The Pitch

Thursday 10:00 PM on AMC Premiered Apr 30, 2012 In Season


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  • The Pitch

    A show that might end up being quite stimulating for somebody pursuing such a career. It's a competition show, but then again it's dignified, it's meaningful, it's a way of fact and life. A good show for students still enrolled in schools to get some ground for and what to expect. Businesses like these are blood-frenzied so prepare.
  • The Pitch

    This show is great if you're interested in to seeing and understanding the whole process of briefing, brainstorming and pitching in different agencies.

    First episode was great to watch, despite the fact that I hate reality dramas (because of how long it takes to show simple things). I really enjoyed it watching with my wife (she's an expert on reality dramas) and she enjoyed it as well.

    Keep in mind that if are not interested in advertising - do not watch it as you will be bored ;)