The Pirates of Dark Water

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1991 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Exactly what happens to the Lugg Brothers after they leave Zoolie's gamehouse? They don't return to the Maelstrom with Konk, and are never seen again in the series.

    • The ship that Konk and the Lugg Brothers use to sail to Janda-Town is the same Atani warship they stole in "Dishonor," despite the fact they tore it apart and it sank in "Break Up."

    • Niddler's wing is already healed from the previous episode.

    • Strand, the rat-faced pirate who antagonizes Ioz in "The Darkdweller", makes his first appearance here, but he only has two arms.

    • The First Treasure looks like the Second when Tula takes it from Ioz's hand.

  • Quotes

    • Ioz: Careful what you say, woman! (with nostalgia on his face) My most treasured memories were born in Janda Town.

    • Mantus:(Justifying his bet of 1,000 gold pieces on Konk's survival) After all, the only two beings to ever escape the Constrictus are Ren... and most of Konk!

    • Niddler: Why do monsters have such disgusting eating habits?

    • (Upon meeting Zoolie)
      Ioz: Last time I was in here these boards were loose!
      Zoolie: Aye! And I nailed them back down after you snuck away without paying your bill!
      Tula: You two know each other?
      Ioz & Zoolie (in unison): He owes me money!

    • Ioz(under Zoolie's gamehouse, just before we cut to Ren and Niddler in the Maelstrom sewer):Could ever there be a worse place than this?

    • Tula:(evidently improving her curses from hanging around Ioz) By Davin's beard! There's more than one way to take the bristles off that little Gantha Pig!

    • TULA: Only the scum of the sea drop anchor here.
      IOZ: Careful, woman! My fondest memories were made in Janda-Town.
      TULA: Figures.

  • Notes

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