The Pillars of the Earth

Season 1 Episode 7

New Beginnings

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2010 on Starz



  • Quotes

    • Jack: Aliena!
      (They kiss)
      Aliena: (Crying) Is it really you?
      Jack: (Smiling) Yes.
      Aliena: I followed your work.
      Jack: You left Alfred?
      (Aliena uncovers the baby)
      Jack: He's mine? (Aliena smiles. Jack cries) He's mine (Aliena nods)
      Aliena: (Putting the baby in his arms) He won't break.
      Jack: Aliena, he's beautiful (She grins What's his name?
      Aliena: I haven't chosen one yet. Shall we call him Jack?
      Jack: No (Sniffles) No. No, Jack's the father I never knew. Let's name him after the father I did know.
      Aliena: Tom.
      Jack: Tom.
      (Aliena laughs quietly)