The Playboy Club

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 2011 on NBC

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  • At The Playboy Club in Chicago 1961, a newcomer named Maureen works the floor of the club as a bunny and soon catches the eye of ambitious attorney Nick Dalton. When Maureen kills a notorious gangster in self defense, Dalton rushes to her aid.


    The much hyped and anticipated series has finally arrived. I think it's safe to say that the pilot did not live up to expectations. While I was not expecting action sequences and shootouts, I found this episode to be very dull. All of the characters seem very uninteresting. Eddie Cibrian's character of Nick Dalton is almost too silly to be taken seriously. I'm not sure if David Krumholtz was the best choice to play club manager Billy Rosen. Let's not forget about Carol-Lynne aka the "House Bunny". She could be more contrived if you tried. However I will tune in next week. Maybe the substance that was missing from the pilot will emerge in future episodes.

  • well here they come the bunnies.... I WISH THERE WAS REAL BUNNIES ON THE SHOW !!


    So short long story it didnt meet my expectations, the monday schedule is not the best i wouldve rather seen this on a wednesday or friday or even sunday before or after football where most of the male audience comes up n could spare an extra hr on bunny tails. Compared to the after the sing off show that most of its audience its teenagers or females............ which im sure they be watching the bunnies since being bisexual its a trend now days.

    Anywho.. the pilot has lots going on i can tell who gonna be the main bunny .. the rookie blonde of course... i see some mafia problems going on. no to be racist but... i didnt know there be black girls on this thing by that time .. but well after some research i say there was actually the first black playmate in 1965 .. again didnt know... but interesting i wouldnt imagine seeing such black n white mix on the 60s while there was almost a war going on in the south.

    Anyways, i saw an interview with mr hef.. and he said its pretty close to the real deal.. n he even narrates it. i think.. he sounds like it.. didnt put attention to the credits... but ill stick around for the rest of the year

  • Pretty good


    Ive seen mad men (4 episodes) im giving it my 6 episode trial to see if its any good...and the first 4 episodes have been the most boring overrated garbage ive seen (god damn its hard to watch)

    this on the other hand in the first episode had more drama and story then mad men has had in 4 episodes so before everyone starts saying its no mad men....your right and THANK GOD

  • A look into the Playboy Club a.k.a Mad Men lite.


    I checked this show out solely out of curiosity: would the show be a smart look at the 60's culture the way Mad Mendoes or would it be a ploy to include as much eye candy as possible? It turns out it's the latter, and boy, as beautiful as the women look here, the show just has too many problems right now, and I don't think anything can fix it. I doubt the ratings will be good enough to warrant sticking around, which is good. I'll stick around for a couple more weeks, but I don't have high hopes.

    The show says it's about the Playboy Club in the 60's, but instead, we get a weird look into a Bunny named Maureen (Amber Heard) who accidentally murders a mob boss. Helping her dispose of the body is Nick Dalton, a Don Draper wanna-be without the intrigue. There's a bunch ofominousscenes where the mob threatens them, but for the most part, I really didn't care because these characters don't interest me whatsoever.

    So if I hate the show so much, why didn't I rate it lower? Because I liked the atmosphere of the episode; the songs that the Bunnies sang and the whole ambiance of the Pilot made me feel like this really was the 60's. Amber Heard does an okay job as well... I bag on the show a lot here, but she should be in a better show than this. Also, it seems like the writers are trying WAY too hard to bring intrigue and suspense into every single plot of the show. Shows should learn how to not have A.D.H.D so much and calm down, focusing on a couple of plots at a time and not needing a secret for every single one.

    We'll see how the show pans out, but I don't exactly have the highest hopes for it.

  • Don't Let the Fluffy Tails Fool You!


    I would like to start with saying that this was well written for a network attempt at Mad Men.

    I thought the story was OK. It was really intense for the first 3 minutes, and I thought wow this is gonna be good, but then after the murder, nothing interesting really happened, except for character development.

    It was OK, but nothing more. It wasn't memorable and had to many little story lines that they used to make 1 story. It's definitely not something to fill my Monday night time slot!

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