The Pirates of Dark Water

ABC (ended 1993)


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  • Brilliance from Hanna Barbera Productions

    Hanna Barbera Productions gave many great shows. This is certainly one of them. Brilliant Characters and Great story telling.

    First 5 episodes are so great. From episodes 6 to 21, the episodes are less serious. But they are still great. From Episodes 6 to 13, we learn different characters like Roulette, Cray, Kiroptus, Scorion, and other characters. We see different locations like Banjamar, Mobos, Miragon, and other places. There are lots of brilliant ideas. Adults will enjoy this show with the children. Episode "Andorus" shows hope even in desperate situations. Episode "The Beast and The Bell" shows how your journey of hope can end up in a complete danger. Episode "Panacea" shows the greatness of Love and Sacrifice.

    From Episodes 14 to 21, its a study on major characters. We study more about the character of Bloth in episode 16 The Game Players of Undaar and Episode 20 The Soul Stealer. Episode "The Dagron Master" shows why we should feel sorry for a Dagron. I shows how easily impressions of human can change. Ren shows his hatred to Dagrons in the beginning. In the end, he feels sorry for them.

    Episode The Soul Stealer also reveals how Bloth was able to track down Ren easily. Thanks to Sooth Sayer, Bloth was able to track down easily. In Episode 15, it is also shown that Morpho can also track the location of Ren and his crew.

    Episode "The Pandawa Plague" shows the birth of a new generation. Episode "Sister of the Sword" shows more about Ioz and his life. Each Episode of Pirates of Dark Water is special in one way or another. Sadly, it was never finished. But I am glad that Ren succeeded in finding 8 treasures. 8 treasures are in Octopon. In the end of Episode 14, it is revealed that Octopon is safe from the darkdweller's attacks.