work the same club. Mystery, Matador, and J Dog converse and drink with groups of women, obviously taking charge and getting attention. The contestants are clearly impressed.

The next day, Mystery explains that no eliminations will be made based on the first challenge. "Who you are today dies here," he tells them; "tomorrow the education begins." The contestants express their excitement and skepticism.

Highlights from the season show the contestants fear and failures, as well as their hope and excitement.