The Pirates of Dark Water

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1991 on ABC

Episode Recap

The crew stops to clean and repair their ship, and gather bulbs for fresh spices. Tula is shocked when her hand begins tingling with magical energy, and a plant she is tending suddenly bursts into bloom. She begins acting differently, trading in her warrior attire for a more revealing outfit. Teron tells her she has the gift of an ecomancer. Though reluctant at first, when Bloth's pirates attack, Tula uses her newfound powers to fend off the Dagrons, and rides one to rescue Teron from Konk. Teron and Tula fly ahead to their homeland of Andorus, ravaged by the Dark Water. Tula is devastated, but Teron takes her to the Viva Tree and teaches her to use it to revive Andorus. Back on the Wraith, Ren sees the Compass acting up and realizes there's a Treasure of Rule here. Tula encounters an evil presence known as the Blight below Andorus' roots, banished there by Teron but revived by the Dark Water. Ren goes down a pit to get the Treasure, while Teron and Tula guide him through the Viva Tree. Konk comes back with Bloth, and Ioz and Niddler are captured. Below, Ren finds the Treasure but is attacked by the Blight, which overpowers Teron. Tula finds strength she never knew she had and saves Ren from the Blight, only to land him in Bloth's clutches. Bloth tries to force Ren and his friends to give up Teron, but again Tula comes to the rescue with her magic, breaking the ground out from under the pirates and sending them plunging into the sea. Teron stays behind to finish rebuilding Andorus, and the rest of the crew departs, with Tula in her new role as their ecomancer.
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