The Pirates of Dark Water

ABC (ended 1993)


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  • Follow Ren, Ioz, Tula & Niddler as they sail the open sea looking for Tresures before the evil Bloath gets to they. They incounter many different kinds of creatures and people including the monkey-bird people.

    WHY....... Why do Tv people do this, they start a show give it a little time to flurish in this case 1 season then axe it in the second before letting them finish. I'm tired of watching cartoons that never get to finish their main task before being canceled or cut off. They only every find the 8th tresures, I can't remember how many they were looking for at the moment but I know it was more than 8, why didn't the last island have the rest of them on it, like a tresure hunter had already started collecting them with out the necklace and hid them with the eight tresure which he had found. Something so simple would have made this show so much better for me, However the people in these positions offen don't give a crap how the watchers will react to their ill made decisions. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!
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