The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show

Season 1 Episode 19

The Royal Gargoyle Foil

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 26, 1980 on ABC

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  • Hmmmm- this episode seems to be a bit like Scooby Doo!

    This episode is alot like any scooby doo episode, the plastic team are on their way back from a picnic and get a flat tyre so they stop off at a old run down house, inside is a professor being terrorised by a gargoyle (which is obviously just someone in a mask and suit) the plastic team decide to stick arouund and help the professor solve the mystery.

    Keep in mind usually the team get assigned cases from the chief! but this episode she doesn't even appear.

    Anyway Penny gets kidnapped when she walks past a secret door way (Again like in scooby doo) and Plas comes to the rescue.

    In the end the team catch the gargoyle and unmask him to be someone who has already appeared in the episdoe.

    All it need was for the person to say "and i would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you pesky kids"

    But none the less a good episode.