The Planet's Funniest Animals

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  • I was rather upset watching the episode on where you had two cats fighting with each other.

    I really like your show and was suprised with what I saw. I didn't find it funny to watch two cats fight, neither was it funny knowing someone video taped two cats fight and didn't try to stop it. Which in the end the comment was "aw they lost a lot of fur". To promote these videos is wrong and extremly upseting. Would you put a video on of chickens fighting and make a comment? Very disappointed, as I said I reguarly enjoy the show but that upset me.
  • The joke that Mr. Key made on his show on Dec. 8 was inappropriate.I am from West Virginia and I do not have a fear of going out in my yard and having and accident.I do not appreciate the comment and would like an apology to all West Virginians.

    The comment was tasteless and offensive to all West Virginians and as far as I am concerned you have just lost one viewer who was dedicated and loved watching your show.I believe if the comment came from someone who was from W.V. it might have been a little humorous.Mr. Key until you can speak for everyone in this great state,and i do not recall there being a poll taken, do not speak about something you have no business or knowledge of commenting on.
  • Great idea for a funny show theme Animals.

    In most shows i watch about funny things people do, They use people. This is the only show i know that shows animals doing funny things. One reason i have always enjoyed this show is because of the videos they pick, They use the funniest and most crazy videos sent in to create an amazing television comedy show about animals.

    Showing animals falling down and getting hurt is something they do very often, These things i don't find that funny. But ethier way i have ben watching planets funniest animals for a few years now, I am still not a bit bored with it. It's very intresting watching these animals do things my pet sometimes can do as well. I love watching these animals who sometimes know what their doing and most of the time, Don't.
  • This show has no excuse to be bad! The show's host is great. The videos are hilarious!

    O.K, this show ROCKS. I mean, the host isn't something to worry about. The show is supposed to be about funny animals who do funny stuff. The host is just presenting the videos. Anyway the scores are:

    Graphics: N/A Not animated.... (I need as much words as possible)

    Sound: 9/10 Well, well, well!

    Dialogue: 8.5/10 Keegan-Michael Key is good.

    Humor: 10/10 I think this show lives up to its name. Side-splitting humor!

    Bottom Line: The host PRESENTS it. He doesn't make the videos. Looks like my work is done here, so stay tuned for my next review. (it's gonna be Pet Star)

    P.S.: How did Matt Gallant do on his period, I want to know who you guys are talking about...
  • I give this a mediocre score because I love the show, but would like to be able to send in a video, but cannot due to I do not have a dvd or vid camera, only my comp and a digital. They need an e-mail adress.

    The show is great. Hilarious infact, and Keegan-Micheal Key is a great actor also stemming from MAD TV. Believe me when I say he is deffinitly getting better at what he does, considering watching the first episode of Funniest Pets, I used to shut off the volume and just watch it that way. Like I had said before, it would be much easier to send in a video over my computor, than it would be to go to Walmart to transfer it on to disk and then send it that way, and I'm sure many people would agree whole heartedly.
  • Good show, crappy hosts. The show would be WAY better if there wasn't a host that THINK they're funny...

    This show is awesome, but Matt was a TERRIBLE host. The new one's a little better, but the show would be a million times better without a host at all. I would definately watch this show more if they got rid of the host. The hosts think that they're funny, but they're far from. The show would be much more enjoyable if it were just the videos, which I could just watch on the internet if I wanted to... The Animail is pointless and always has been, and the little 'episodes' that are randomly in there are useless and don't contribute to the show.
  • The Show is Addictive but the new host kills it!

    Once upon of Time there was a show where the whole family could enjoy and laugh. It was a perfect formula, the perfect host, the perfect voice, the perfect set, everything was more than great, it was fantastic. One day, a horrible day came.. the original host Matt Gallant, suddenly was GONE, and along came this scary human being named Keegan something, he is NO FUNNY, his face is scary, his comments are stupid, he is FAKE, he has completely killed the show for me, my family and friends, we not longer like to watch the show because of him! I hope that either Matt comes back or they replace this new host for someone that doesn't make us turn the chanel everytime he is on.
  • Who doesn't like funny animal vids? No, that's not the problem with this show. The problem is the hosts, narration, & similar (sometimes better) vids can be watched on the net commercial, narration, conveniently & for free.

    I would think a lot of people don't really care for the host or cheesy narration. Adding this to the videos actually takes from the show, since the videos are pretty much stand-alone - they speak for themselves. Since "funny animal" videos can be found very easily on many different video websites the show is kinda outdated & unnecessary.
    However, on the contrary, I wouldn't know exactly how they would do the show without a host or narration. Since if it was basically just video compilations to music, that likely wouldn't increase ratings.
    There is usually something better on & these are videos that are not exactly hard to come by, though they are amusing.
  • The host is awfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With matt Gallant this was a fantastic show. With this new host it is awfull. My suggestion is to bring gallant back if he would come back. I willnot watch this show with the new host. He is drowl and highly offensive tosome groups of people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I tried to watch a full show and it was dulland boring. It had the sameanimalclips from years agosothey onlyrecycle what they have. Until then I and millions more will never watch this again. Bring back Matt Gallant or get another host with more sense. Untill then I and millions more will never watch again.
  • Best show on Animal Planet!

    This is one of the funniest shows I grew up with! This is my most favorite show on Animal Planet (as you can tell from the summary). Matt Galant was a very good host and he was hilarious. I love 'The New Planet's Funniest Animals' even more! It has an even funnier host (no effence to Matt and his fans) and it now lasts a whole hour instead of just a half so now we can see more funny videos. Another thing that rocks about the new version is that now they have a part for the videos that makes us laugh the lowdest. I'm glad they kept the 'Ani-mail' theme because I think it's pretty funny. 'Animals in the News' is also hilarious, especially the one with the Elephant watching tv. XD One of my favorite skits is 'Sock Man and Binky' because that one is so hilarious. XD Maybe one day I'll send them some funny videos of my Puppy named Harry.
  • Great show.

    This show is a great one that I enjoy watch it and it's funny tricks that the animals do are eally funny that can motivate us in watching this show because it's one of the funniest shows on Animal Planet that deserves it's respect in many ways and when I first watched this show it was a good experience back then and always it made me laugh of seeing animals do wacky stunts that add this show as one of the best comedy shows on television and also it deserves a good rating for being so successful and also it changed host but the actual host is almost as good as the original host doing to host the show.
  • Laugh at the crazy antics of people's furry and feathered best friends.

    With the invention of the home video camera, people all over took the opportunity to document family trips, fun at the ballpark, and sometimes, what happens when the parakeet attacks the dog.

    It's okay, though: no one is ever hurt in the making of the clips for this show. Watch as dogs get jealous of the kid who has the pillow, birds get to experience what it's like to walk on the floor, cats try to scale all manner of furniture and lizards decide to hustle over to the table and sample their owner's mug of tea. The clips are all bizarre and fun, and the show is a welcome light-hearted one that always brings a smile to your face.

    The best host was the first one, but the show is back for a new season, and it's time to give the next one a chance.

    PFA is fun every time.

  • It's funny!

    Unlike America's Funniest home videos, No one gets Tortured. Espacially The Animals. This is a Fun and Cute show I love watching it cuz it's so much better than America's Funniest home Videos! at least noone's Mean and Nasty all of the sudden. And it has good funny lines. :)
  • We love your show - - -except the music and fake applause has to go.

    My wife and I enjoy your show very much. The only complain I have is that the background music is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH too LOUD. The fake applause is sickening. Who needs it?. We can\\\'t hear what the announcer is saying. PLEASE, stop the music and the outrageous sounds. Let us enjoy the animals in peace or else we'll change the channel.
  • What about animals (we've killed off so many of them). I like to surf the channels and find at least a few animal-friendly programs (I get so bored of people). Other than Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, you seldom find anything interesting in the rea

    If you are an animal lover like I am, then this show is for you. The host is corny, but somebody's gotta do it. What's presented in a wide range of animals, whether they are pets, wild animals, working animals, or whatever. There is such a diversity that it amazes me. And there is always 5 or more hilarious clips. You just gotta watch this show. It gives a better appreciation for the other species that we share the planet with. It is a sign of wisdom and compassion that someone would be interested in this program. Gabeesh?
    So enjoy the funny stuff by checking out this show.
  • Cute clips. HORRIBLE hosts!

    Some of the clips are cute (except when a dog licks someones foot, that's disgusting), but whenever the host talks, I either turn the channel or press the mute button. Both hosts are as bad as Bob Saget. Must be the writers for "Americas funniest videos" writes for this show too.
    The jokes the hosts' tell are extremely stupid and annoying. Everyone I have talked to about this show agrees with me. My Grandmother could do a much better job as a host & she's been dead for years.
    After reading the other reviews, it seems like everyone agrees that the hosts' STINK. Maybe a producer or writer for this show will read these reviews & realize they could get a bigger audience if they got rid of these guys.
  • This show has it good sides and it's bad sides.

    Overall this show is really funny. The whole plot of animals acting funny is funny. The Bad part is the host. I mean the host is an idiot. His jokes dont make sense. What the heck is with the backround to like everything is moving. Other then that this show is very funny.
  • "An ok show, but need some new jokes."

    This show has been on for some number of years now, but dose need some fine tuning. One suggestion I could make is that you need some new jokes. After watching the show for several monthes now the jokes are starting to really repet. One more thing i could say is quit with all the commercial jokes! because as you all know people dont watch the TV just for commercials. But overall the show is good some preety funny stuff, and would recommend this show for anyone who need a good chuckel ever once and awile. 8.5!
  • I love watching animals doing hilarious things, which is the only reason why I watch this show.

    I always laugh while watching this show. The animals do so many funny things that make everybody laugh. But, as funny as this show is, it has a downside. The downside is the host. I forgot his name but he is really annoying and ruins the show. And the jokes aren't funny. And sometimes they play the same animal clips again in a different episode. It gets a little annoying after you see it 2 or more times. Overall this is a good show but they need to work on getting a new host.
  • I love to watch those amazing animals!

    I love this show. The animals show off their wonderful and funny moments. There are soo many things I see that I want to train my animals to do. Though, the host is not the best I still love the show. Don't let the hosts scare you.... the show is one to watch!
  • Clips of the the Animals are great to watch, but where do these jokes come from?

    I watch the show on a regular basis and have done so for several years. The clips are great and I can't wait for the next one to come on. I am often tempted to turn the chanel when the host talks and talks. At least he seems to be laughing at the jokes he is telling. I have to say that the older show were much more ejoyable. i have a twelve year old Son, who ejoys the begining of the show but as soon as the host starts talking, he quickly looses interest. It would be great if there were more clips and less talking.
  • you really only watch this show for the clips of the animals. The writers are overly corny and not all that funny.

    If you are a pet owner or animal lover this is a great show. The clips of the animals are great. some of the clips are amazing, a wide variety of animals doing crazy tricks, dancing, playing with children, doing human things or just being really really cute. there are too many clips of dogs playing the piano and singing, or skateboarding. the writers, host and announcers are not funny most of the time, but if you bear with it, the clips carry the show and make it worth your while. some of the most memorable clips are the one where Bill Clinton\'s dog bites his butt and makes him fall, the one where a tiny puppy falls into his milk bowl extremely cutely, a fat cat gets petted and says lovelovelove, wild rabbits doing a complex sychronized \"dance\". sometimes the things that the animals do are so smart. there are cats that open doors, turn off lights ect.

  • Cute clips, bad host.

    Whenever I watch this show, I have to press the mute button. Why? Because the host is horrible, that's why. Matt Gallant has no sense of humor, and his (hideously bad) jokes ruin the best clips!

    Also, some of those guys have a bad taste in humor, and clips. Cats falling off of things and dogs headbutting small children? Um, no, that's not funny. That just makes me feel sorry for the animals.

    Anyway- some of the clips are cute. Some of them aren't. Matt Gallant was terrible, and that new guy is even worse. My suggestion? Put it on mute, and use your Gameboy or whatever for some background music.
  • Funny videos but I could do without the host.

    I really love watching this show because I'm an animal lover, and I enjoy seeing animals in funny situations (as long as they're not harmed!) If there's nothing else on TV and Planet's Funniest Animals is on, I'll watch it. However, the one thing that bugs me is the host. Well, it's more the writers' fault I guess. The jokes the host makes are never funny, and even the new host for the "NEW" Planet's Funniest Animals, while better than Matt Gallant, is still annoying. If they'd only get rid of the host altogether, there'd be more room for videos and it'd make a better show.
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