The Playboy Club

NBC (ended 2011)





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  • It harkens back to a time that wasn't so bad...

    10 least in our dreams.

    I like this show. The women are beautiful and have a certain level of class that you just don't get in today's culture. Don't get me wrong, I am sure the real club in the 60's wasn't quite like this and the girls were not so culturally savvy with their position.

    But putting that aside, it is true that the girls made good money for the time which is represented in the very first episode. They made in one nightthe equivelent of what most men made in one week.

    I like the mystery and unfolding story for each character. Especially that of Alice who is living a lifestyle that was very much real back in the day. You can see her struggle in how she feels and repressing it because even at the club, some things are still taboo. Especially a lesbian Bunny.

    I hope for more of a dynamic relationship for Maureen. Right now she seems a little bit blowing in whatever direction the wind blows.

    Quite possibly one of the hidden gems in this series is Chicago itself and the theater actors and students that are getting the Hollywood chance right there in their own city. Keep and eye out for such locals like Carrie Coon and Cassidy Freemanstopping by.