The Pirates of Dark Water

ABC (ended 1993)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Living Treasure
      After a long period of no luck with locating the Eighth Treasure, the crew's luck changes, and they find it--in the shape of a living being, a little blue furry creature--on an island of vicious, man-hating Amazon-like warrior women that take Ren and Ioz captive but allow Tula to join their ranks.moreless
    • The Soul Stealer
      The Soul Stealer
      Episode 7
      Bloth consults a personal soothsayer, who tells him that the best way to get the Treasures is to become Ren himself. Bloth has Morpho create a body-switching potion, which he successfully uses on Ren and Bloth, as well as on Niddler and Konk--they switch bodies, but it turns out not to be that easymoreless
    • Sister of the Sword
      Ren and Ioz gather cinder-sand for their torches, but are almost killed in an explosion when Konk shows up, forcing the crew to buy their sand in the port of Kalinda, a haven for thieves. Ren is pickpocketed, but a somehow familiar-looking young woman cons the men back out of it by selling them a ship that isn't hers. When her deception is discovered and she is cornered on the docks, Ren helps her escape by hiding under the Wraith and using his sword to pry a crack in the hull for breathing. Back aboard, the woman lets Ren have his stolen gold back and introduces herself as Solia... and when Ioz returns he is shocked to find his little sister! At dinner Solia tells them how Ioz took most of the family inheritance and left her and his mother, so Solia has had to become a thief to make ends meet. Ren is quite taken by Solia's charms, especially when she kisses him, much to Tula's chagrin. Solia has a treasure map and wants Ren and his crew to help her go after it, but they decline as the Treasures of Rule are more important. After she departs, Ioz discovers his gold is missing, and Ren finds Solia has pilfered the Compass as well. Konk spots her with it in a tavern and helps her escape, after Solia starts a bar brawl when Ioz shows up looking for her. Niddler sees them running away together and the crew follows them to the deadly Arakna Island where Solia's treasure is hidden. Both Konk and Solia secretly plan to betray the other, but when they find the treasure the chest is empty. Ioz and Niddler follow but are attacked by the giant spiders that inhabit the caves. Konk snatches Solia's gold and the Compass and abandons her. She finds the treasure in a spider cocoon but almost gets wrapped up herself; fortunately Ren and Tula are there. A grateful Solia hugs Ren, but he now sees her for the thief she is. Solia wants to take at least some of the treasure with her, but as she leaves she finds Ioz's sword near a pair of fresh cocoons and drops the riches to save her brother and Niddler. Ioz apologizes to his sister for leaving her all those years ago. He uses the cinder-sand to blow up the cave and they catch up with Konk. Solia gives back Ioz's gold and the Compass, then flies off on Dagron-back, blowing Ren a kiss.moreless
    • The Pandawa Plague
      A mysterious plague causes a revolt among the monkeybirds of Pandawa.
    • The Game Players of Undaar
      After both crews are caught, Ren and Bloth are forced to join forces and play a deadly game.
    • The Dagron Master
      When Ren and Niddler are washed overboard during a storm they land on a island where a mysterious man turns Ren into a Dargon.
    • The Ghost Pirates
      Ren and company encounter a ghost ship rumored to carry valuable treasures.
    • The Dark Disciples
      Ren and the Crew return to Ren's homeland of Octopon to find something seriously wrong.
  • Season 1