The Pitts

Season 1 Episode 2

A Bug's Wife

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Apr 06, 2003 on FOX

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  • Who could ask for a better episode?

    The second episode of "The Pitts" - entitled "A Bug's Wife", takes the idea of the typical sitcom daughter begging for a car and raises it to a whole new level.

    Bob and Liz agree to help Faith buy a new car if she will raise half the money - $1000. Fortunately her brother Petey has that much, due to his luck at online gambling, and he asks a small price: that he be driven anywhere anytime he wants.

    At the car lot Faith spots a "cute" VW bug and immediately falls in love with it. However, it's over their $2000 limit, but when Bob mentions that the price sticker mysteriously changes to be exactly $2000...

    Faith soon discovers that, in typical bad-luck Pitt fashion, that her car is haunted. The car falls in love with her, and, when she refuses to marry it, it kidnaps her and takes her to Vegas where the car convinces a drunken man at the drive -through cathedral to make them man and wife. But Bob, Liz, and Petey has come to the rescue, and in a hilarious climax, the car drives up the pyramid to try to shake them off. Faith and the gang escape just in time, before the car explodes as it reaches the top.

    This was another great episode filled with hilarious jokes and great moments. This episode sealed the deal with me: I was offically hooked to the series.
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