The Porky Pig Show

ABC (ended 1965)


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The Porky Pig Show

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The Porky Pig show began on September 20, 1964 and ended on March 14, 1965. It had 26 Episodes. It began and ended with a song. Here is the opening song. THEME SONG Who's our favorite TV star? Who comes on with a wham? Who's got the laughiest show by far? P-P-P-Porky Pig, our favorite ham! Ooh, that Porky, Porky Pig! He's the barnyard's Mr. Big! When the music starts, you wanna tap your toes. You feel like dancin' a jig! Swing around in a circle, and doesy-do! Time to watch Porky Pig. CLOSING SONG Sadly now we sing again, to each and every one. Gladly we'll come back,and then, we'll all have more fun! Watching Porky and his friends, wish it never had to end. Don't forget next time we meet, we're planin' something big. Just be sure to join us then for Porky Pig!" The show went like this. Porky Pig Short. Random Short Random Short
Mel Blanc

Mel Blanc

Pork Pig/Daffy Duck/Sylvester/Marvin the Martian/Charlie Dog/Bugs Bunny/Tweety/Sylvester Jr/Speedy Gonzales/Foghorn Leghorn/Pepe