The Pillars of the Earth

Season 1 Episode 7

New Beginnings

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2010 on Starz



  • Notes

    • For his role of an Anglo-French merchant, Ken Follet was ordered to stop shaving days before he arrived on set. His hair looked too modern so it was combed forward and curled under. His costume consists of a pair of tights, a thick undershirt, a brown woollen tunic, an elaborately decorated leather belt and long leather boots. According to him, the weight of the garments made him change the way he walked, sat and stood. His make up took an hour to be done and consisted of a slightly blotchy tan, some reddened cheeks for a man who usually does business in taverns and some grubby smears. His hands and wrists were made up as well, and he even got some artificial dirt under his fingernails.