The Pirates of Dark Water

ABC (ended 1993)


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  • All the way from South-Africa

    Amazing show, I have watched this 10 year ago and started searching for it last week, I have watched it again this weekend and still love it, I'm very sad that after 10 year still no one in the animation business had the idea of finishing the season or the cartoon stretched as far as (SA)....
  • Trying not to say this website sucks...

    Uh can i actually watch this show on this site? Ive even logged in (using my FaceBook) & uh I'm still not seeing any animation Can someone tell me how come i haven't seen anything yet ? Um until i get some satisfaction i might have to give everything a low rating...
  • Brilliance from Hanna Barbera Productions

    Hanna Barbera Productions gave many great shows. This is certainly one of them. Brilliant Characters and Great story telling.

    First 5 episodes are so great. From episodes 6 to 21, the episodes are less serious. But they are still great. From Episodes 6 to 13, we learn different characters like Roulette, Cray, Kiroptus, Scorion, and other characters. We see different locations like Banjamar, Mobos, Miragon, and other places. There are lots of brilliant ideas. Adults will enjoy this show with the children. Episode "Andorus" shows hope even in desperate situations. Episode "The Beast and The Bell" shows how your journey of hope can end up in a complete danger. Episode "Panacea" shows the greatness of Love and Sacrifice.

    From Episodes 14 to 21, its a study on major characters. We study more about the character of Bloth in episode 16 The Game Players of Undaar and Episode 20 The Soul Stealer. Episode "The Dagron Master" shows why we should feel sorry for a Dagron. I shows how easily impressions of human can change. Ren shows his hatred to Dagrons in the beginning. In the end, he feels sorry for them.

    Episode The Soul Stealer also reveals how Bloth was able to track down Ren easily. Thanks to Sooth Sayer, Bloth was able to track down easily. In Episode 15, it is also shown that Morpho can also track the location of Ren and his crew.

    Episode "The Pandawa Plague" shows the birth of a new generation. Episode "Sister of the Sword" shows more about Ioz and his life. Each Episode of Pirates of Dark Water is special in one way or another. Sadly, it was never finished. But I am glad that Ren succeeded in finding 8 treasures. 8 treasures are in Octopon. In the end of Episode 14, it is revealed that Octopon is safe from the darkdweller's attacks.
  • A fairy tale for all ages, featuring unique and colorful characters with lots of action, comedy and drama.

    This criminally short series was one of the best cartoons ever made. It followed the adventures of a group of pirates on a quest to find the thirteen Treasures of Rule, in order to save the world from Dark Water, a mysterious black carnivorous liquid that swallows everything it touches. The pirates are four, each one different from the other. Ren is their leader. He is the son of Primus, King of Octopon, and heir to the throne. He is believed to be the only one who can bring the Kingdom of Octopon back to life. His friends include Ioz, a pirate, strong, arrogant but loyal to his friends and a great fighter. Tula is the only woman on board; she is an ecomancer, meaning she can control the elements and biological life, both sentient and non-sentient, as well as a natural affinity towards nature and animals. She is very headstrong, and usually argues with Ioz about everything. The fourth member is Niddler, a monkey-bird who always wants to eat.
    Their enemies include the merciless pirate Bloth and his crew, and the Dark Dweller and his Dark Disciples. All of them have something in common, they hate Ren and would stop at nothing to get the Treasures before them (Bloth believing them to be valuable, and the Dark Dweller to destroy them).
    The quality of this show was great, and you won't be disappointed by it. The action scenes are portrayed beautifully and you won't believe what you are going to see and will never know what will happen next. This show was incredible, and unfortunately it was never completed. The story was never finished, only eight Treasures were found and the Dark Water was not stopped.
  • A darker tale for children before children were ready for darker tales.

    Its a shame that this show only produced a handful of episodes. The story had a lot more potential with the young crowd of now compared to the young crowd of then. The darker themes went over the heads of some of the target audience and it was over. I could see a movie coming out of this series (ALA The Lord of the Rings meets Pirates of the Carribean). Maybe reinforce the darker themes and go for a pg-13 rating to bring it up to speed with today's audience that has already tasted darker themes in the last two installments of harry potter films.
  • A fantasy adventure tale about sailors who are looking for treasures that are said to save the world from Dark Water!

    SUMMARY: the story is about Ren, a young prince of Octopon, who receives a mission from his dying father: he is to find 13 treasures of Rule, magical artifacts, which put together will banish the Dark Water from the planet. In order to find them, he is given a special compass, that points to the location the treasures are hidden, once you get close enough to them. With an unlike crew of:
    Niddler - half-bird, half-monkey
    Tula - a girl with ecomancer powers
    Ioz - a pirate who thinks mostly about gold
    Ren travels the waters of Meer in hope to find the treasures and faces difficulties on every step. The fact that he's always followed by Bluf, a pirate who wishes to keep the treasures for himself, doesn't help at all!
    I must say that the art of the show leaves few things to wish for, but besides that I really enjoyed it: the episode plots are original, so as the general idea for the serie. I also like the vision of the fantasy world of Meer.
    Fans of fantasy and pirates must watch this!
  • Follow Ren, Ioz, Tula & Niddler as they sail the open sea looking for Tresures before the evil Bloath gets to they. They incounter many different kinds of creatures and people including the monkey-bird people.

    WHY....... Why do Tv people do this, they start a show give it a little time to flurish in this case 1 season then axe it in the second before letting them finish. I'm tired of watching cartoons that never get to finish their main task before being canceled or cut off. They only every find the 8th tresures, I can't remember how many they were looking for at the moment but I know it was more than 8, why didn't the last island have the rest of them on it, like a tresure hunter had already started collecting them with out the necklace and hid them with the eight tresure which he had found. Something so simple would have made this show so much better for me, However the people in these positions offen don't give a crap how the watchers will react to their ill made decisions. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!
  • A great show the was knonw for its grittyness.

    The Pirates of Dark Water was an early 90s cartoon, that changed the way Saturday morning cartoons were made. Pirates, though sorta cheesy, was the first real gritty cartoon. The writers in order to allow their characters to use strong language but not be censored created their own fictional curse words. The action in the show was like none seen before in a children's show. Characters could and would be wounded. There was none of this wishy-washy fights were eventually someone gave up or no one was hurt. And most importantly the show involved death. Established characters would actually be killed in the course of the show. Without The Pirates of the Dark Water, its safe to say that we could still be stuck with lame childish action cartoons.
  • The Pirates of Dark Water is BACK!!!! <a=href=""> Resurrected on Youtube</a> in its' full glory.

    The Pirates of Dark water was my all time favorite cartoon back in the day. It was one of the few American Cartoons with a continous story arc. The central focus of the story is on Ren the prince of Octopon who is on a quest find the lost 13 treasures of Rule. The show takes place on the alien world Murr which is being distroyed by the evil dark water. Only by collecting all 13 treasures can Ren save the planet from distruction. At Ren's side are Ioz, Tulla, and Niddler. At his back is the evil Pirate lord Bloth who wants the 13 treasures for himself.

    Poor Ren never completes his quest because the show was canceled after just 21 episodes. All is not lost for Ren does have eight of the 13 treasures and defeats the dark dweller. This was a very tight series and it was dark day for American animation when it went off the air. American animation is often criticized for its thin plot lines that get resolved in the allocated timeslot. The Pirates of Dark Water with its' continous story arc shares none of this criticism and leaves the viewer wanting more after each episode.
  • Very well written and animated. Needed an Ending.

    This was one of my favorite cartoons. Even as an adult, I enjoyed watching with my children. But I wished they would have put an ending to this cartoon quest. The quest was to pickup and keep the jewels, Ren was on his journey and the journey was ended just a little too soon. The way the pirates helped him and also was in it for themselves made the cartoon interesting to watch. My children were young and enjoyed the monkey and to see what he would or wouldn\'t eat. I look forward to watching reruns of this show again.
  • This show was an absolute favorite of mine growing up. My friend gave me all 21 episodes that exist after taping them when they were aired on cartoon network some time ago. Its a blast to watch and a cult classic as far as cartoons go.

    I find the epicness of the story of Pirates of Dark Water to very exilarating and exciting. From begining to end, every episode is fun and entertaining. Like many Hanna Barbara made cartoons of its time it was quite cheesy, but not any more so than many of the others like it. My only regret about this show is its lack of closure, due to it being cancelled at episode 21, rather than being completed (which happens to far to many good shows). Pirates of Dark Water can only be surpassed by few cartoons of evan todays standards and is a timeless classic that is fun and exciting for everyone.
  • Why did it have to end. I am still crying over it. It was so original and classic

    This show was one of the best cartoons while i was growning up. Even my parents loved to watch it with me. It was great how a prince with a pauper upbringing goes on a heroic quest to save th e planet. It had monsters, pirates, adventure and on a far away planet. Plus it has funny. The animation for the time was okay. To me it could have been better. Ren , the prince was dreamy and a stand up guy. Tula was hot and like an amazon warrior. The bad guy Bligh was a great evil huge bad guy that won alot of the time. it was just a great show that a movie should be made to conclude it.
  • one of the shows that was pulled before ending, when it should have concluded.

    This show was not the best cartoon show ever, but compared to much of the useless dribble that is currently on television, this show tops them by far. It was such a thrilling story line, pirates trying to find thirteen treasures so they can save the world while being persued by an evil pirate. I used to watch this show when it was on cartoon network and I loved it, especially since I would have to watch it at another persons house since I did not get cartoon network back then. Truthfully, it was this show that made me want to get cartoon network, just so i could watch it. It had some bad points as well, the character Ioz would repeat things unnecessarily, and many episodes were similar to each other. I think that if the show had been left on, it would only have gotten better, and more exciting. A very good action show that deserved better than what it got.
  • Young and idealistic Ren teams up with the greedy and hardened Ioz, the beautiful and mysterious Tula, and always-hungry monkey-bird Niddler to find the Thirteen Treasures of Rule and save his world from the threat of Dark Water. But the villainous Bloth

    This show had everything: an overarching quest, characters that were less than pure, storylines the consequences of which carried over to future episodes, and a sexy babe. In short, it had those qualities which fans of Japanese anime list as THE reasons why anime is so very superior to mere cartoons. And yet this Hanna-Barbara show had them all. Well, maybe they didn't have any panty shots, but it had most of them. ^_~ They should really bring this back. I wonder if they'd be willing to sell the rights. Hhhmmmnnn... I DID remember to buy that lottery ticket, didn't I? ^_~
  • A cult classic cartoon.

    Sometimes a show slip under the radar that it is cancelled and soon forgotten. This is one of those shows. I wish I could talk about Pirates of Dark Water as if we were all familiar with it and enjoyed many seasons of the antics of Ren and his crew, but I cannot. Cancelled after only 2 seasons (the 2nd season probably not even finished) Pirates of Dark Water, or PoDW for short, was so ahead of its time that it didn\\\'t catch on. Today with cable channels dedicated to cartoons I\\\'m positive PoDW would have found a home somewhere.

    Perhaps it was low ratings from underexposure, or perhaps it was bad marketing similar to what happened to Bucky O\\\'hare. Either way this show was one of the better products of the nineties.
    The show combines fantasy with pirates, does it get any better? (Well maybe if they threw in some ninjas it could.)

    Ren must find the 13 treasures of dark water so that his hometown octopan can once again be restored to its former glory. He assembles a crew consisting of a treasure hungry pirate, a wench, and a monkeybird. They combat the evil Bloth and his crew on the open waters.

    The show bears a striking similarity to Star Wars, just in a different setting. I\\\'ll leave it up to you to make the connections.

    If you can find this show, it\\\'s worth a boring rainy day Saturday. It features enough violence and engaging storylines to keep adults entertained, and has it\\\'s own humor elements to keep the kids happy.

    Overall a highly recommend cartoon from Hanna Barbera before they were bought out.
  • A prince has to find 13 treasure to save his home from the the dark water.

    One of the best animated shows that were ever created and was sadly unfinished and cancelled. Who's idea was that they always do this type of stupid thing to great shows, and I for one think that they should have at least finished it because now it leaves all of us that loved the show to wonder. What Happened ??
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