The Pillars of the Earth

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 20, 2010 on Starz
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When Richard returns from war he finds Aliena ruined and not longer able to support his knighthood. To make things worse, Aliena has to choose between her love for Jack and the promise she made to her father. Alfred offers his services as master builder to Prior Philip and as consequence, a disaster at Kingsbridge building site follows. Waleran takes advantage of it to remove Prior Philip from his position. Regan Hamleigh finds a way to force Waleran to speak to the King in behalf of her son's long-delayed Earldom.moreless

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  • Alfred seriously needs to be murdered

    asap. i hate him
  • An epic film.

    No doubt this is an epic film and as such it should be reviewed. The actions of the main characters become less important than the background and the picture of the medieval times portrayed. The problem is that not being English or American I cannot tell how much of the film is fiction and how much is rooted in actual history. For example, is Tom Builder a historical character or a fictitious one? Was there Queen Maud, or not? With that said, I think that the action and story line(s) are interesting and worth watching even if the whole show were fiction. Struggling for ratings? Who cares? I wonder if this measurement tool is appropriate for such a series at all. There will always be people who will like such movies for their entertaining and educational values.moreless
  • Part 6

    Did anyone else watching this lose sound for about 15-20 minutes? I do not know if it was the Starz feed or my cable but I could not hear a word for quite some time during this episode, and that was probably a good thing as the dialogue that got through before and ever that was less than spectacular.

    Pillars of the Earth is struggling in the ratings department, it certainly is not getting HBO numbers, and it definitely is not HBO quality. Point is this miniseries has proven to be a bigger disappointment than The Pacific, and that is saying something.moreless

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    • (At Tom's funeral)
      Philip: He was my friend. He gave us this cathedral. We planned and argued and dreamed. It seems impossible that he is gone.

    • Aliena: William Hamleigh burned it down and murdered Tom. He tried to burn me too, but Alfred put out the flames.
      Richard: He should hang for this!
      Aliena: Who will arrest him? There is no king. There is no queen. There is no law in this land!

    • Aliena: It's over. We're ruined! There is nothing left!
      Richard: Nothing? I... I need money for a horse and weapons!
      Aliena: All my gold went to Philip to pay Maud. And all my wool went up in flames! We are poor again, Richard!
      (Alfred is overhearing the conversation)
      Richard: I need the money. I can't buy weapons and pay men. I can't fight for Stephen!
      Aliena: What am I supposed do?
      Richard: I can't support myself!
      Aliena: I have done everything I could do! I have done enough! (Aliena cries and Richard comforts her)

    • Alfred: I want to replace him. I'm a master builder. Father gave me his tools. I know the site and the plans.
      Philip: You don't have the experience.
      Alfred: Neither did he when you hired him. I have his ambition. And I have his skill. The men listen to me, and I'm willing to learn.
      Philip: I need to pray on this, Alfred.
      Alfred: No, you need to think of the future.

    • Alfred: I want to vault the cathedral in stone.
      Philip: That's impossible. Tom said that wood is the only material...
      Alfred: Wood is cheaper, yes, but it can burn. That's how you lost the first cathedral.
      Philip: Will the walls take the weight?
      Alfred: Yeah, we can reinforce them. I know more about stone than he ever did.
      Philip: It will cost more and take longer.
      Alfred: But it will last forever. That's the point, isn't it?

    • Philip: Tom Builder had a secret. He didn't think I suspected, but, uh, his daughter, Martha, confirmed it to me after he went away.
      Brother Jonathan: What secret?
      Philip: Tom loved your mother very, very much. And he went to tell her what a wonderful boy you are. And he went to build her a beautiful home. And there will be a room in that home for you one day. Although, you probably won't need it for a very long time.

    • Alfred: I've just been told I am to replace my father.
      Aliena: Congratulations. He'd be proud.
      Alfred: I'll have a steady income. Not as much as Da, but more than I made before. So I've come to ask for your hand in marriage.
      Alfred: I saved your life (Shows the scars of the fire in his hands).
      Aliena: And I appreciate that.
      Alfred: I love you, Aliena.
      Aliena: Yes, but I will never...
      Alfred: I will take good care of you, help rebuild your business and support you brother's knighthood and quest for the Earldom of Shiring.

    • Waleran: (In his letter to Regan Hamleigh) Lady Regan, as you well know our political bets were entirely well-placed. Maud and Gloucester lost their battle and were forced to flee to France where they now lick their wounds. Meanwhile, our dear King Stephen is back in power. You see, dear Lady, it was really wise of you to have sided with me again. However, I'd like to remind you that our alliance is based on certain conditions which I clearly presented you with at the Lincoln Chapel.

    • Regan Hamleigh: (In her letter to Waleran) My dear Lord Bishop, the surest way for me to sequester the Archbishop is to bring him to Shiring on the pretext of performing some ceremony. Say... a marriage. I would need the king's permission for a wedding. But I assume you have yet to give him my father's precious ring, else I would have heard from his gracious Majesty. You haven't spent it on your palace, have you? His Majesty would be most unhappy to hear that.

    • William: I killed a man. I'll be hanged and I'll burn forever.
      Regan Hamleigh: But Bishop Waleran forgave you in advance, my dainty. Besides, it was a war. You've killed hundreds in war.
      William: It's not a proper war!
      Regan Hamleigh: It's very proper. It's your war to win the title of Earl.

    • Regan Hamleigh: There was a young lady you were drawn to at Maud's court. And now, with Stephen in power, her family are in disfavour. They want a marriage to an ally of Stephen's. And Bishop Waleran assures me we'll soon be back in the king's good graces. They have, by the way... a lot of money.
      William: Who is it? Is she pretty?
      Regan Hamleigh: You thought so.
      William: Is she a virgin?
      Regan Hamleigh: She's only 13.

    • Regan Hamleigh: Whom do you hate the most?
      William: Aliena. She didn't die in the fire like I wanted her to.
      Regan Hamleigh: And what would you do to her?
      William: Have my way with her again and again until she does die.
      Regan Hamleigh: And so you shall. And whom do you love the most?
      William: You.
      Regan Hamleigh: And what would you do to me?

    • King Stephen: I'm told it was your idea to substitute the farm boy with Eustace, by the way. Oh, I suppose I should be grateful.
      Waleran: God inspired me, Your Majesty.
      King Stephen: He speaks to me directly now. He appeared to me in prison and told me in no uncertain terms that the sinking of the White Ship was part of his plan.
      Waleran: It was a terrible tragedy, Sire, but it made you king. God's plans twist at times, but always end up in the greater good.
      King Stephen: Quite.

    • Waleran: The Archbishop of Canterbury is failing, Sire. You'll soon need to name a successor.
      (Waleran leaves Regan's ring on a tray. King Stephen picks it and observes it pleased)
      King Stephen: I didn't know he was ill.

    • Philip: Today, on this third Sunday in July, I announce the banns of marriage between Alfred, son of Tom Builder, and Aliena of Shiring. They're to be married in two weeks time. May God's blessings descend...
      Jack: (Takes his hood off and stands in front of them) No!
      (Crowd murmurs)
      Jack: She's mine. You cannot take her. (Jack moves towards them but the monks restrain him) You will not take her!
      Johnny Eightpence: Not here, Jack.
      Jack: (As he is taken away) Aliena! Aliena! No! God help me!

    • Philip: Don't make me chain you, Jack! I must keep you here, for your own good, until the marriage is performed. Now, I hope you can use this time to decide on whether or not you wish to remain a monk. It is my path to God, but I see now that it might not be yours. If you decide to leave, I understand. But you will be banished from Kingsbridge forever.

    • Remigius: (In his letter to Waleran) My dear Bishop, knowing of your interest in Jack Jackson, I write to inform you that he's being held in prison due to an attachment he seems to have formed with Aliena of Shiring. She's soon to be married to Alfred and Jack Jackson, now a monk, has expressed displeasure in rather violent terms. He will be kept in our basement cell until after the wedding ceremony.

    • Waleran: (In his letter to Remigius) Brother Remigius, if what you say is true, God's wishes are clear. Jack Jackson's mother is a witch, and he's the Devil's offspring. His blasphemous stonework attests to that. For years, he has been an irritant to God's plan and now God wants him stopped. Spice his dinner with the contents of the enclosed package, a pinch should suffice, and have it delivered to the prisoner by a monk he knows and trusts. Ego te absolve in the name of Jesus Christ.

    • Johnny Eightpence: You'll be free this time tomorrow. You ought to be happy.
      Jack: She'll be wed this time tomorrow, Johnny. (Crying) I will never be happy again.

    • Jack: How did you get in here?
      Ellen: The water channel runs under here. It's how I visited your father and got pregnant with you.
      Jack: My father?
      Ellen: Yes, it was here. The prior who said he stole the chalice was the Prior of Kingsbridge, Prior James. He died just before Philip took charge. Philip was raised by Prior James.
      Jack: So that's why you mistrust him? But he had nothing to do with father's death, did he?

    • Jack: Why would Prior James accuse him falsely?
      Ellen: He was acting under orders, I'm sure.
      Jack: Under whose orders?
      Ellen: Whoever wanted your father silenced. Whatever he knew, it died with him. Unless it was somehow connected to his ring.
      Jack: My ring that Alfred stole?
      Ellen: Yes.

    • Ellen: You love Aliena, don't you?
      Jack: She doesn't love me, Ma. She said it was impossible.
      Ellen: Go to her. Ask her why, then do what your father and I could not. Run away together.

    • Aliena: I wish this night could last forever.
      Jack: I want to marry you.
      Aliena: Sush! Richard will hear.
      Jack: We'll run away together.
      Aliena: I've lost my money, and you have nothing.
      Jack: I've got my hands. I can get work on any church in the world, I'm sure of it.
      Aliena: It's not enough. I made an oath to my father that I would do everything to help Richard regain his title.
      Jack: That might be never. An oath's just words, Aliena. It's nothing compared to this (They kiss) Come away.
      Aliena: I have to marry Alfred.
      Jack: No. No, I can't give you up again.
      Aliena: It's my duty, Jack.
      Jack: No, your duty is to me.

    • Philip: Alfred and Aliena are now married in the eyes of God. And may God's blessing...
      Ellen: I curse this wedding! I curse this marriage with sorrow. I curse this marriage with impotence! With hatred, with regret and bitterness (She slices a chicken's throat and spills his blood over Alfred)

    • Alfred: Oh God, you're lifeless! It's like making love to a corpse!
      Aliena: (Crying and obviously displeased) What can I do?
      Alfred: Enjoy it! (Alfred gives up and slaps her)

    • Regan Hamleigh: I have been asked to commit a murder.
      Archbishop of Canterbury: Oh, my dear. By whom?
      Regan Hamleigh: Bishop Waleran. Which is why I can't...
      Archbishop of Canterbury: Yes... I see.
      Regan Hamleigh: He mustn't know that I've told you.
      Archbishop of Canterbury: No, my dear. My lips are sealed. Whom does he wish you to murder?
      Regan Hamleigh: You (She pushes him over the railing and he falls dead)

    • Ellen: So where will you go?
      Jack: I don't know. France, maybe. Search for father's family.
      Martha: Jack! Jack! I want to come with you!
      Ellen: No, Martha. He must go alone.

    • Waleran: (As he burns the blueprints of his palace) Canterbury's a much nicer palace and already built.

    • Regan Hamleigh: I've cleared the path for your ascent and Stephen hasn't confirmed William as Shiring's earl. You promised he would.
      Waleran: Promises take time. I've waited months for my confirmation as Archbishop.
      Regan Hamleigh: You've been waiting all your life. I doubt it ends at Archbishop.
      Waleran: Patience is a virtue...
      Regan Hamleigh: I have been patient with you for 24 years!
      (William put his sword to Waleran's throat)
      Waleran: You'd burn for it, William.
      Regan Hamleigh: Nonsense. You forgave him all his crimes, remember? Slit his throat.
      Waleran: I'll talk to the king Sunday next when he visits Kingsbridge.

    • Aliena: (To Martha, about her pregnancy) Please, Alfred mustn't know. He hasn't noticed.

    • Waleran: It is clear, Prior Philip. Bad decisions were made. And the ultimate responsibility for those decisions lies with you.
      Philip: An investigation will be conducted, Eminence. And its conclusions will be weighed by your successor, when he is chosen.
      Waleran: There will be no successor. King Stephen took today's misfortune as a sign from God. He is reneging on his promise to name me Archbishop.
      (Monks murmur)
      Philip: I am sorry.
      Waleran: Are you? Your pride betrays you, Philip. It's pride that orders a roof of stones and denies culpability when it collapses. I order you to resign as Prior of Kingsbridge, effective immediately.

    • Waleran: Your cathedral is done for. Your ambition crushed. This is what comes of arrogance, Philip.

    • Alfred: You slept with Jack Jackson!
      Aliena: Before we married.
      Alfred: When were you gonna tell me?
      Aliena: Making love to Jack was the greatest sin I've ever committed. And I ask God and you for forgiveness.
      Alfred: You are a whore and a liar and have made me a cuckold and a fool!
      Aliena: It was also the only true good thing I have done in my entire life.

    • Ellen: You have to find him, Aliena. My grandson needs his father.
      Aliena: Where did he go? Do you know?
      Ellen: To seek his own father's family.
      Aliena: To France? How... how could I possibly find him there?
      Ellen: Do you love him?
      Aliena: Yes.
      Ellen: Then you'll find him.

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    • Eddie Redmayne (who plays Jack) does the 'Previously on The Pillars of the Earth' voiceover at the beginning of the episode.

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      Friday, August 20th at 10:00pm on Starz.
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      Canada: August 20th, 2010 on Movie Central.
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      USA: August 20th, 2010 on Starz.

    • Filming locations:
      Burg Kreuzenstein, Leobendorf, Lower Austria, Austria.
      Votivkirche, Vienna, Austria.
      Fót Studios, Budapest, Hungary.
      Ócsa, Pest, Budapest, Hungary.
      Westminster Abbey, London, UK (interior of Saint Denis cathedral).