The Pillars of the Earth

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 06, 2010 on Starz



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    • Percy Hamleigh: Any word from William?
      Regan Hamleigh: Well, the king's army have engaged Maud at Lincoln. Her half brother, Gloucester, is away in France so he can't help her. She's held it for 4 years now and it's time we took it back. Oh, there's a new knight fighting for Stephen, William says, who no one's ever heard of. Very mysterious fellow. Learned to fight in France. But evidently quite extraordinary.

    • Regan Hamleigh: William is being held back, but not by some anonymous knight. He's nearly 25 years old. He needs to marry and give us grandchildren.
      Percy Hamleigh: There are plenty of women who'd have him.
      Regan Hamleigh: None of sufficient nobility, my love. And if he can't marry a title, he shall have to inherit one.
      Percy Hamleigh: Are you suggesting that I retire and give him mine?
      Regan Hamleigh: (Laughs) I know you'd never agree to that.
      Percy Hamleigh: Not in my prime, I wouldn't! (Regan is bleeding him) There, that's quite enough, my dear.
      Regan Hamleigh: You drink too much, Percy. Your tongue's too loose.
      Percy Hamleigh: I fear you've cut too deep.
      Regan Hamleigh: No, my sweet. (Percy struggles for his life) Not deep enough (Regan kills him)

    • Maud: Stephen's army has us surrounded. We've been besieged for weeks. How am I supposed to eat when everyone else is starving for my sake?
      Father Francis: You must keep up your strength, my Queen.
      (Maud throws the food to the ground. A servant rushes to eat it)
      Maud: Where is Gloucester? My brother has never abandoned us before!

    • King Stephen: My... condolences on your father's death. An ague can be so unpredictable. He was a loyal subject.
      William: As am I, Your Majesty, as I hope to be as the new earl.
      King Stephen: Yes, quite. We... we have some problems regarding the earldom.
      William: Your Majesty?
      King Stephen: There is another claimant. Is he here?
      (Courtiers murmur. Richard steps in)
      King Stephen: Richard of Kingsbridge, champion of the battlefield. You have, indeed, proved your loyalty against your father's treason. I will weigh your claim most carefully.
      Richard: I ask for nothing more, My King.

    • William: I'm the earl! I'm the rightful earl! Richard lost that claim when his father lost his head!
      Waleran: Getting soldiers is all the king cares about. Raise an army to finish Maud, he'll give you whatever you want.
      Regan Hamleigh: Easily said, but where do we get the means to do it? The market at Kingsbridge sucks the money out of Shiring. Kingsbridge gets the rents, the taxes, business...
      Waleran: Close the market.
      Regan Hamleigh: How? The king has licensed it!
      Waleran: Oh yes. Unfortunately, he has.
      Regan Hamleigh: What?
      Waleran: If I close the market for you, will you close the quarry for me?

    • Richard: I'm impressed, Prior Philip. You've made astonishing progress since I left.
      Aliena: And it's not just the church, Richard. Everyone has the money to buy things. The town is 3 times the size of what it was, 5 times on market day!
      Philip: They want to buy your sister's wool, that's why.
      Aliena: They come to see the only female wool merchant in this part of England. Grown men quake at the sight of me.

    • Aliena: You look tired and happy, Tom.
      Tom Builder: I am. And I am.
      Aliena: Are you free Thursday next? I'm giving a dinner in honour of Richard's safe return.
      Tom Builder: Thank you. It would be my pleasure.
      Aliena: (To Jack, who has been overhearing the conversation) You're invited too, Jack! (He nods. Both smile pleased)

    • Cuthbert: (To Tom about Tom's youngest son) He's a darling, isn't he? Better off here than with his real parents. His Da was a cutpurse, most likely, and his mother, a whore. A tender trap, the world.

    • Aliena: (Reading Alfred's hand) This is your love line. Oh, I see you have many female admirers!
      (Martha laughs)
      Alfred: What's funny, Martha? Don't you admire me?
      Martha: Definitely not!
      Aliena: I do. I think your cathedral work is lovely, Alfred.
      Alfred: Thank you, Aliena (He tries to grab her hands but she removes them)
      Martha: (She has gone in search of Jack. Giggles) Jack's turn. (Jack hesitates to join them) Oh, come on! (Makes him sit at the table)
      Aliena: (Reading Jack's hand) Oh, your hand has healed nicely. St. Adolphus must have worked a miracle! Oh, how odd! Your love line's split, marked with little crosses. You love 2 women, Jack, who treat you very badly.
      Martha: Two?
      Aliena: Mistress Work and Mother Church!
      (All laugh)

    • Regan Hamleigh: The only way to close the quarry involves bloodshed. Innocent lives shall be lost. My son shall burn in hell for your sins.
      Waleran: That's why you've been a reluctant enforcer, William?
      William: Mother's always been afraid of fire. But the fires of hell are eternal.
      Waleran: (Grabbing his bible and cross) On your knees. Are you sorry for all the lives taken by your sword in the past and in the future?
      William: Oh yes.
      Waleran: Ego te absolvo. Do what you must.

    • Waleran: It's forbidden to run a market without a license from the king.
      Philip: But we have a license.
      Waleran: May I see it?
      Philip: (Searches it. Frustrated) Ah, it's been stolen.
      Waleran: The Sheriff has no record of it.
      Philip: Then he's a liar.
      Waleran: I think you are the liar, Philip. As of next month, the market moves to Shiring.

    • Philip: I am part of the Church!
      Waleran: Then why do you defy me? Obey me.
      Philip: I obey God before you!
      Waleran: The Church has rules and hierarchy!
      Philip: I obey my heart...
      Waleran: Kneel before me... now! (Philip doesn't kneel) Proud Philip.

    • Jack: (About his father) You knew him?
      Waleran: I've heard his story, yes.
      Jack: No, more than that. You saw him. Was that before or after he was falsely accused?
      Waleran: Your affection for a father you never met is touching but misplaced. I thought you'd know better than to take your mother's word on his character, which I know only by hearsay. But the details are very persuasive. He stole a chalice, a vessel who holds the blood of Christ. Blasphemy. He impregnated a novice. Blasphemy. And he died without repenting. Blasphemy.
      Jack: Words.
      Waleran: Yes, I'm good with words. We all have our talents. Yours are just as obvious. May I? (He laughs as he looks at the gargoyles Jack has carved) Breathtaking little devils! Yes... you seem to know them well.

    • Aliena: (Stepping into her weaving room) My new palace!
      Jack: Do you miss the old one?
      Aliena: Oh, Lord no! I miss my father and I miss the people I lived with. But I don't miss the obligations or the pretensions. I certainly don't miss my innocence or my ignorance, whatever it is you call it. I'm happy.
      Jack: Well, you've earned it.

    • Aliena: Are you? Happy?
      Jack: Am I happy... I think so. I think... especially when I'm at work. When I work, I hear these voices.
      Aliena: Whose? The voices of angels? Are you some kind of saint?
      Jack: No, voices from the stone. When I carve it, it tells me where to cut it.
      Aliena: The stone speaks to you?
      Jack: No, not the stone, but what it wants to be. So the saint or the gargoyle or the tiniest corner of the cathedral... it doesn't even have to have a face. It can be... a line or a design or the curve of an arch. It's not a... it's not a voice. It's a... it is an image, but it's the sound of an image, so... I can't describe it. (Chuckling) I'm very sorry. I just... I know when my... when my chisel hits the rock, that the rock's in tune. It's a song. That's it. It's a song of what will be.
      Aliena: How very fortunate you are.
      (Jack kisses her)

    • King Stephen: Richard of Kingsbridge! Welcome back!
      Richard: It's good to be back, My Lord King. The siege is going well?
      King Stephen: Monstrously well. Barely a month and already the people are starving. They toss their dead over the wall by the hour. The stench is awful but the smell of victory is sweet.

    • King Stephen: Prior Philip. Well, have you come to fight for me?
      Philip: I am here because God's work needs help, My Lord King.
      King Stephen: If it were God's work, then He should do it Himself. I'm busy.

    • King Stephen: I've wanted to take a look around the city walls, and if I'm dressed as a monk, they won't shoot at me. You, on the other hand, are an easy target.
      Philip: (Dresses with a tunic) Perhaps it is God's will that I should die to save the king.
      King Stephen: I've never understood God's will. (A crow caws on a corpse) Do you think He wills that?
      Philip: I don't know, My Lord.
      King Stephen: I only ask God for one life: Maud's. She doesn't even need to be killed, simply handed over. But instead they let their children go hungry and their grandparents waste away to bones. It's their choice. It's not mine. And it's certainly not God's.

    • King Stephen: (About Jack) That boy with the red hair? I want him dead by morning.

    • Philip: Do you pray, Jack?
      Jack: My work I think of as a kind of prayer.

    • Maud: What's happening?
      Father Francis: Your brother's been taken.
      Maud: Oh God!
      Father Francis: As has the King. Our soldiers ambushed him. Stephen's army is sounding a retreat. They're running away. Your brother's men are coming to free us. We've won!

    • Maud: Why are you here? You sided against us. Your king lies in our dungeon to be hanged tomorrow. Why shouldn't you hang with him?
      Waleran: My Lady...
      Maud: We are not Your Lady. We are Your Majesty.
      Waleran: Your Majesty, your half-brother Robert of Gloucester is a prisoner also, held by what remains of Stephen's army. His captor, one Richard of Kingsbridge, a blood-thirsty fellow. I regret to say we know him well. If Stephen hangs, Gloucester will hang higher. You can save him.
      Maud: By trusting you?
      Waleran: We are closer in sympathy to Your Majesty than Your Majesty might guess. I was your brother's confessor, and Lady Regan served in waiting to his wife.

    • Maud: My brother the Prince and his wife died in a shipwreck, the one that started this war of succession. No one survived. Weren't you supposed to be on board with them?
      Regan Hamleigh: Your Majesty, I was sent ahead in another ship with my young son, who is with me today.
      William: Your Majesty.
      Maud: Who sent you ahead?
      Regan Hamleigh: Why, your brother, the prince. I was bringing good news to the king, your father. My Lady, the Princess, was at last with child.
      Maud: Why didn't we learn of this?
      Regan Hamleigh: News of the shipwreck reached the courts before I did, Your Majesty. I saw no reason to burden your father any further.

    • Maud: Why did you side with Stephen against us?
      Regan Hamleigh: (Whispers) William.
      William: I was raised at court, Your Majesty, and my parents were told that if they did not support Stephen, I would be killed.
      Regan Hamleigh: Your Majesty has a beloved only son as I do. What would a mother not do in order to spare his life?
      Maud: Very well. You may deal with this Richard of Kingsbridge and exchange our dear Gloucester's life for that of the traitor Stephen's. I assume they would accept no less. Our secretary, Father Francis, will accompany you. Your beloved only son, however, will remain here as collateral. Any hint of treachery on your part and I'll have your balls on a platter... all 6 of them.

    • Waleran: (About Maud) She requires your allegiance and public acknowledgment of her as Queen.
      King Stephen: That will never happen.
      Waleran: Rest assured, whatever is writ today can be scratched tomorrow. May I tell her you accept?
      King Stephen: I'd rather hang.
      Waleran: Then you will. Once her torturers have finished with you, you will beg for her forgiveness from the scaffold, your neck will snap and you will foul yourself. Nothing noble in a hanging.
      King Stephen: Do what you must.
      Waleran: In taking my leave, I must perform an unfortunate familiarity. (He spits to King Stephen)

    • Waleran: (About Philip to a torturer) Do you see that priest there? He's the one who betrayed Bartholomew of Shiring, the Queen's friend, to Stephen, the usurper. If you can get him to admit to this, she will be very, very happy.

    • Aliena: Prior Philip?
      Alfred: Captured, not dead. He's among those to be ransomed.
      Aliena: Oh god!
      Alfred: It is Jack who is dead.
      (Aliena bursts out crying and hugs Alfred for comfort. Alfred inhales Aliena's scent with pleasure)

    • Philip: (Under torture) I betrayed Bartholomew... to you, and you're the one who betrayed Maud.
      Waleran: He has confessed. He is a traitor. See that he's hanged.

    • Remigius: In order to conserve expenditures and, God-willing, meet the ransom demands for our good prior, I, as sub-prior, order all work on the Kingsbridge cathedral to be stopped.

    • Ellen: (About Jack) He's not dead. I would know it if he were dead. He can't be dead. I don't allow him to be dead. I dreamed this would happen and I didn't stop it. (Sobbing) Why? It makes no bloody sense!
      Tom Builder: It doesn't have to make sense. This is part of God's plan and...
      Ellen: God's plan? If God has a plan, it's not working out very well, is it?

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    • Eddie Redmayne (who plays Jack) does the 'Previously on The Pillars of the Earth' voiceover at the beginning of the episode.

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