The Pirates of Dark Water

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1991 on ABC

Episode Recap

Ren and Niddler are captured in the bowels of the Maelstrom and brought before Bloth. However, he and Mantus are distracted with Dagron rider training and don't recognize them covered in borca paste from the crash. After ordering Teron, a captive ecomancer, to bring him clear skies for sailing, Bloth throws Ren and Niddler into the ship's dungeon. There Ren sees an old woman in a fight with another prisoner and tries to help her. The woman, Avagon, recognizes Ren's broken sword and, after testing him, sees that he is Primus' son. Avagon tells Ren she was once Primus' trusted aide, and helped him to gather the first seven Treasures of Rule. When their ships were attacked by Bloth, rather than let the Treasures fall into his hands, Primus sent his seven most trusted captains to hide them again. In retaliation, Bloth destroyed Octopon. Avagon helps Ren and Niddler escape into the sewers.

Meanwhile, Ioz and Tula pursue Konk and the Lugg Brothers to Janda-Town. They catch up to him in a gaming house run by Zoolie, an old friend of Ioz's, who reveals he pocketed the Compass and First Treasure from Konk. The three celebrate, and Zoolie accepts Ioz's offer to join them in taking on Bloth. Tula, however, has other plans. She knocks out the two men using a gas pistol she took from Zoolie's confiscated weapons stash, taking the Compass and Treasure from Ioz. Konk is brought back to Bloth's ship empty-handed, and the crew place bets as he's about to be thrown to the Constrictus. But Bloth releases him when Tula comes on board with the First Treasure, looking to strike a deal. Watching from the sewers, Ren vows the apparent traitor won't live to see her reward, as the Constrictus surfaces behind him.
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