The Playboy Club

NBC (ended 2011)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Untitled 7th Episode
    • A Tryst of Fate
      A Tryst of Fate
      Episode 6
    • Trouble in Makeoutsville

      Maureen inadvertently puts the club in danger when she decides to defend herself against a key holder which of course brings Carol down on her. Alice is nervous about going on a date as a lesbian.

    • The Dream House and How to Avoid It

      The company has worked it out with a tv netowrk to show off differing talents of the Bunnies. Most of the Bunnies are excited over the chance but Brenda who is having continues family problems and will have to decide if her future at the Bunny Club is more important than her family.The Bianchi family frustration with Maureen is growing. John pressures her to tell them what they need to know about their father.
      Billy's gambling problems finally spill over into his work.

    • A Matter of Simple Duplicity

      Nick begins to work his way into the election race. His manager Sean arranges for him to become friends with a socialite Frances Dunhill. But there are problems when a new Bunny, Doris, is hired by Carol-Lynne seems to be more than she appears.

      Maureen decides that it's better to keep potential enemies close instead of far away by being friendly with mobster John Bianchi.

    • The Scarlet Bunny

      The Bunnies have a wonderful opportunity presented to them. One of them will get to be the new covergirl for the Playboy Magazine. However, each will have to tell about their pasts which could compromise their standing at the club.
      Nick Dalton works to acquire political allies in his run to become the city's District Attorney.

    • Pilot
      Episode 1

      Set in 1961, Maureen joins the Chicago based Playboy Club as one of its beautiful Bunnies. She is determined, bold, sexy and filled with ambition. During her first night of work she is introduced to Nick Dalton, a handsome, dashing lawyer, who helps her when she kills a member of the mafia in self defense.

      As the events of the evening play out, we are introduced to the other Bunnies at the club: Bunny Alice who likes to work at the club for the financial freedom it brings her, Bunny Brenda who dreams of being the first ever African American centerfold for Playboy and Bunny Carol-Lynne who serves at the Bunny Mother to the other girls.