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  • Season 1
    • Best O' Plucky Duck Day
      This episode is actually comprised of three shorts. This episode appears exactly the same on Tiny Toon Adventures. For convenience, it is listed by the Tiny Toon Adventures episode title.

      One Minute 'Till Three - Its one minute until three o' clock, which is when Toons are dismissed from Acme Looniversity. Plucky anxiously awaits the bell, but the clock is not liking him. And to make matters worse, Granny is assigning essays to students who answer her questions wrong!

      Sticky Feathers Duck - Plucky and Hamton have no money, so they decide to steal a candy bar. The operation is successful, but their consciences get the best of them.

      Duck in the Dark - Plucky sleeps over at Buster's house, but stays up late watching monster movies, causing him to have nightmares.moreless
    • Slugfest / Duck Dodgers Jr. / Duck Trek
      Slugfest - Plucky and Hamton make costumes of the Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs for themselves. However, they get stuck in the costumes and become chased by the IRSS nemesis, The Iodizer.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool")

      Duck Dodgers Jr. - Plucky becomes Duck Dodgers' sidekick. Their mission is to stop Marvin the Martian and his sidekick, Marcia.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Return of the Acme Acres Zone")

      Duck Trek - A parody of Star Trek, in which Plucky, Hamton, and Furrball go in search of a toupee.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Cinemaniacs")moreless
    • The Potty Years / Milk, It Makes a Body Spout / The Anvil Chorus
      The Potty Years - A flash back to Plucky's youth where, instead of learning to use the potty, Plucky starts flushing stuff down the potty.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Henny Youngman Day")

      Milk, It Makes a Body Spout - Plucky and Buster try to see who can make Hamton laugh harder.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Here's Hamton")

      The Anvil Chorus - Buster gives Plucky a chance to shine in a cartoon, only wherever Plucky goes, and anvil falls. This episode really doesn't make much sense when removed from the Tiny Toon Adventures episode.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "It's Buster Bunny Time")moreless
    • Hollywood Plucky
      Hollywood Plucky
      Episode 10
      Plucky and Hamton go to Hollywood so Plucky can give his movie script to the legendary director Cooper DeVille. However, they run into many obstacles along the way.
    • Just-Us League of Supertoons / A Bacon Strip / Migrant Mallard
      Just-Us League of Supertoons - Plucky decides he wants to join the Just-Us League of Supertoons as Batduck, but he's rejected.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "New Class Day")

      A Bacon Strip - Plucky talks Hamton into skinny-dipping in Montana Max's pool. Hamton agrees, but as soon as he dives, Plucky runs off with his clothes. Now Hamton must make his way home while hiding his pork loins.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "The Acme Acres Zone")

      Migrant Mallard - Plucky decides to join a group of migrating mallards, but then decides to try and civilize them.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Wake-Up Call of the Wild")moreless
    • Going Up / Wait ‘Till Your Father Gets Even / Never Too Late to Loon
      Going Up - Another flash back to a time when Plucky was young, this time playing around on an elevator.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "What Makes Toons Tick")

      Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Even - Hamton accidentally loses his father's bottle cap collection to Plucky, and he's afraid to face his father.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Toons From The Crypt")

      Never Too Late To Loon - Plucky begs Shirley to make him as smart as Einstein.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Test Stress")moreless
    • A Ditch in Time
      A Ditch in Time
      Episode 7
      Plucky doesn't have his homework done, so he decides to build a time machine to go back and do it. He's saved the trouble when a future version of Plucky comes with a time machine. Future Plucky and Plucky go back to when Plucky got the homework. Plucky takes the time machine, leaving Future Plucky to do the homework. Plucky goes back in time with Buster and Babs, who wind up somewhere in time while Plucky goes to prehistoric times. Eventually, Buster and Babs find Plucky, and Plucky goes to his time, bringing a prehistoric monster with him and leaving Buster and Babs behind. And so, Buster and Babs are stuck in the past until Plucky swaps the prehistoric monster for Buster and Babs. After all that, Plucky's homework still isn't done, as Future Plucky sure wasn't gonna do it...moreless
    • A Quack in the Quarks
      A Star Wars parody, Tiny Toons style!
    • Inside Plucky Duck
      This episode is actually comprised of two shorts. It is exactly the same as the Tiny Toon Adventures airing. To be of more convenience, it is listed by the title of the episode, rather than the shorts.

      Bat's All Folks - Plucky and Hamton become Batduck and Decoy to fight crime.

      Wild Takes Class - In wild takes class, Plucky gets stuck in a wild take, and on picture day even.moreless
    • Kon Ducki
      Kon Ducki
      Episode 4
      Plucky makes a movie called "The Voyage of the Kon Ducki". The movie, starring Plucky, Hamton, and Sweetie Bird, follows the adventures of the crew of the Kon Ducki trying to make a 21-day voyage. The first two acts deal show the movie, while the third act deals with the making of the movie.moreless
    • Minister Golf / Particle Man / Istanbul (Not Constantinople) / My Brilliant Revenge!
      Minister Golf - Plucky flashes back to a time he played miniature golf with his father when he was young.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Sports Shorts")

      Particle Man - A "music video" of the song Particle Man by They Might Be Giants. Plucky is a wrestler who gets beaten up by the other wrestlers.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Tiny Toon Music Television")

      Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - A "music video" of another They Might Be Giants song in which Plucky and Hamton are private eyes in Istanbul (Not Constantinople).
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Tiny Toon Music Television")

      My Brilliant Revenge! - After Hamton destroys Plucky's bagpipes, Plucky comes up with a way to get revenge.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Fox Trot")moreless
    • Ducklahoma / Video Game Blues / Yakkety Yak / Party Crasher Plucky
      Video Game Blues - Plucky goes to the arcade to play a video game, while a part of the Nutcracker score plays with new lyrics, which relate to the story.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Toon TV")

      Yakkety Yak - A "music video" of the song Yakkety Yak in which Plucky is ordered around by his father.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Toon TV")

      Party Crasher Plucky - Plucky takes Shirly The Loon to a celebrity party... except he's not invited.
      (From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "A Cat's Eye View")moreless
    • The Return of Batduck
      Plucky decides to return as Batduck to attempt to star in a new Batman movie.
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