The Play of the Week - Season 2

(ended 1961)


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Episode Guide

  • All Summer Long
    All Summer Long
    Episode 31
    Portrait of a complacent Midwestern family. Blustering father, bumbling mother, brainless daughter, whose river bank house is threatended by erosion. Two brothers work together to make retaining wall to save their home form the rising river. They fail, the house crumbles, and the family has to flee for its life.
  • Close Quarters
    Close Quarters
    Episode 30
    One apartment and two possible renters, solves these unusual problem.
  • The Wingless Victory
    Set in 1800 Indian princess, rejected form white society, commits suicide with her children after losing her husband's love.
  • In A Garden
    In A Garden
    Episode 28
    The story of Adrian Terry, a wealthy, fortyish playwright who has decided to retire from writing plays. His jealous hack-writer friend Roger Compton insists that Terry keep on writing, telling him he is a dramatist to the soles of his shoes. When Terry demurs, Compton attempts to provoke him with an idea: he states that every man's wife is another man's mistress. Compton then tells Terry that he has information that Terry's young wife Lissa had a dalliance when she was a debutante with dashing Ivy Leaguer Norrie Bliss, in a garden in Katonah.moreless
  • Waiting for Godot
    Waiting for Godot
    Episode 27
    Two tramps are waiting by a sickly looking tree for the arrival of M. Godot. They quarrel, make up, contemplate suicide, try to sleep, eat a carrot and gnaw on some chicken bones. Two other characters appear, a master and a slave, who perform a grotesque scene in the middle of the play. A young boy arrives to say that M. Godot will not come today, but that he will come tomorrow. He does not come and the two tramps resume their vigil by the tree, which between the first and second day has sprouted a few leaves, the only symbol of a possible order in a thoroughly alienated world.moreless
  • A Cool Wind Over the Living
    Torn by love between two men, and overcoming a crippling illness, she decides to remain alone.
  • The Wooden Dish
    The Wooden Dish
    Episode 25
    Clara and the father-in-law she has been trying to dislodge ever since she married who is a tough, asthmatic old wreck combining all the pride and cunning of his age with the simplicity of a baby. His son, Glenn, is tossed helplessly from one loyalty to another, and Clara has grown desperate enough for anything, even an attempted love affair with another man, anything to release her from this burden. When Pop finally gives up the fight to remain in his son's home, it is left to his granddaughter, Susan, to see with the compassion that only youth can feel for age, the true tragedy of his going.moreless
  • Therese Raquin
    Therese Raquin
    Episode 24
    An unhappily married Parisian man finds his controlling wife difficult to be with. Feeling rejected Therese has an affair with her husband's friend Laurent and together they conspire to murder her husband.
  • The Old Foolishness
    The Old Foolishness
    Episode 23
    A family feud set in Bromley, Kent when their religious beliefs overtake their reasoning.
  • No Exit -- The Indifferent Lover
    (1) "No Exit" with Colleen Dewhurst, Dane Clark, Diana Hyland

    Three people are stuck in hell without the convenience of a torturer on whom to focus their fear and hatred. Naturally being resourceful humans, they find infinite ways to torment each other. Best line Sartre wrote is "Hell is other people".

    (2) "The Indifferent Lover" with Miriam Hopkinsmoreless
  • The Magic and the Loss
    Grace Wilson is a divorced Manhattan career woman intent on a much bigger job at her advertising agency. She has an agency executive for a lover, a 14-year-old son who stumbles onto the love affair, and an ex-husband, a West Coast professor, who comes east on a visit and captures the boy's affections.moreless
  • The Sound of Murder
    The Sound of Murder
    Episode 20
    A murder plot is accidentally recorded and the victims secretary holds the tape, the lovers tiff develops.
  • Four by Tennessee
    Four by Tennessee
    Episode 19
    The Four Tennessee Williams plays are: "I Rise in Flame, Cried the Phoenix" (1959) based on the last few days and death of DH Lawrence. "Hello from Bertha." (1954) A disturbed drunk prostitute named Bertha wallows around while her two housemates try in vain to help her. "The Lady of Larkspur Lotion." (1949) Sedlachek, the owner of a fleabag hotel, who wants to evict her deadbeat tenant. She is a faded Southern belle who, despite being reduced to prostitution, tries gamely to maintain a facade of gentility. What she refers to as lotion is actually hooch. Her castle in the air is a plantation in Brazil, and the man of her dreams a "rubber king"; but the knight who rides to her rescue turns out to be the alcoholic blocked writer who lives down the hall. "The Purification" (1959)moreless
  • He Who Gets Slapped
    He Who Gets Slapped
    Episode 18
    A clown becomes disenchanted with life as the drama unfolds.
  • New York Scrapbook
    New York Scrapbook
    Episode 17
    Humourous musical revues of life in New York City. Songs: Mister Off-Broadway (M: Harvey Schmidt, L: Tom Jones) Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring (M: Harvey Schmidt, L: Tom Jones)
  • Black Monday
    Black Monday
    Episode 16
    In a small southern town, the integration of a Negro girl into a white school for the first time has the residents both black and white in an uprorar.
  • The Potting Shed
    The Potting Shed
    Episode 15
    The story concerns the son of a famous atheist who seeks to uncover a childhood mystery in his past. He eventually discovers that he committed suicide in the eponymous potting shed at the age of 14, but was revived when his uncle, a priest, entered into a strange bargain with God.moreless
  • A Clearing in the Woods
    A young woman seeking asylum from an urban world where she is in crisis, caught between madness and reason. In her search for solace in the woods, she is propelled into a world far more disorienting - where time is turned upside down and the phantoms of her past meet the realities of her present in a storm of illusion and desire.moreless
  • Emmanuel
    Episode 13
    The story of the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.
  • Rashomon
    Episode 12
    In the heat of the afternoon, a bandit sees a husband and wife moving along a path. He decides he must have the woman, even if he has to kill the man.
  • Uncle Harry
    Uncle Harry
    Episode 11
    A fabric designer who is henpecked by his spinster twin sisters with whom he lives, become enraged when he meets and falls in love. His jealous sister, drives him to a murder plot. The wrong sister gets the poison, but he gets the torment.
  • Highlights of New Faces
    Great comedy skits to introduce the newest comedians of their time.
  • The Iceman Cometh (2)
    The dreams and failures of the denizens of a seedy New York saloon circa 1912.
  • The Iceman Cometh (1)
    The spotlight is on the failed lives, empty hopes, and perpetual pipe dreams of an assortment of down-and-out denizens of a seedy saloon, set in New York in 1912. Their sad, but complacent existences are rattled when Hickey arrives for his annual bender a changed man - forswearing alcohol and preaching a deliverance from "the lie of the pipe dream."moreless
  • Two by Saroyan
    Two by Saroyan
    Episode 7
    In ONCE AROUND THE BLOCK, a playboy screenwriter gives advice to a young writer on how to appeal to the opposite sex. In MY HEART'S IN THE HIGHLANDS, a poet and his son, poor in funds but rich in spirit live their day to day existence.
  • Seven Times Monday
    Seven Times Monday
    Episode 6
    The problems of a factory worker who dreams of becoming a "cop," of replacing the drudgery of the machine shop with the thrill of riding along on a motorcycle. But there are family responsibilities to meet, and the problems of prejudice to be dealt with - which they are, in a most heart-warming and honest way.moreless
  • Duet for Two Hands
    Duet for Two Hands
    Episode 5
    Abigail Sarclet gets word from her father that he's returning to their castle on the Orkney Islands with a celebrated poet.
  • The Velvet Glove
    The Velvet Glove
    Episode 4
    When beloved Mother Hildebrand returns from a tour of her many convents, she is upset to learn that the bishop intends to dismiss young Professor Pearson from the college staff. She reluctantly agrees to the bishop's order, but in her heart she has other plans.
  • Legend of Lovers
    Legend of Lovers
    Episode 3
    When they meet in a railroad station and fall in love and escape by themselves to a shabby hotel room, it is the rest of the world that seems unreal. Their lovers' avowals are their center of the universe. Everything that goes on around them seems mean and contrived. In the Greek legend, Eurydice dies; Orpheus persuades death to restore her to him. But death extracts one condition: Orpheus must never look at her. M. Anouilh has restated the legend in terms of a romantic street musician and the soubrette of a provincial theatre troupe.moreless
  • The Dybbuk
    The Dybbuk
    Episode 2
    According to Yiddish folklore, a Dybbuk is the disturbed spirit of a dead man or woman which can inhabit the body of a living person. This story takes place in an Old Country village where such mystical matters can become reality.
  • Henry IV
    Henry IV
    Episode 1
    The story of a young man's elevation from immature prince to responsible king.
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