The Polly Bergen Show

NBC (ended 1958)


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  • Season 1
    • May 31, 1958
      May 31, 1958
      Episode 19
      Polly's guest is Jack Carter. Highlights: Polly's last show and being nostalgic she sings "Today I Love Everybody" and "You'll Never Know". Jack Carter helps her reminisce about all her guests and adds a few quirks just for fun. Since everybody on hand is off to Las Vegas after tonight, they get ready for their move in a big finale to "I'm Late", "Cuanto Le Gusta" and "Ridin' High".moreless
    • May 17, 1958
      May 17, 1958
      Episode 18
      Polly's guests are Dick Van Dyke, Peter Gennaro and Carol Haney. Highlights: Polly sings "That's Entertainment", "I'm In the Mood For Love". Carol Haney duets with Polly, "The Way You Look Tonight". Van Dyke, Haney and Bergen sing "Just One of Those Things." Gennaro, Van Dyke, Polly and Carol sing "Side By Side". Luther Henderson Jr. conducts the Orchestra.moreless
    • April 19, 1958
      April 19, 1958
      Episode 16
      Polly's guest is Bob Hope. Highlights: Polly sings "When the World Was Young". Polly & Bob do a song-and-dance medley about Paris.
    • March 22, 1958
      March 22, 1958
      Episode 14
      Polly's guest is Johnny Carson host of "Do You Trust Your Wife?".
    • March 8, 1958
      March 8, 1958
      Episode 13
      Polly's guest is Jack Paar. Highlights: Jack and Polly reveal themselves in a sketch on short shorts. Polly sings "Lucky Day", "I'm Through With Love" and "Every Time We Say Goodbye". The finale production number is "Two to Tango".
    • February 22, 1958
      February 22, 1958
      Episode 12
      Polly's guest is Gordon MacRae. Also appearing are Peter Gennaro and Polly's father Bill Bergen. Highlights: Polly and Gordon do a medley with "Pennies From Heaven", "Cabin in the Sky," "I Don't Want To Set the World On Fire," and "I've Got the World On a String." Polly and Gordon duet on "How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You When You Know I've Been a Liar All My Life". Bill Bergen, daughter Polly and Gordon yodel, "I Like Mountain Music". Polly, Peter Gennaro and the dancers offer "When My Sugar Walks Down the Street".moreless
    • February 8, 1958
      February 8, 1958
      Episode 11
      Polly's guest is Jack Paar. Highlights: Disc jockeys around the country may be amused or aroused by Jack Paar's funny portrayal of Stanley Flip, an all night record spinner. Polly & Jack duet with "Memories". Polly sings "I Want to be Happy", "New Fangled Tango" and "I've Got a Crush On You".moreless
    • January 25, 1958
      January 25, 1958
      Episode 10
      Polly's guests are Burr Tillstrom and his puppet friends Kukla and Ollie. Highlights: Polly and the cast open with "Tonight, I Love Everybody". Guests Kukla and Ollie teamup with Polly for "Just the Way You Are" (with an able assist in the special effects department from Burr Tillstrom). Polly with her father Bill Bergen duet with "Crawdad Song". Polly sings a Helen Morgan medley with "Don't Ever Leave Me", "Something to Remember You By" and "More Than You Know".moreless
    • January 11, 1958
      January 11, 1958
      Episode 9
      Polly's guest is singer Julius La Rosa. Polly's father Bill Bergen returns for a visit. Highlights: Polly sings "I'm Beginning to See the Light" and "The Man That Got Away". She joins Julius in a medley of songs including "How Deep Is the Ocean?" and "Why is There a Rainbow in the Sky?"moreless
    • December 14, 1957
      Polly's guest is ventriloquist Paul Winchell (and his dummy Jerry Mahoney). Highlights: Ventriloquist Paul Winchell and as dummy Jerry Mahoney puts it, "Winchell and Bergen are finally on the same stage and they're both moving their lips". Polly and Paul duet with "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" and "Let It Snow". Polly sings "The Christmas Song". Paul and Jerry duet with "Oh, You Beautiful Doll". Polly joins her dad Bill Bergen with "I'll Buy You a Star".moreless
    • December 7, 1957
      December 7, 1957
      Episode 7
      Polly's guest is Howard Keel. Highlights: Polly introduces Howard to a new game, "Musical Props". The trick is to gaze at a roomful of junk and sing whatever comes to mind. Howard sings "Affair to Remember". A return visit from Polly's dad, Bill Bergen. Polly sings a torch song with "Body and Soul".moreless
    • November 30, 1957
      Polly's guest is Tallulah Bankhead.
    • November 16, 1957
      Polly's guests are Kay Kendall and Howard Morris. Highlights: Return visit by Kay Kendall and Howard Morris. Polly and Kay team up with Howard on an English music-hall ditty "Three Juvenile Delinquents". Other songs include "Side By Side" and "Friendship".
    • November 2, 1957
      November 2, 1957
      Episode 4
      Polly's guest is Don Ameche. Highlights: Polly sings "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm". Polly drops from a balloon to do a 1912 dance number "International Rag". Don Ameche joins Polly for a medley of Irving Berlin tunes including, "It's a Lovely Day Today" and "Play a Simple Melody". The whole gang closes with "Alexander's Ragtime Band" backed by Turk Murphy and his New Orleans Ragtime Specialists.moreless
    • October 19, 1957
      October 19, 1957
      Episode 3
      Polly's guests are Kay Kendall and Howie Morris. Highlights: Kay and Polly duet on "Goody, Goody". Howie Morris helps satirize commercial TV in Great Britain. Polly sings "By Myself". The three team up for a bit of nonsense with "Triplets".
    • October 5, 1957
      October 5, 1957
      Episode 2
      Polly's guest is Ernie Kovacs. Highlights: Polly & Ernie duet on "We're a Couple of Swells". Kovacs' Nairobi Trio-one of the funniest skits in show business has been expanded into a full symphony. Polly sings "But Not For Me" and "Every Little Movement". Polly and Ernie decked out as "a couple of swells" in a nice comic spot.moreless
    • September 21, 1957
      Polly's guests on her premiere episode are Julius LaRosa, Jack Carson, Sylvia Sidney and Bud Collyer. Highlights: Polly and Julius duet on "When You and I Were Young Maggie Blues". Jack Carson does a "Top Banana" bit with Polly. Polly sings "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" and "Tammy".
  • Specials
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