The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show

Season 1 Episode 9

The Horrible Half-Ape

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 17, 1979 on ABC
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The Horrible Half-Ape
While working on a secret government project, a scientist's experiment goes very wrong. The mistake is costly as it leaves the scientist half ape and half human. He then steals a visiting flying saucer, which threatens to start an interplanetary war. Plastic Man gets the call to try and save the day.moreless

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  • IMO, one of the better episodes.

    Professor Darwin is demonstrating his new invention, a machine that will bestow humans the strength of an ape.

    He uses it on him self but is turned into a half man, half ape monstrosity Some fellow scientists offer to help him find a cure but Darwin tells them he will make them all pay.

    On the plastic plane Hula Hula falls out after a UFO flies past them. Plastic man streches out of the plane and catches him.

    Half-ape is hiding in the jungle and wants to make the scientific community pay for Not recognising his genius. Half ape sees the flying saucer move a mountain and summons some ape friends to steal the ufo's power.

    As the Aliens come out of the ship half-ape goes to greet them, the space men come in peace and their craft is in need of power crystals, known as diamonds on earth.

    The ape henchmen capture and seize the aliens. On the plastic-plane the team are looking for the UFO and find it in the jungle.

    Searching the ship Hula Hula and Penny are ambushed by ape henchmen. Plastic man save the day.

    Half-ape uses alien technology on plastic man to freeze him and kidnap Penny and Hula Hula, they are put in the room with the alien prisoners.

    Half ape ties up the plastic team on a bridge, over hanging a boiling river and plans to

    Throw them in. Because of the heat Plastic man starts to thaw out, as they fall plastic man turns into a kite and drifts them to safety. Now back to normal Plastic man sets out to stop half-apes plan to use the UFO against Earth. Plastic man battles with the ape henchmen and Hula Hula is cornered by a panther. The apes get away with diamonds from a mine.

    Meanwhile another spaceship sends a message to earth, saying unless his alien friends are released then the aliens will destroy earth.

    Half ape powers up the UFO with the diamonds, and takes the aliens with him. Half ape decides to let the aliens attack earth and continues to steal diamonds so he can escape earth before the other aliens attack. Hula hula uses his contacts to find out where half-ape is hiding. Half-ape plans to steal a famous diamond to power the spaceship.

    Plastic man hides in the same chest as the giant diamond, when the apes steal it he is aboard the UFO, the eject him out of a air lock and he has to saved by a passing rocket.

    The alien invasion fleet nears earth as time runs out, plastic man confront half ape in the desert, plastic man captures half-ape and frees the aliens stopping the alien invasion. The freed aliens return home, and the plastic team take the ape henchmen to a zoo.moreless
Melendy Britt

Melendy Britt

Penny & The Cheif

Susan Blu

Susan Blu


Al Fann

Al Fann

Rickety Rocket

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Fangface, Fangpuss, & Yukk

Johnny Brown

Johnny Brown


Alan Young

Alan Young

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    • When this episode originally aired in 1979, it featured the following Plastic Man related segments:
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      The Horrible Half-Ape - Plastic Man
      Who Undo the Zoo - Plastic Family
      Birthday Blowout - Baby Plas
      Dogmaster - Plastic Man

    • This episode also featured the following segments:
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      The Romantic Plot of the She-Wolf Robot - Fangface
      The Fiendish Fish - Mighty Man & Yukk
      The Mysterious, Serious Circus Caper - Rickety Rocket
      Catman - Mighty Man & Yukk.


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