The PJs

FOX (ended 2001)


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  • It's fine to me and I think it's kind of funny.But I think it's animation has a lot of disturbing images in it.

    This show is maybe one of the disturbing shows ever made.Well,I don't mind that they put Eddie Murphy in this show.He's funny,but a role like this one makes him look The Nutty Professor.I mean,his character doesn't even look like him because this show has clay for animation.Well,the theme is not good because it's pretty short.It's kind of funny once and it's a disturbing clay funny show.I got one thing to say:Why does Eddie Murphy's character look ugly in this show?I mean,his head is shaped as a anchor and his chin is worse than The Nutty Professor's chin.This is a C because not only it's disturbing,Eddie's character is ugly and all of the characters do too.