The Planet's Funniest Animals

Daily 9:00 AM on Animal Planet Premiered Sep 27, 1999 In Season


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  • I give this a mediocre score because I love the show, but would like to be able to send in a video, but cannot due to I do not have a dvd or vid camera, only my comp and a digital. They need an e-mail adress.

    The show is great. Hilarious infact, and Keegan-Micheal Key is a great actor also stemming from MAD TV. Believe me when I say he is deffinitly getting better at what he does, considering watching the first episode of Funniest Pets, I used to shut off the volume and just watch it that way. Like I had said before, it would be much easier to send in a video over my computor, than it would be to go to Walmart to transfer it on to disk and then send it that way, and I'm sure many people would agree whole heartedly.