The Pick Up Artist

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 13, 2007 on VH1

Episode Recap

Alvaro says he would have a lot to offer if he could just open his mouth. Spoon describes his desire to feel better about himself and thus avoid an emotionally jarring rejection. Scott says he wants to be like the masters.

The PUAs arrive to introduce a reward challenge. Mystery describes "peacock theory," the idea that women are attracted to men who stand out and exude sexuality. He instructs the contestants to construct Avatars, more over-the-top looks with new hair, accessories, and overall charm. The winner of the challenge will get a chance to practice with Mystery's lovely friend Tara.

Fred expresses his excitement about getting a makeover...and a makeover montage shows the contestants trying on tight pants and eyecatching accessories, getting their hair cut and dyed, and other painful procedures (including eyebrow waxing and ear piercing).

The contestants return from their shopping sprees and show off their looks for the master PUAs. Brady wows the panel with his chic new look. Scott's new outfit does not impress Matador, but his hair may attract women. Joe W. shows off his accessorizing skills. Fred's new look strikes the panel as way too youthful for a 45-year-old. The judges are harsh on Alvaro's bold new look. Pradeep fails to impress the judges. Mystery on Spoon: "Perfect." The judges suggest a different look for Joe D. than the one he picked out. Ultimately, the panel praises Spoon and Brady above the rest, and the winner of the challenge is Spoon.

Mystery describes "opening" as getting a female's interest by using a "gambit." The upcoming field test will provide the opportunity for the contestant who best "opens a set" to gain immunity from elimination. Mystery provides stock "opening" examples, as well as explaining not to approach a woman face to face.

Spoon nervously meets Tara to practice. Tara explains that PUA is not about getting women into bed, it's about finding someone special. She describes Spoon as nervous but sweet. Meanwhile, the other guys practice opening lines on each other, focusing on making up stories to tell women. They express their anxiety and skepticism about the techniques, but Spoon seems excited for the challenge. Alvaro makes the decision to go by the name "Kosmo."

The "Destination: Manhood" bus arrives at the club for the field test. Mystery and his wingmen watch the action over hidden cameras. Scott tries to tell a story to a "set," but fails. Brady tries his "floss before or after brushing?" line and successfully opens a set. Fred attempts to discuss '80s music with an uninterested girl. Joe W. is "too high-energy" with his competitive approach. Joe. D. succeeds at opening a five-set. Kosmo's approach is less talking, more breakdancing. Pradeep uses this opportunity to talk to girls about the breakdancing guy, but this "situational opener" is unsuccessful. Spoon gets nervous and leaves the club, and the PUAs console him as he explains that he is torn up about the earlier rejection that he now associates with clubs. Spoon reenters the club and talks to a group of girls, but he is still reluctant.

Every contestant succeeded in the field test, but Joe D. is crowned the winner. He gets to choose two "wingmen," granting them immunity from elimination as well. The contestants assemble, and Mystery explains that each week, a medallion will be distributed to all but one contestant. This week, it's the berkanan medallion, representing growth and rebirth. Joe D. picks Brady and Kosmo for his wingmen, and after a great deal of suspense, Joe W., Pradeep, and Scott receive medallions. Between Fred and Spoon, there remains only one medallion--but Spoon dramatically volunteers for elimination. The judges express their disappointment, but Spoon is eliminated from the game. He says he regrets disappointing the judges, but he feels more confident already and is happy with his decision.

Next week...the contestants will try to win over a group of preschool girls.
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