The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show

Season 1 Episode 17

Plastic Man Meets Plastic Ape

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 12, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

The plastic team are buying groceries when the chief calls them with an urgent case.

Dr. Astro is destroying New York's banks and stealing their money using a giant Plastic Ape.

Dr. Astro has given the ape the same powers as Plastic Man by using a plastic gas.

Plastic Man confronts Dr. Astro and the giant ape, but Plastic Ape out smarts him with his powers.

Dr. Astro escapes and sets his sights on a space rocket that contains valuable Moon rocks.

The team arrive in the plastic jet, but Plastic Ape kidnaps Penny.

Plastic man saves Penny and chases after Dr. Astro and Plastic Ape, the villains manage to escape capture again.

Plastic Man sets up a trap for Dr. Astro and the ape, they fall for it and in the process Hula Hula gets sprayed with Dr. Astro's plastic gas.

Hula Hula now has the same ability as Plastic Man and Plastic Ape, so he turns into some rope and captures Dr. Astro.

Plastic Man turns into a giant banana and traps Plastic Ape in a tunnel until the plastic gas wears off.

The giant apes powers wear off and he is returned to the zoo.
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