The Pillars of the Earth

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 13, 2010 on Starz



  • Trivia

    • This episode takes place from A.D. 1143 to A.D. 1144.

    • Goof: Jack tells Aliena that his mother told the Song of Roland to him when he was a boy and that she learnt if from Jack's father. Episode 1x01 Anarchy covers a 18 years span from A.D. 1120 to A.D. 1138. However, The Song of Roland is usually dated to the middle of the twelfth century (between A.D. 1140 and A.D. 1170).

    • For the first time, Jack is referred to as 'Jack Jackson'. It is also revealed that his father was a French storyteller.

    • Goof: When Philips dismounts from his horse upon arrival to Kingsbridge, it can be seen that the soles of his shoes are made of rubber.

    • Tom and Agnes' son's name is revealed during this episode: Jonathan (Brother Jonathan).

    • A scene from episode 1x02 Master Builder can be seen during this episode.

    • Goof: When Jack and Alfred are fighting, Jack falls to the ground on some lime. He lifts his head and rests his face on his arm only to be shown with his face on the lime in the next take. When he lifts his head for the second time, his face and hair are stained with the lime, but as he starts climbing the ladder to the scaffolding, they are clean. Later on, the stains reappear for the rest of the fight.

    • Goof: Aliena is shown reading a book as she holds it with both hands; however, from Jack's point of view, her left hand is resting on the pages of the book.

    • Goof: When Philip and Jack arrive to Kingsbridge, their horses are stopped by some men who approach to greet them. However, in the next take the horses are still walking.

    • Goof: Jack's head is slightly turned to his left side as he rests. However, when Philip seats up to look at him, Jack's head is turned to his right side, facing Philip.

  • Quotes

    • King Stephen: Forgive me God, for I have sinned. I am king. I am king. You have made me king. You have made me king.

    • Waleran: If you wish Maud to make your son Earl of Shiring, I need to successfully trade Stephen with Gloucester.
      Regan Hamleigh: I'll contribute to the ransom fee, if that's your concern.
      Waleran: No, my concern is Stephen. If he is redeemed, will the war continue?
      Regan Hamleigh: Undoubtedly.
      Waleran: Therefore Queen Maud may not rule for long and then, whose side are we on?
      Regan Hamleigh: We need to play both sides.
      Waleran: Oh, I intend to do that as negotiator, but your position is not as flexible.

    • Regan Hamleigh: You will have to intercede for us.
      Waleran: You presume our position is that of equals. I need you to serve me, not command me.

    • Regan Hamleigh: What would Your Eminence have me do? Whatever your wish, I am happy to obey.
      Waleran: I wish to be made Archbishop of Canterbury once Stephen regains his throne. The current one will have to be removed, of course.

    • Philip: How did I come here?
      Father Francis: I told the executioner that, as the Queen's secretary, I would answer for your innocence.
      Philip: But I thought you supported Stephen?
      Father Francis: Sush! He's as self-serving as his predecessor. I've become a politician, Philip. I serve who best serves me.

    • Philip: You're a new man, Jack. A Lazarus.
      Jack: I'm sure I stink like Lazarus. You must have died too from the look of you.
      Philip: Nearly. God has further plans for me. For you too, I suspect.
      Jack: What plans?
      Philip: What do you remember of the last 3 days? Did you pray?
      Jack: I was laying with the dead. I suppose I don't remember. I dreamt, though. I remember that.
      Philip: What of?
      Jack: Of Aliena.

    • (After Alfred plays a trick to kiss her and almost drowns as a consequence)
      Aliena: Don't come near me again.
      Alfred: What? But I love you! I love you!

    • Father Francis: We need the fee in order to bankrupt them. Otherwise, what guarantee do we have that Stephen won't ignore anything that he signs and begin a war again? We need a guarantee.
      Waleran: If we ignore the ransom fees, we need to hold Stephen's son, Eustace, until his father has left the country and peace has been kept for 5 years.
      Richard: King Stephen will never agree.
      Waleran: It's not his decision. Think about it overnight... dear Richard. (Comes close to Richard and whispers) No one at Maud's court knows what Eustace looks like, do they?

    • Queen Maud: Do you see these people before us, Henry?
      Prince Henry: Yes, Mama.
      Queen Maud: They've come to ask us favors. Do you know why?
      Prince Henry: You're the Queen.
      Queen Maud: I'm the Empress. I rechristened myself this morning. And one day, you will be Emperor, and people will come to ask you favors. So I want you to listen.

    • Queen Maud: Who is this handsome man?
      Father Francis: This is my brother, Philip, Empress, the Prior of Kingsbridge.
      Philip: Handsome, I pray, before God, Empress, but, uh, very plain to others.
      Queen Maud: Humility and humour, a rare combination.

    • Queen Maud: The quarry and all its mining rights shall belong to Shiring.
      Waleran: Thank you, My Empress.
      Queen Maud: On the condition that you successfully negotiate the release of our brother Gloucester from the enemy. Kingsbridge, however, shall have similar market rights to Shiring. The same condition applies.

    • Aliena: So I give you 100 pounds, you give it to Maud and you get a license?
      Philip: Yes, yes, the same as Shiring.
      Aliena: In addition to the Sunday market, Shiring has the annual fleece fair. That's where I make most of my money.
      Philip: I... I don't follow.
      Aliena: Why don't we have one here? If the license is the same as Shiring's, why can't you host a fleece fair next year to compete with Shiring? It would save me transportation. I could lure the Flemish buyers here. You would make more money in a week than you would in a year of Sunday markets and it would break the Hamleighs' back.
      Philip: (Chuckles) Brilliant!

    • Ellen: I knew you weren't dead.
      Jack: You shouldn't be here. They'll see you.
      Ellen: No. Even Waleran can't keep me from my son.

    • Waleran: So, war begins again and chaos is king.
      Regan Hamleigh: I don't see how that benefits us.
      Waleran: Oh, when chaos reigns, dear Lady, Satan often forgets about God's humble servants and we may carry on with our holy work without interference.

    • Queen Maud: We are betrayed! Stephen has attacked us once again! Does he honestly think we'll spare his son?
      Father Francis: Empress, I fear, sadly, the boy is... is not his. He says his name is Charlie and he's missing his pigs. Richard of Kingsbridge substituted a farmer's child for Eustace.
      Waleran: He resembles the usurper's son near enough. He even fooled me, Empress.
      Queen Maud: Kill him anyway. Stephen will learn that we, at least, keep our promises and we are not to be crossed!

    • Richard: (In his letter to Aliena) Dear sister, once again we're at war. Advance is slow but sure. And we hope by spring to defeat Maud and Gloucester. Of course, since I fight for Stephen, if Maud wins, I might never regain Shiring and Father's title. William and is mother have taken Maud's side, for the time being but their loyalty is as dependable as snow and goes wherever the winds of power blow it. Their ally, Bishop Waleran, has already laid the groundwork for siding again with Stephen if he were to win. You must forgive my despair. Winter slows the war and gives me too much time to brood.

    • Philip: You started work late today.
      Tom Builder: Late? Well, there's not much we can do without a stock of stones.
      Philip: Nevertheless, I thought it would be further along by now.
      Tom Builder: We can't work in the winter, Prior. And when we get more stones...
      Philip: And if we don't? You should've conserved their use, Tom. Jack's been using too many carving gargoyles.
      Tom Builder: Well, we can purchase some more soon. You paid your debt to Maud, she's given you a license for a market.
      Philip: Maud is losing battle after battle. What happens to my fee if she's deposed? There'll be no more stones and the coffers will be empty.

    • Alfred: I can build a stone vault.
      Tom Builder: How many times do I have to tell you? A stone vault is too heavy. It can't be supported. Why don't you listen?

    • Jack: (About his gargoyles) It's a little bit of fun in God's house.

    • Tom Builder: I won't see this church completed.
      Alfred: Da?
      Tom Builder: Nor will you, Alfred. Nor you, Jack, most likely. I may see it roofed. You might see the interior well on its way. But it might be 50 years before it's finished, which is why I teach you. That's why you must never stop learning even after I'm gone.
      Alfred: Learn from who?
      Tom Builder: From your pupils. Your younger masters, they might find new ways to perfection.

    • Tom Builder: (About his tool box) This is all I have, right here, to pass on to my successor. You're both my sons. (Jack seems surprisingly pleased whereas Alfred is jealous) Now, I'd like to be able to share ownership between the two of you, but I know that sometimes you work at cross purposes. I'd really like it if you could try your best to be friends. And if not, the one that gets this will be the one that best embodies my vision, my knowledge and my belief in the future. Do you understand that?

    • Jack: The Song of Roland.
      Aliena: It's about this knight who has a big horn. He blows it so hard...
      Both: ...that his head bursts.
      Aliena: You know it?
      Jack: My mother told it to me when I was a boy. But she didn't call him Roland. She changed the name to Foolish Jack.
      Aliena: How would she heard of it?
      Jack: My father told it to her. 'The French seduction' is how she described it.
      Aliena: He was French?
      Jack: He was a story teller.

    • (Jack and Aliena are kissing and he moves his had to her groin. Flashback to William raping Aliena. Aliena breaks the kiss and slaps Jack)
      Aliena: Don't touch me there. Don't you ever touch me again!

    • (After Alfred and Jack fight destroying part of the cathedral as a consequence)
      Philip: I will not have Jack and Alfred working together.
      Tom Builder: Look...
      Philip: One of them must go.

    • Alfred: He's an apprentice! I'm a master stonemason. Send him away, Da, not me! I'm your real son! If Ma was alive, this wouldn't even be a choice! We were a team once, remember? I was supposed to be your successor!
      Tom Builder: Alfred, you'll have to pay a fine for the damage caused. One month's wages.
      Alfred: A month?
      Tom Builder: Doubt the prior would accept any less. Could you leave us for a moment.
      Alfred: Da!
      Tom Builder: Go... before I double it. I'm sorry, Jack.
      Jack: Why me?
      Tom Builder: I pleaded with Philip, but he wouldn't soften.
      Jack: This is my life.
      Tom Builder: He's my son.
      Jack: I'm your son too. You said it.
      Tom Builder: You're the one that Philip will miss. You know, Alfred... he's competent. But you're brilliant. Now, in a week or a month, the Prior will see his mistake.
      Jack: (Crying) And if he doesn't? You wouldn't even have a job if it weren't for me.
      Tom Builder: That's enough.
      Do you hear what I'm saying? I burned it down. I burned the old cathedral so that you would have work.
      Tom Builder: (Visibly hurt with his decision) God forgive you then. Get out. Get out!

    • Brother Jonathan: (About the scaffolding of the cathedral) Can I climb it?
      Tom Builder: What do you wanna climb all the way up there for, Jonathan?
      Brother Jonathan: Brother Jonathan.
      Tom Builder: Brother Jonathan.
      Brother Jonathan: So I can see Jack. He's gone away and he hasn't said good-bye.

    • Brother Jonathan: My mother's dead.
      Tom Builder: I know that.
      Brother Jonathan: Do you know who my father is?
      Tom Builder: Who?
      Brother Jonathan: God. He's everybody's father.
      Tom Builder: Of course he is.

    • Ellen: Where will you go?
      Jack: Wherever they're building cathedrals, I'll go to Jerusalem if I have to.
      Ellen: Philip is wrong. He will understand that he made a mistake.
      Jack: Philip's stubborn, you push against him and he pushes back. It would take witchcraft to change his mind.

    • Philip: I don't fear you. I oppose what you stand for which is hatred of God and church and morality.
      Ellen: I love God. Although I don't worship Her quite the same way as you do. My church hasn't as many rules as yours and is a lot more forgiving. And as for morality, I use love as my compass which Christ seemed to approve of,even if you don't.

    • Philip: I spend too much time making decisions on the building. I need an assistant who can answer queries on construction, who can keep track of the money and raw materials, who can handle payments to suppliers, who can pay wages. You wouldn't be carving stone but you would be supervising the entire design on my behalf.
      Jack: Really? Prior, that's fantastic.
      Philip: In your spare time, if you had any, you'd learn speak and read Latin. You'd serve me during Mass...
      Ellen: Why would he need to do that?
      Philip: Because my assistant must be a monk.
      Ellen: Your church is not having my son.
      Philip: That's Jack's decision, not yours.
      Ellen: It burned his father. It tried to burn me!

    • Philip: God wants you, Jack. Of that I'm certain. He saved your life. He speaks to you through your art as clearly as he spoke to Augustine, Gregory, all His artist-saints. The question is this: do you want God? It's a simple choice... not an easy one.

    • Waleran: That is a lovely stone.
      Regan Hamleigh: No. This belonged to my father. It's all I've got left of him.
      Waleran: Queen Maud, as you well know, is fleeing back to France. Stephen thinks you are both traitors. How else will I convince him you're not? He loves a gift.
      Regan Hamleigh: Get him to stop the fair.
      Dear Lady, the fair will begin, as planned, but it will not end as planned, will it, William?

    • Walter: I say destruction is a work of art and requires significant talent. You have a gift, Lord William. Let's make your mother proud.

    • Philip: Did I see Ellen here?
      Tom Builder: Yes, she came to see her son. Not me. She's still angry with me for going along with your idea. She's a good woman, Prior. You should accept her as she is. You're not gonna be able to convert everyone.
      Philip: But I can bring her son to God. He's doing wonderful work. You should tell her that.
      Tom Builder: If the Good Lord Himself came down from heaven to praise him, I don't think that would make her happy.

    • (About Jack becoming a monk)
      Aliena: Ellen, I know how hard it must've been for you.
      Ellen: I'm perfectly fine. It's Jack you should worry about.
      Aliena: He seems happy.
      Ellen: Good. That's all a mother asks for.

    • Ellen: Do the monks try to sleep with you?
      Jack: Ma... No, I have no interest along those lines and even if I did, it's forbidden.
      Ellen: Do you have interest along other lines? (She looks towards Aliena)
      Jack: What?
      Ellen: Do you pleasure yourself?
      Jack: Ma! (Looks to Aliena embarrassed. She giggles) I... No! I don't, no.
      Ellen: That's unnatural.

    • Tom Builder: (To Brother Jonathan) You know how you and I are friends, yes? Well suppose I was to tell you we were something closer than friends? And when Jack went away, for me that was sort of like losing a son. But... (He is interrupted by William's attack)

  • Notes

    • Eddie Redmayne (who plays Jack) does the 'Previously on The Pillars of the Earth' voiceover at the beginning of the episode.

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    • International Air Dates:
      Canada: August 13th, 2010 on Movie Central.
      Canada: August 13th, 2010 on The Movie Network.
      Spain: September 28th, 2010 on Cuatro.
      UK: November 6th, 2010 on Channel 4.
      USA: August 13th, 2010 on Starz.

    • Filming locations:
      Burg Kreuzenstein, Leobendorf, Lower Austria, Austria.
      Votivkirche, Vienna, Austria.
      Fót Studios, Budapest, Hungary.
      Ócsa, Pest, Budapest, Hungary.

  • Allusions

    • Philip: You are a new man, Jack. A Lazarus.

      The story of Lazarus appears in the Gospel of John in the New Testament of the Bible. He is the subject of a miracle in wich Jesus raises him from the dead and restores him back to life.