The Pillars of the Earth

Starz (Mini-Series 2010)


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  • This is a very big jump in a right direction from spartacus...

    First off, I've seen only 4 episodes now. But what I have seen I have loved.
    Good acting, good actors, great scenery, amazing plot, and enough dinamic to keep you watching.
    First thing first. Actors are convincing, they play well and at some points I can't belive how much they fit the charactors. Sarah Parish (Regan Hamleigh) is so good at some scenes it makes me noxious i don't want to spoil so i won't say exacly why.
    I'm surprised at a lot of spins with the plot they do.
    And that rarely happens to me. It's all pretty much interesting and will keep you guessing , I guarantee that much. I really like this show to this point and right now I can say it's my favorite show of this summer.
    I can only hope it will stay this way.