The Pirates of Dark Water

ABC (ended 1993)


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  • A fantasy adventure tale about sailors who are looking for treasures that are said to save the world from Dark Water!

    SUMMARY: the story is about Ren, a young prince of Octopon, who receives a mission from his dying father: he is to find 13 treasures of Rule, magical artifacts, which put together will banish the Dark Water from the planet. In order to find them, he is given a special compass, that points to the location the treasures are hidden, once you get close enough to them. With an unlike crew of:
    Niddler - half-bird, half-monkey
    Tula - a girl with ecomancer powers
    Ioz - a pirate who thinks mostly about gold
    Ren travels the waters of Meer in hope to find the treasures and faces difficulties on every step. The fact that he's always followed by Bluf, a pirate who wishes to keep the treasures for himself, doesn't help at all!
    I must say that the art of the show leaves few things to wish for, but besides that I really enjoyed it: the episode plots are original, so as the general idea for the serie. I also like the vision of the fantasy world of Meer.
    Fans of fantasy and pirates must watch this!
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