The Pillars of the Earth

Season 1 Episode 7

New Beginnings

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2010 on Starz



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The apple that Regan is peeling changes from red to green and back to red again.

    • This episode takes place in A.D. 1146.

    • This episode takes place in Saint Denis (France), Bayeux (France), Port of Cherbourg (France) and the UK.

    • Goof: When Aliena is first seen in Bayeux, the baby's legs and arms are uncovered only to be wrapped in a blanket seconds afterwards.

    • Goof: When Aliena finds Jack and puts the baby in his arms, Jack holds the baby in a different way from his point of view than he does from Aliena's.

    • Goof: After Aliena pays for the boat home, Jack can be seen holding Tom in different ways as Aliena approaches him.

    • Goof: The hands carving the wooden statue are not Eddie Redmayne's (Jack's).

    • Jack's father was called Jacques Cherbourg. He took his last name from the French town he was a native of.

    • During his time in France Jack gets the chance to meet his aunt, cousin Gabriel and grandmother on his father's side and also a close friend of his father.

    • Jack's ring belonged to Prince William (King Henry's son).

    • Philip reminds Waleran that 'politics may be a bargain between beggars'. That is exactly the same sentence that Waleran told Philip in episode 1x01 Anarchy when agreeing on helping each other to become bishop and prior respectively and that Philip told Regan in episode 1x02 Master Builder while discussing the terms of their shared ownership of Shiring.

    • Ironically and in order to regain his father's title, Richard kills Robert of Gloucester, the faction that Bartholomew died for defending.

    • Goof: Richard's mutilated ear can be seen in full when he speaks with king Stephen to try and get his title back and when he says his goodbye to Aliena to go fight in the Crusades.

    • Goof: The baby that Aliena holds inside Kingsbridge cathedral when she and Jack arrive back from France is way smaller when he is sleeping in her arms than when he is shown awake by the wooden statue.

    • Goof: The stone used for the wooden Mary statue sweats way too fast after the sun is set.

    • It was revealed in episode 1x06 Witchcraft that Prior James was one of the three men that condemned Jack's father to death. It is revealed now that the other two men were Percy Hamleigh and Waleran.

    • A scene from episode 1x02 Master Builder can be seen during this episode.

    • Goof: Both when Aliena arrives in France and when she and Jack depart towards England they cross under Cherbourg gate in the same direction.

    • Regan Hamleigh's 'Whom do you hate/love the most?' dialogue with her son William can also be seen in episodes 1x03 Redemption and 1x06 Witchcraft.

    • Goof: When William throws his mother's body to the river, Regan falls with her head pointing towards the bridge. However, from William's point of view, her feet are pointing towards the bridge.

  • Quotes

    • Jack: Abbot Suger, forgive me. I... I want to learn here. The walls are so high, how do they bear their weight?
      Abbot Suger: You know Euclid, the father of geometry?
      Jack: No, non.
      Abbot Suger: Then you know nothing.

    • Waleran: You look lost. Of course, you are. No longer prior, your dream demolished, you must sometimes think God is punishing you for your sins, your willful pride.
      Philip: Yes.

    • Waleran: In recompense for not naming me archbishop, the king has agreed to send me as his representative to Rome. And I'll need a trustworthy man to handle diocesan affairs in my absences. And you were the first and to be frank, the only man I could think of.
      Philip: I... I don't think I'm...
      Waleran: I'm not finished. When I advance as... I hope one day to do... perhaps you will take my place. As Bishop of Kingsbridge, you could build your cathedral, punish the Hamleighs, do whatever you want. Until then, I simply ask for honest diligence and obedience in all things.
      Philip: In all good things.
      Waleran: Of course.

    • Jack: Aliena!
      (They kiss)
      Aliena: (Crying) Is it really you?
      Jack: (Smiling) Yes.
      Aliena: I followed your work.
      Jack: You left Alfred?
      (Aliena uncovers the baby)
      Jack: He's mine? (Aliena smiles. Jack cries) He's mine (Aliena nods)
      Aliena: (Putting the baby in his arms) He won't break.
      Jack: Aliena, he's beautiful (She grins What's his name?
      Aliena: I haven't chosen one yet. Shall we call him Jack?
      Jack: No (Sniffles) No. No, Jack's the father I never knew. Let's name him after the father I did know.
      Aliena: Tom.
      Jack: Tom.
      (Aliena laughs quietly)

    • Jack: (Aliena) Tom dreamed of light, of churches filled with light but he didn't know how to build them. And now I know, not only that it's possible, but how it can be done.

    • Anglo-French man: (About Jack's father) The prince, King Henry's son, hired him to sail with him across the Channel.
      Jack: Prince William?
      Anglo-French man: Your father called him the Phoenix Prince because of a ring he wore.
      Jack: Was it a signet ring?
      Anglo-French man: Cut in the shape of a bird rising from fire. Prince William was accompanied by his wife and many people of his court, including your father. And they were never seen again.
      Jack: That was the White Ship, the ship that sunk with Prince William, King Henry's heir.
      Aliena: I thought no one survived that sinking.
      Jack: My father survived it. He was on that ship.

    • Philip: Your offer took me unawares. And you were right. I've never... I've never felt so lost. Satan tempted Christ at his weakest: after 40 days without food or water. I haven't Christ's strength to resist, Eminence, but... but you... you do not have Satan's cunning. You have taught me, you see. Politics may be a bargain between beggars but compromise between good and evil is never possible. God's work does not blend with power or greed. Your moral mortar is corrupt. And the walls of your church will crumble and the roof will fall. And you and everyone who worships with you will be crushed. I would sooner live out the rest of my days feeding pigs at the monastery than feeding your ravenous ambition.
      Waleran: You're damned.

    • Richard: Robert of Gloucester!
      Lord Gloucester: Richard of Kingsbridge! I thought you were a knight, not a foot soldier!
      Richard: A poor knight, My Lord, but soon I'll be a wealthy one!
      (They fight until Richard has Lord Gloucester at his mercy)
      Lord Gloucester: In the name of Queen Maud... I ask you for mercy.
      Richard: Then God grant you peace (Richard cuts his head off)

    • Maud: (Upon Lord Gloucester's mutilated body) I am not yet defeated. I still have you, Henry. Gloucester was my muscle but you, you are my heart. And I swear upon his butchered body... one day, you will be king.

    • King Stephen: I have no title to give you. Yet there's to be a crusade, and I need volunteers. I'll give you horse and armour and a squire or two if you kill some Saracens for me. When you return, we'll see what we can do about your father's title.
      Richard: As you wish, Your Majesty.

    • King Stephen: You see, Eustace, Maud's bastard brother is dead. He was her strength. She's defeated now. And I swear on his traitorous head, one day, you will be king.

    • Remigius: Welcome home, Jack. Last time we saw you, you were locked away in our dungeon. Have you returned to serve out the rest of your sentence?
      Jack: I was locked up to keep me away from Aliena. It's too late for that now.
      (Crowd laughs while Alfred looks ashamed)

    • (Philips hugs Jack tightly) I was wrong.
      Remigius: As I recall, my predecessor forbade you from stepping foot on these holy grounds except as a monk. You're consorting with a married woman and living in sin. You must either leave the whore or leave Kingsbridge.
      Jack: I've come to finish the cathedral.
      Remigius: The cathedral is dead, Jack. There are no more relics, miracles or pilgrims.
      Jack: Which is why I bring you this... a miraculous statue, a holy relic from France.

    • Waleran: The miracles, are they real?
      Remigius: Who's to say? Cripples walk, the dying are revived, but witchcraft does the same. One thing is certain. More and more pilgrims come every day giving money for the cathedral. That's the greatest miracle of all.

    • Ellen: How is married life?
      Jack: We're not married yet, not in the eyes of the Church.
      Ellen: Why should you care what the Church says?
      Aliena: I'm gonna ask Alfred for an annulment.
      Ellen: He'll never give it. Come.
      Jack: I intend to rebuild the cathedral, Ma, but they won't hire a man who's living in sin.
      Ellen: (Laughs) That would eliminate everyone in their eyes.

    • Jack: Ma, I met my father's family. Somehow, Father got that ring. And it must've been a sign that he intended to give the king but they silenced him before that could happen.
      Ellen: A sign of what?
      Jack: That he was there, Ma, that he knew the prince or that the prince told him something or he saw something, something that cost him his life, Ma. Who were the other two?
      Ellen: What other two?
      Jack: The men that condemned Father. Who were they?

    • Ellen: They framed you father for stealing the priory chalice. And eventually, they burned him.
      Jack: And he never told you his secret?
      Ellen: No.
      Jack: But they knew. How?

    • Jack: I'm here to ask you, on behalf of Aliena, to apply for an annulment.
      Alfred: Why should I?
      Jack: You won't be able to marry again without it. You'll have a wife who won't live with you, who fathered a child with another man. And that's how you'll be known.

    • Alfred: (About agreeing on an annulment of his marriage to Aliena) I want money. It'll cost you.
      Jack: Well, I have no money now but if the church building continues, I will soon enough. And I can give you work too, if you need it.
      Alfred: They won't allow it. No one trusts me to build for them anymore.

    • Alfred: I loved her! You knew that. From the first moment I saw her, I loved her. Now I'm a laughingstock. You took my Da from me. You killed my Ma. Your witch of a mother poisoned her.
      Jack: Your Ma died in childbirth.
      Alfred: She poisoned her! And then she cursed me. She made me soft... down here. Everyone heard. And when they saw the baby, everyone knew!
      Jack: She doesn't have those powers.
      Alfred: She collapsed the vault! She took my work from me! You took my wife! Everything I've ever had or wanted, you've stolen!

    • Jack: You took my Da's ring. And I want it back.
      Alfred: If I had it, I would melt it into a lump and piss on it.

    • Regan Hamleigh: (To Waleran) We know you wish Jack Jackson dead. If only wishes had knives.

    • Waleran: We are, for better or worse, together in this.
      William: Then let's kill him. And Aliena. They're living in sin. They deserve to die, and that bastard child of theirs.

    • Elizabeth: It's not a sin I need to tell you. My husband, William...
      Philip: Yes?
      Elizabeth: He's going to attack Kingsbridge in two days' time with an army of men.
      Philip: Dear God, why?
      Elizabeth: They want to kill someone named Jack. There's a spy who's going to assassinate him during the attack.

    • Philip: How can we defend ourselves against William?
      Jack: (About Richard) I haven't a clue, but Aliena has a visitor who does.

    • Philip: Monks don't fight. I can't ask the townspeople to give their lives when I won't risk my own.

    • Philip: Can you build a town wall in 2 days?
      Jack: Well, I've never built a town wall in my life so it'll be the worst-built wall in England, but I... I think so, yeah.
      Philip: Well, what if it doesn't hold them back? Wouldn't it be safer to run to the forest and trust William won't follow?
      Aliena: It's not a question of safety. If we run, we lose everything that we've worked for: the priory, the cathedral. And I have a special reason to see William Hamleigh defeated.

    • Walter: (To William) Tomorrow morning, when we attack Kingsbridge, don't forget that destruction, My Lord... is the work of angels, albeit the dark ones.

    • Cuthbert: (About Waleran to Philip, after Richard stabs him for trying to kill Jack) My... my sister. He promised to rebury her in holy ground. She'd be saved, Philip. He forgave me this.

    • (To Remigius)
      Johnny Eightpence: You told Bishop Waleran about the weeping lady. You've done everything you can to stop the cathedral. You even knew about the attack and you didn't tell us!
      Philip: Did you coerce Cuthbert into murdering Jack? His sister was a woman of the streets who died on the day she came here for forgiveness. The bishop refused her absolution and buried her in unholy ground. Did you barter her salvation?
      Remigius: That was Bishop Waleran's doing, not mine. I told him Cuthbert's a fool, but he didn't trust me.
      Johnny Eightpence: We don't want you prior no more. We want Philip back.

    • Regan Hamleigh: You idiot! Twenty men to take a town!
      William: I didn't know they had a wall.
      Regan Hamleigh: Well, they didn't as of a few days ago. Somebody must've talked. What did you do? Get drunk and brag to one of your stupid whores? You are as dense as your father, William, and twice the coward. A bump on your head and you turn tail and run! Once again, it is up to me to save Shiring. God knows it'll never be saved by incompetent pig slurry like you!

    • Regan Hamleigh: Whom do you hate the most?
      William: Jack Jackson.
      Regan Hamleigh: And what would you do to him?
      William: Skin him alive.
      Regan Hamleigh: And so you shall. And whom do you love the most?
      (William doesn't reply)
      Regan Hamleigh: William, whom do you love the most?
      Jack: You.
      Regan Hamleigh: And what would you do to me?
      (She kisses his neck but he pushes her away and against the ground)
      William: (To Elizabeth) What the fuck are you looking at?
      (He gets Elizabeth's doll and asphyxiates Regan to death with it)

    • Jack: You betrayed us, brother. For that, we cast you out. Take what few belongings you have and leave. We'll finish this church without you.
      Remigius: Oh, you will. That, you will. But that church is for your glory, not God's. I may be a sinner, too, but you, you, Philip, are no better than Waleran.
      Jack: It's only words, Prior.
      Philip: There's truth in them.

    • Philip: Thanks to you, this town is saved and because of you, we will finish this church. I want you to be my master builder, Jack.
      Jack: I hope I'm ready, Prior.
      Philip: I know you are.

    • Waleran: Philip in power, Regan dead, the cathedral to be finished. Ever your patient general, Lord God, when will I see our victory? Look what I have done for you. (He has whipping scars in his back) Oh God, why hast thou forsaken me?

  • Notes

    • The apple that Regan Hamleigh peels as she schemes with Waleran and William has a vivid red colour, like blood. The knife she uses is shiny steel, like a sword. It wasn't a random choice of props but a carefully thought one so the visual of the scene provides a nice counterpoint to Regan's dialogue.

    • For his role of an Anglo-French merchant, Ken Follet was ordered to stop shaving days before he arrived on set. His hair looked too modern so it was combed forward and curled under. His costume consists of a pair of tights, a thick undershirt, a brown woollen tunic, an elaborately decorated leather belt and long leather boots. According to him, the weight of the garments made him change the way he walked, sat and stood. His make up took an hour to be done and consisted of a slightly blotchy tan, some reddened cheeks for a man who usually does business in taverns and some grubby smears. His hands and wrists were made up as well, and he even got some artificial dirt under his fingernails.

    • The scene at Jack's father family house was shot on July in Budapest under 30C degrees.

    • Even though Ken Follet's scene was short, it took two and a half hours to be filmed.

    • After his acting experience Ken Follet realized how hard it is to remember the lines and act them at the same time.

    • Ken Follet, the author of the book (The Pillars of the Earth) on which the mini series is based, has a little role in this episode. He plays a close friend of Jack's father.

    • Eddie Redmayne (who plays Jack) does the 'Previously on The Pillars of the Earth' voiceover at the beginning of the episode.

    • This episode aired together with 1x08 The Work Of Angels as a two hour finale.

    • Broadcast:
      Friday, August 27th at 10:00pm on Starz.
      Saturday, August 28th at 12:00am on Starz Edge.
      Saturday, August 28th at 10:00pm on Starz In Black.
      Sunday, August 29th at 10:00pm on Starz.
      Monday, August 30th at 12:00am on Starz Edge.
      Monday, August 30th at 09:00pm on Starz In Black.
      Tuesday, August 31st at 12:25am on Starz In Black.
      Tuesday, August 31st at 10:50pm on Starz Edge.
      Wednesday, September 1st at 10:00pm on Starz.
      Thursday, September 2nd at 09:00pm on Starz Edge.
      Thursday, September 2nd at 11:00pm on Starz In Black.

    • International Air Dates:
      Canada: August 27th, 2010 on Movie Central.
      Canada: August 27th, 2010 on The Movie Network.
      Spain: October 5th, 2010 on Cuatro.
      USA: August 27th, 2010 on Starz.

    • Filming locations:
      Burg Kreuzenstein, Leobendorf, Lower Austria, Austria.
      Votivkirche, Vienna, Austria.
      Fót Studios, Budapest, Hungary.
      Ócsa, Pest, Budapest, Hungary.

  • Allusions

    • Waleran: (As Regan plots an evil plan while peeling an apple) Leave it to Eve every time.

      This is an allusion to the Book of Genesis and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. Eve convinces Adam to eat the forbidden apple and as a consequence, they are expelled from Paradise.

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