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The show is a comedy show were they show animals doing funny tricks and stories and it is now hosted by Keegan-Michael Key after Matt Gallant who was the original host left the show.
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  • I was rather upset watching the episode on where you had two cats fighting with each other.

    I really like your show and was suprised with what I saw. I didn't find it funny to watch two cats fight, neither was it funny knowing someone video taped two cats fight and didn't try to stop it. Which in the end the comment was "aw they lost a lot of fur". To promote these videos is wrong and extremly upseting. Would you put a video on of chickens fighting and make a comment? Very disappointed, as I said I reguarly enjoy the show but that upset me.moreless
  • The joke that Mr. Key made on his show on Dec. 8 was inappropriate.I am from West Virginia and I do not have a fear of going out in my yard and having and accident.I do not appreciate the comment and would like an apology to all West Virginians.moreless

    The comment was tasteless and offensive to all West Virginians and as far as I am concerned you have just lost one viewer who was dedicated and loved watching your show.I believe if the comment came from someone who was from W.V. it might have been a little humorous.Mr. Key until you can speak for everyone in this great state,and i do not recall there being a poll taken, do not speak about something you have no business or knowledge of commenting on.moreless
  • Great idea for a funny show theme Animals.

    In most shows i watch about funny things people do, They use people. This is the only show i know that shows animals doing funny things. One reason i have always enjoyed this show is because of the videos they pick, They use the funniest and most crazy videos sent in to create an amazing television comedy show about animals.

    Showing animals falling down and getting hurt is something they do very often, These things i don't find that funny. But ethier way i have ben watching planets funniest animals for a few years now, I am still not a bit bored with it. It's very intresting watching these animals do things my pet sometimes can do as well. I love watching these animals who sometimes know what their doing and most of the time, Don't.moreless
  • This show has no excuse to be bad! The show's host is great. The videos are hilarious!

    O.K, this show ROCKS. I mean, the host isn't something to worry about. The show is supposed to be about funny animals who do funny stuff. The host is just presenting the videos. Anyway the scores are:

    Graphics: N/A Not animated.... (I need as much words as possible)

    Sound: 9/10 Well, well, well!

    Dialogue: 8.5/10 Keegan-Michael Key is good.

    Humor: 10/10 I think this show lives up to its name. Side-splitting humor!

    Bottom Line: The host PRESENTS it. He doesn't make the videos. Looks like my work is done here, so stay tuned for my next review. (it's gonna be Pet Star)

    P.S.: How did Matt Gallant do on his period, I want to know who you guys are talking about...moreless
  • I give this a mediocre score because I love the show, but would like to be able to send in a video, but cannot due to I do not have a dvd or vid camera, only my comp and a digital. They need an e-mail adress.moreless

    The show is great. Hilarious infact, and Keegan-Micheal Key is a great actor also stemming from MAD TV. Believe me when I say he is deffinitly getting better at what he does, considering watching the first episode of Funniest Pets, I used to shut off the volume and just watch it that way. Like I had said before, it would be much easier to send in a video over my computor, than it would be to go to Walmart to transfer it on to disk and then send it that way, and I'm sure many people would agree whole heartedly.moreless
  • Ann Summa / Getty Images © 2006 Animal Planet
  • Ann Summa / Getty Images © 2006 Animal Planet
  • Ann Summa / Getty Images © 2006 Animal Planet

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