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The PJs

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Thurgood Stubbs lives with his wife Muriel in the housing project where he is the chief superintendent. The show, created by Eddie Murphy (who provides Stubbs' voice), follows the adventures of the Stubbs family and the others in the building, animated through a process called 'Foamation.' Moved to the WB in 2000. Now Airing on Adult Swim Sunday Night at Midnight.
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  • this was a funny show

    the pjs are a family that lives in the underground in the sower . they really dont have alot of money and he gets rent from the people to support his family. its a hilrious show and it was not on that long but it had a few good stories. and i think fox eneded it because the ratings were not really coming in for the show . and some imgaes in show were distrubing but funny at the same time all in all i think the show was averge but a 8 is pretty high for this show but it was still good i guss.moreless
  • It's fine to me and I think it's kind of funny.But I think it's animation has a lot of disturbing images in it.

    This show is maybe one of the disturbing shows ever made.Well,I don't mind that they put Eddie Murphy in this show.He's funny,but a role like this one makes him look The Nutty Professor.I mean,his character doesn't even look like him because this show has clay for animation.Well,the theme is not good because it's pretty short.It's kind of funny once and it's a disturbing clay funny show.I got one thing to say:Why does Eddie Murphy's character look ugly in this show?I mean,his head is shaped as a anchor and his chin is worse than The Nutty Professor's chin.This is a C because not only it's disturbing,Eddie's character is ugly and all of the characters do too.moreless
  • I'm rating this animated series a 10 because it so freakin funny and I like the way Grazer put the themes together and used Eddie Murphy as one of the main voices. I've even looked for this series to be my own so that I can put in my collection. Help me!moreless

    A great comedy for family to enjoy on the day to day basis and should be brought back for more people to enjoy just as much as I do. So please help in writing more reviews so this comedy can be brought back to television. I searched high and low for the PJs and no had it but they had every other television show on the shelf. I finally found it on Ebay and the person that was selling it had all four series that made me mad because not everyone has a credit card to purchase things on the computer.moreless
  • bring them back.

    why won't they bring back a very funny show like the pj's but they can put crap on that nobody watches. I mean come on people. this show had a lot of people that watched. it was the first animated show that was really good. I know that some people did not find it funny but who are they.this show had so much going for it it had a lot of viewer's it also had great reviews, and the cast of characters were just fantastic. the voices for the characters were right on the money for the show. the animation was really good for the time it came out. I mean you are talking about a mid 90's animated TV show. and for that time period it was well done.moreless
  • great show

    great show, I am looking for anyone who has a copy of any of the episodes of the show, I would love to aquire a duplicate from you, I hoping to get a copy before august 07, if any one knows a web site I can purchase from please let me know. The show was a classic, and I think it showed a part of a culture that was not publicized. If it aired today I think it would be a hit. Again if anyone can help with finding a copy, all the episodes would be great, but if you only have one, that's ok too.moreless

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