The Pillars of the Earth

Starz (Mini-Series 2010)


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  • Script writers vary too far from book

    While I thought the acting and production were excellent, I found it difficult to stomach the writers liberal changes to one of the best books ever written. The writers tarnished Prior Phillips character when they had him substitute the destroyed skull of the saint. That character ALWAYS played within the rules even when it was detrimental to his cause.

    The writers creation of an incestuous relationship within the Hamleigh's and subsequent murder of Percy Hamleigh was unnecessary. The fact that William rapes and murders over a 20+ year period isn't enough apparently to make him appear evil?

    The formation of Aliena's and Jacks relationship within a lame 2 minute scene over how Jack hears a song when stone carving was some of the most lifeless writing I've ever witnessed and stirred no emotion. I switched off after 4 episodes the changes were just too numerous and debased an amazing book. Buy the book and read rather than watch this dribble.
  • One of the best in years.

    And Starz best production as for now. Everything here is great, the wonderful and well thought story with nicely told subplots, marvelous acting (Ian McShane and Rufus Sewell, I love the guys from now), the directing is not chaotic and you won't even for a second lose track of what's going on. Every minute of every episode was great and never bored me for a second. The soundtrack made by Trevor Morris is also exceptional, along with the opening and end credits, which I always watched just for the music (and I will probably buy the OST when it's released). In few words: Keep it going Starz and you will be a real oponent for Showtime and HBO.

    Also, a great miniseries, one of the best.
  • This is a very big jump in a right direction from spartacus...

    First off, I've seen only 4 episodes now. But what I have seen I have loved.
    Good acting, good actors, great scenery, amazing plot, and enough dinamic to keep you watching.
    First thing first. Actors are convincing, they play well and at some points I can't belive how much they fit the charactors. Sarah Parish (Regan Hamleigh) is so good at some scenes it makes me noxious i don't want to spoil so i won't say exacly why.
    I'm surprised at a lot of spins with the plot they do.
    And that rarely happens to me. It's all pretty much interesting and will keep you guessing , I guarantee that much. I really like this show to this point and right now I can say it's my favorite show of this summer.
    I can only hope it will stay this way.
  • Great mini-series.

    I personally think this was a great mini-series. I think it was well written and very well cast and acted as well. I really enjoyed it week to week. I hope there are many more made with as much enjoyment as this one had. It had mystery and excitement. I really liked it and I hope the ratings were good for it. The English were really a very blood thirsty gang of people. They were really as cruel and vengeful as the show made them out to be. And they were religious fanatics. I thought that Ian Mcshane did an excellent job although I am a little biased about him. I absolutley love him in Deadwood and continue to hate HBO for cancelling that series when they kept such other s**t shows. Back to Pillars of the Earth. It was a great mini-series hope everyone who watched enjoyed it as much as I did. Kudos Mr. Mcshane.
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