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  • Somewhat funny, but it's just not funny enough

    I will admit on severeal occasions that I enjoyed this show. This show was sadly doomed from the beginning. Really, the only episode that delivered at all was the episode where Faith got a pipe stuck in her head. Sadly, that was the final episode that aired then FOX pulled it from the air. The show just made me felt makes it extremely obvious that this was filmed on a set, and really it's not supposed to bleed through the fourth wall, but it screams it. The direction of photography was god-awful. The series did provide a few laughs, but not something really worth watching again.
  • Almost Worked As A Series

    I liked this show. The humor was irreverant and funny, both the mom and the daughter are babes and script obviously has some good lines. The bad news was that the show quickly wore thin on the cartoon antics and the far-fetched situations. If the show was supposed to be a live-action cartoon, it really hit the mark, but to survive on Fox, the show needed to turn straight and maybe go into another direction. The son on the show is a funny holy terror, but the dad was just played way too dumb. Let's face it, at it's core, "The Pitts" may actually just be time filler may be cancelled with just one season under its belt. I mean, anyone remember an obscure FOX series called "Whoops!" which also was based on a one joke device. The Pitts might have been a lot better as a prime-time cartoon.
  • The least funny "comedy" in many a year.

    When "The Pitts" first came on, I watched about fifteen minutes of the first episode waiting for one funny part. Not only did that moment no come, the laugh track that the show had was one of the worst I've seen. Every time anyone said anything, there would be an uproar of laughter, and, because the show wasn't funny, it got really annoying.

    If I recall correctly, the show was supposed to be like a live action cartoon, which is a good premise in theory (the only reason I didn't give this a zero), but the show failed miserably. To put it bluntly, it was just silly, and not Monty Python silly, stupid silly.
  • It sucked!

    That was by far, the dumbest show EVER! I gave it my standard 3 episode test; I watch the first 3 episodes and don\\\\\\\'t make a decision whether I like it or not until after I watch the three episodes. An hour and a half I will sadly never get back. It was funny-ish for the first two episodes, but then it just went downhill. The world is a better place because this big steaming pile of crap is off the air.
  • Unique and classic. This show had me laughing out loud with its wild and wacky humour. Very much an underappreciated show; It has the ‘perfect’ family in the most eccentric situations.

    Unique and classic. This show had me laughing out loud with its wild and wacky humour. Very much an underappreciated show; It has the ‘perfect’ family in the most eccentric situations. Psychopaths, living dolls, Werewolves and talking cars are just the beginning for this family. It’s never a dull day for the Pitts.

    The key to this show if to let yourself go, watch it like you watched TV as a kid. Without all the cynical thoughts, the ‘That could never happen’ thoughts, let them go and just enjoy the wacky ride the Pitts will take you on.

    Truly Out of this World.
  • Like communism, this show was good in theory but didn't work out in practice. This is by far the worst TV show I've ever seen.

    Did you ever wonder what would happen if the creator of "Thumbwars" and "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist" wrote a TV show? Chances are that show would be a lot like the Pitts, a show that was so atrocious I would rather have every one of my toenails yanked out with a pair of pliers than watch another episode. I wonder what outrageous container of spoiled pestilence at the Fox Network agreed to put this show on the air because I'd like to drive to their house and punch them. I think the only reason this show was given a chance is because it was written by some of the Simpsons writers. I'm glad it got cancelled.
  • A simple comedy

    So cheesy, its good. Some cheap laughs that require very little thought. Great for the late night slot on ITV in the UK as even at 3am all the gags can be fully appreciated! Shame this was ditched after only 6 episodes. Also look out for a couple of the Donnie Darko cast in a guest appearance. Overall a fun comedy that will never be a classic but will provide a few laughs
  • Hilarious...I absolutely love this show.

    I am wild about this show. Yes, it's now over halfway into 2005 and I'm still in love with this quirky sitcom which only lasted 5 episodes in early 2003.

    I really don't understand why everyone talks badly about this show, because it's not meant to be taken seriously. Anything but. This show is hilarious, fun to watch, and truly entertaining, and even throws in some old family values for good measure. It's the kinda show a little kid would enjoy, and the show an over-the-hill adult would enjoy as well. The plots got way out there, spoofing on older horror/suspense movies. The show
    was intentionally very unrealistic and very, very original, which is most likely why it failed.

    "The Pitts" will ALWAYS have a place in my heart. I'm not that crazy about sitcoms but this is one show that earned my attention. It should also be noted that the creators of this show worked on several seasons of FOX's "The Simpsons", and the short-lived ABC comedy "Complete Savages". Both "The Pitts" and "Complete Savages" deserved MUCH longer lives. Maybe not as long as "The Simpsons", but definitely five to seven seasons.

    RIP: Kellie Waymire
  • I have only ever seen one episode of The Pitts, and I can honestly say, I loved it!

    I have only ever seen one episode of The Pitts, and I can honestly say, I loved it!

    I woke up in the middle of the night with an earache and couldn\'t sleep and The Pitts caught my eye early in the night.

    One episode I saw was just hilarious and the characters are really cool.I don\'t get how no-one even likes this show.It has Lizzy Caplan who is amzing in this and I can\'t beleive that is was cancelled.

    The Pitts should I say, is a great show and should have stayed on for longer.Overall, it seems a not bad family comedy.
  • The Pitts is wacky unappreciated fun

    OK, so it's wacky, most of the jokes are recycled, and it's not really well directed. But that's what makes it great - well, the first one, at any rate.

    This show is unappreciated because it's unlike any other show ever to air on TV, and people dismiss it because it's "wacky crap". But the surreality of it all makes it enjoyable! No matter how far out there the plotlines get, I always enjoy it and can't wait to see the rest of the episodes.
  • A stupid show hoping it would come off as funny buy just ended up stupid.

    This show revolved around and unlucky family. It may have been funny if it wasnt so stupid however it wasnt and it was canceled because of it. This show was dumb and I dont know how it even got to have a pilot episode. Lets hope tv dosent ever do this agian.