The Pick Up Artist

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 10, 2007 on VH1

Episode Recap

The remaining contestants express shock that Joe W. has been eliminated, and Joe D. remarks that the remaining students must step up their game to stay in the running.

Mystery gathers the guys together for a lesson in the bedroom, saying that pick-up artistry doesn't work if you can't get past the attraction phase. He brings out Tara and Leya to teach the contestants a little about lingerie. After the fashion show, Mystery reveals that the next challenge will be to buy lingerie for the girls, and the winner will be the contestant whose gift is most appreciated by Tara or Leya. After some awkward lingerie shopping moments, the contestants head home with their purchases, and Joe D. is named the winner. For his reward, he gets Matador as his wingman for the field test.

Back at the mansion, the boys are horsing around. Joe D. pretends to kiss Pradeep, and Pradeep slaps Joe in the mouth, starting an episode-long feud which distracts all the contestants.

Mystery starts a lesson on how to move from attraction to seduction. He describes the importance of the "bounce": an instant date with a woman (or group) at a different venue than the original one. According to J Dog and Mystery, going to multiple locations on one night has the effect of making a woman feel more comfortable.

The guys go to a bar, where Mystery instructs them to bounce with a girl to the restaurant across the street. Having won the reward challenge, Joe has Matador as his wingman. All is well until Pradeep approaches Joe's set, which puts a damper on Joe's game. Kosmo gets a drink bought for him, while Pradeep gets the offer of a free drink if he stops talking. Even with Matador's help, Joe fails to build attraction. In the end, Kosmo is the only contestant who bounces with a girl--actually, two girls.

Three medallions remain; Kosmo has immunity from elimination. J Dog congratulates Brady on his progress, and Matador suggests that Joe work on his attraction phase. Mystery awards Brady a medallion, and Pradeep and Joe remain. Ultimately, Pradeep's skills are not up to par, and he is eliminated...but he expresses confidence about the future.

Next week: a moving target challenge, and a lesson at a strip club.