The Podge And Rodge Show

Monday 12:00 AM on RTE Two Premiered Feb 06, 2006 In Season


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  • This late night show featuring 2 puppets known as Podge and Rodge takes place in Ballydung Manor somewhere in Ireland. The 2 crazy redheads mix dirty humour with typical Irish antics and create pure tv magic.This is guareenteed to have you in stitc

    This is one programme i was never really into from the beginning.After a few series I heard plenty of praise from local magazines and friends who couldn't get enough of the 2 cheeky puppets.As soon as I tuned in and watched an episode for myself I realised what all the amazing reviews and gossip was about.I think one of the reasons this programme is so addictive is how casually funny it is.
    I believe this show appeals more to Irish people because the humour is typically Irish and the gags are usually based around something Irish.There is sometimes a downside to the show being based in Ireland and that is the guests are never usually high profile but its always more than made up for with the jokes and jeers from the trusty boys Podge and Rodge.
  • Podge and Rodge are the gruesome twosome of irish TV.They are the kings of embarrassing celebs and audince members alike.

    The Podge and Rodge show is a "must see" show. It is hosted by none other than the gruesome twosome themselves and is accompanied by Lucy Kennedy who is most often the butt of the twin's jokes.I love this show because of the Podge's and Rodge's rudeness and smart remarks. Every week they out do themselves with the dirtiest and most hilarious games to play with their audience members and their celeb guests. Their interviews with their celebrity guests are brilliant and the bands they find for the show can only be described as comical.Podge's hard, civilised demeaner and Rodge's dirty personality complete the show. Since starting in 2006 the gruesome twosome have yet to make a episode that won't split your sides. I seriously recommend it to anyone who has RTE.
  • podge and rodge who are puppet brothers interview famous people and say what they think

    a great show with the 2 puppets podge and rodge o leprosy who live together in ballydung manor. the show is on twice a week on rte they interview Irish and other famous(ish) people they bring up the bad parts of every persons career and allways find a funny way to make fun of the people. rodge is the horny 1 with the messy hair is always talking about the good looking women and who is the girl on his wank of the week. podge who is slightly more civilized than rodge is the main interviewer and together they make a good pair for insulting, the say what they like no matter how bad it is and who it might offend. the RTÈ who podge and rodge complain about let them away with a lot and havnt beeped out any of the bad words and have pretty much left them off to do what they want to. its by far 1 of the best shows to come out of Ireland sinse father ted and is well worth watching if you have the channel
  • This Show is far from witty and sophisticated but it is out and out hilarious. These to gruesome, randy twins insult all of there guests and come up with the stupidest games that I love to watch. This show is a world of wonders!!!

    I like this show because of its non-stop hilarity and stupidity. It's absolutely brilliant and completely dirty in a sexual way. The gruesome twosome are always getting extremely excited when a nice woman walks into the room and they have no problem with letting that excitement be seen and heard by all. This is what gives the show humour. It's also fantastic in the way that it doubles as a bit of a joke game-show with funny contests and competitions that the whole studio audience is willing to take part in. There is only one flaw I can find though and it's that the show can go a bit to far on some of the topics and insults but other than that it's a great show well worth 10 out of 10.
  • For anyone who's never seen Podge and Rodge: They are 2 Irish fowl-mouthed puppets who are hillarious!.....................

    The Podge and Rodge show was a classic from the minute it came out.This is what made the 2 puppets famous.They had had their own show, "A Scare A BedTime" previously but that was nopt as popular as this.It's a very funny show and the boys always have someone interesting or funny on the show.Podge and Rodge will bring on a guest and no matter who it is they'll get a laugh from them!
    For anyone who's never seen the show heres some info:
    It's Irish and Podge and Rodge are 2 puppets(brothers) who are very fowl Mouthed, horny and funny.It's a show where they bring in celebs and also have some fun and games going on too.The americans could definitely learn a thing or two from the Irish comedy!
  • podge and rodge, two puppets who interview celebrities on their show, very funny

    podge and rodge have various celebs on their show which they interview, but not any ordinary interview, they almost always make a joke out of the guest, make them look foolish or take the mick out of them. it is an irish based show and many of the guest are irish, including podge and rodge. podge and rodge started out on a previous show called "podge and rodge: a scare at bedtime" they have recently started the podge and rodge show in 2006, the show already seems to be popular among the people who view it, it is mainly shown on RTE2 which is an irish channel, although the best of podge and rodge is available on dvd. I really recommend it. 10/10