The Podge And Rodge Show

Monday 12:00 AM on RTE Two Premiered Feb 06, 2006 In Season


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  • podge and rodge who are puppet brothers interview famous people and say what they think

    a great show with the 2 puppets podge and rodge o leprosy who live together in ballydung manor. the show is on twice a week on rte they interview Irish and other famous(ish) people they bring up the bad parts of every persons career and allways find a funny way to make fun of the people. rodge is the horny 1 with the messy hair is always talking about the good looking women and who is the girl on his wank of the week. podge who is slightly more civilized than rodge is the main interviewer and together they make a good pair for insulting, the say what they like no matter how bad it is and who it might offend. the RTÈ who podge and rodge complain about let them away with a lot and havnt beeped out any of the bad words and have pretty much left them off to do what they want to. its by far 1 of the best shows to come out of Ireland sinse father ted and is well worth watching if you have the channel
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