The Pirates of Dark Water

Season 2 Episode 5

The Pandawa Plague

Aired Unknown May 02, 1993 on ABC

Episode Recap

Ren is back at Octopon's shore when the Compass acts up, shooting a beam of light toward someone drowning out in the ocean. Just as with his father, Ren dives in to save them, getting some help from Ioz and Tula. It's the monkey-bird queen from Pandawa, who has come to seek Niddler's help protecting the future queen from a plague that is sweeping his homeland. Niddler carries Ren there while Ioz and Tula stay behind to take care of the queen. Arriving on Pandawa, they meet two monkey-birds, Kellon and Dello, who are hiding from the "evil" monkey-birds, the ones affected by the plague. The egg is hidden in the Caves of the Departed, but before they can go to get it their hut is attacked and Kellon and Dello are captured. Ren and Niddler follow them to the old slave tunnels, where they discover that the former slave master Jargas is the one behind the plague. Jargas is hoping to find the egg, and has been feeding the monkey-birds with magically tainted minga-melons. Unfortunately Niddler has just eaten one and is turned to Jargas' side, forcing Ren to hurt his friend trying to escape. Ren is tied up and tortured with a sea leech while Niddler tells Jargas the location of the egg. Meanwhile Ioz and Tula arrive with the queen, but they are attacked by the slavers and "evil" monkey-birds. Ren uses the Compass' magical energy to free himself and recover the antidote Jargas made for the plague, turning Kellon and Dello back. Tula uses her magic to raise a great wind, slowing the villains down, as the queen flies with Ioz. Reaching the cave first, Ren finds the egg already hatched, so he hides the infant queen and turns Niddler back when he appears. The good guys are outnumbered, but Kellon and Dello return with minga-melons sprayed with the antidote, turning the other monkey-birds back against Jargas. He grabs the infant queen, but Tula saves the day with a leap from above, and all is well on Pandawa once again.
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