The Playboy Club

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

The scene opens up on the streets of Chicago. It's the 1960's and Hugh Hefner begins a narration on this little piece of heaven he had created in the city; The Playboy Club.

Handing his coat to Bunny Kate and coming throughthe front door is Nick Dalton, a hotshot lawyer that seems so at ease with his surroundings. He leaves his coat with Bunny Alice and proceeds inside. As he enters one can hear a beautiful voice. The voice belongs to Bunny Carol, a lady in her early thirties who has worked for Hef at the club longer than anyone.

In the crowd there is a new Bunny who is selling cigarettes. She is mesmerized by Carol on stage. Bunny Alice snaps the star truck Bunny, Maureen, out of her daze and tells her she might want to get back to work. Bunny Brenda, a African-American, comes up and can tell that Maureen wants to be on stage.

The girls go back to work but soon Maureen is asked to dance by an older man. He gets fresh with her and she casually pushes him aside and dances with another key holder. At this time Nick meets up with the club manager, Billy. Nick notices Maureen having fun and asks Billy if she is new. Billy is however, not amused and goes up to Maureen to set her straight. Though she apologizes, she does not back down from Billy when he treats her like anyone else. She points out specifically that her name is Maureen.

Maureen goes back to work and Nick introduces himself to her. She doesn't have the cigarettes he wants and goes into the back to get some more. The man she had shoved away earlier also goes into the back.

Carol gets finished with her set and speaks with Nick for a few moments. He just finished up on a case that has gotten him some good press. Carol seems to know a great deal about Nick's work and Nick himself.

In the back Maureen is approached by the man who didn't appreciate the way she treated him. Back at the bar, Nick feels something isn't right and heads to see where Maureen is. When he arrives he sees Maureen on the floor and the man attacking her. A struggle ensues and while older, is able to knock Nick around a bit. Eventually Maureen is able to kick at him from the floor and lodges her heel into his neck, killing him.

Nick quickly realizes before Maureen the trouble they are in. The man that is dead is Clyde Hill aka Bruno Bianchi, a member of a major crime family. Following his orders, Maureen helps clean up the mess and keeps the man's Playboy Key.

Taking Billy's car, the put the body in the trunk and drive it to the harbor. Being past 11PM, there is not a soul about as Nick and Maureen unload the body, wraps it in a blanket and puts chains around it. Throwing it into the lake, it quickly sinks out of sight.

At the club, a sassy Bunny named Janie is serving a table full of young men. They are not gentlemen though and assume she is a hooker. She corrects that thinking and even goes as far as to tell them she isn't even a waitress, she's Bunny Janie. While the scene unfolds, the bartender Max is trying to hold his cool. Janie is his girlfriend and while she can handle herself, seeing guys hit on her night after night infuriates him.

Nick drives Maureen to his place to clean up. She makes the discovery that she lost the dead mobster's key.

Carol soon realizes that Maureen had left with Nick and goes to investigate. Maureen hides but Carol can tell she is still there. Thinking Nick and Maureen have had sex, she proceeds to get her things and discovers Maureen in Nick's closet and in nothing but his shirt.

After the long and tiring evening, Maureen finds herself back to the mansion where the girls are staying. Brenda is friendly and discusses Nick to Maureen and how much trouble he can be.

Early the next day Nick goes to Billy's office and the topic of "Clyde Hill" comes up. He hasn't been seen and his wife is worried. The conversation quickly goes to Carol and Nick's taste in women.

Wanting to make things right with Carol, Nick gets to the club early to give her a gift. In a cool manner, Carol doesn't let him off the hook but keeps Nick's hopes alive. When she is done with Nick, she goes inside.

Billy is having the weekly Bunny meeting with the girls. He looks frustrated having to answer the girl's questions. Because he promised the worried wife, she asks the girls about Clyde Hill. Maureen sits there quietly and looks almost sick.

With the meeting over, Billy goes to his office and finds Carol snooping. She tries to push Billy around by citing how long she has worked there. He doesn't care and promptly fires her. Not missing a beat, Carol heads outside and takes a taxi to the Playboy Mansion.

Nick is walking with an African-American client into the courthouse. But members of the mob are waiting and want Nick's help in finding Bruno. He tries to tell them no but they don't accept it.

The evening approaches and Nick is back in his apartment. Pictures of Carol are about and a radio is giving the evening news. Nick had won his case and is making a name for himself. The newscaster states that everyone expects Nick to run for District Attorney but hasn't applied yet.

At the club, Billy gets a call from Hef. Though the conversation isn't heard, the sight of a very confident Carol in Billy's doorway tells the tale; she is back. But Carol isn't back as a Bunny anymore. She is now the Bunny Mother to the thirty Playboy Bunnies. She will coach them and train them to be the best they can be. She even introduces a newer and sexier bunny uniform.

Maureen, Alice, Brenda and Janie strut into the club in their new uniforms. An African-American girl group is performing on stage. Soon, Ike and Tina Turner arrive on stage and perform the song "Twist It". While slow at first, the Bunnies all go out in front of the stage and begin to dance. Maureen finally joins them and seems to enjoy herself. Nick watches her and seems pleased. Carol is on the upper floor and is not pleased at all.

Carol goes about and takes her new duties seriously. Telling some of the girls to stand taller and get to work, she eventually comes to Maureen and asks her to come with her. Maureen does as told and follows Carol to her office. Carol takes control of the conversation and implies that Maureen doesn't know how things work and she will teach her. However, Maureen can tell Carol is jealous and points that out, even though Maureen looks up to her. Carol gives one clear piece of advice to Maureen; stay away from Nick.

After that conversation, Maureen has another one. This time it's with a member of the mob family. They know she was the last one to see Bruno alive. Maureen smoothly explains that she was with Nick that night. She then disarms the man by sweet talking him, which even surprises her that she is able to.

But the mob isn't done yet with the club and finds Nick inside. They ask him to have a little meeting with them outside. Nick goes out and sees Maureen out there smoking. They exchange information on what was going on. A black Lincoln pulls up and to keep with their story, Nick kisses Maureen. Though Nick shows no emotion, Maureen has her breath taken away.

Nick talks to the temporary head of the mob family. It is revealed that Bruno had helped Nick years before and the family won't let him forget it. Nick tells them he knows nothing and counters with the idea that some in the family would like to see Bruno dead.

The work is over and all the Bunnies head back to the mansion. Maureen wants to rest but Brenda talks her into going downstairs and has some fun. With only her nightgown and heels one, Maureen follows them.

The only Bunny not attending is Alice. She is with her "husband" at a meeting to support homosexual lifestyle. Alice puts in a great deal of her money she earns from the club into the jar to help with the cause.

The scene wraps up with Hef narrating. As he does, a worker at the harbor finds the Playboy Key that Maureen dropped.