The Pitts

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Apr 13, 2003 on FOX

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  • One of my favorites.

    "Squarewolves" is definitely one of my favorite episodes of "The Pitts". In this installment, Bob and Liz accompany their kids on a charity walk to make sure they do it, as they've been very lazy lately. It starts out very negatively to begin with, when Bob gets shot in the arm.

    On the walk they become lost and find themselves in a foggy swamp-like place. They meet two seemingly crazy old men who mutter warnings about the full moon and sticking to the road. Bob, who obviously didn't understand them because of their British accents, insists that they said to stick to the "moors". Faith and Petey, who have bleeding feet, stay behind to rest and their parents try to find civilization again. They are viciously (and hilariously) mauled by a mysterious creature, but they just dismiss it as a dog.

    Later that night, at home, they transform into werewolves and jump through their window to hunt. The next morning they are lying in awkward positions and can't remember anything, so they think that their current state must've been that they "got busy" the previous night.

    Over the course of the episode they begin acting stranger and stranger, and discover that they are werewolves. At the end Petey and Faith must save them from being killed in an animal shelter. And they even get something good out of it: every full moon they can throw a party without their parents remembering it, and to keep them docile they just have to supply a nice dead cow.

    I think I laughed more in this episode than any of the others, it's just too funny.
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