The Porter Wagoner Show

(ended 1981)




Episode Guide

  • Season 20
    • Philomena Begley (1980-81 season)

      Songs include:
      Philomena Begley - "Darling It's Yours."
      Philomena Begley - "Tra-Le-La-Le-La​-La-Triangle" (aka "The Triangle Song").

    • Big Al Downing (1980-81 season)

      Songs include:
      Big Al Downing - "The Story Behind the Story."
      Porter Wagoner - "Wildwood Flower."
      Porter Wagoner - "Childhood Playground."
      Porter Wagoner? - "Fireball Mail."

    • Ronnie McDowell (1980-81 season)

      Taped at Opryland's Gaslight Theater:
      Porter Wagoner - "Big Wind."
      Ronnie McDowell - "How Far Do You Want to Go?"
      Bluegrass - "Rawhide."
      Porter Wagoner - "Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (and Loud Loud Music)."
      Speck Rhodes (comedian) - "Shortnin' Bread."
      Porter Wagoner - "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" (Gospel song).
      Ronnie McDowell - "I Never Felt So Much Love in One Bed."
      Porter Wagoner and band - "Shady Grove."

    • T.G. Sheppard (taped Summer 1980)

      Taped at Opryland's Showboat:
      Porter Wagoner - "Come On In (and Make Yourself At Home)."
      T.G. Sheppard- "Smooth Sailin'."
      Bluegrass - "Salty Dog."
      Speck Rhodes (comedian) - "The Fellow That Looked Like Me."
      Porter Wagoner - "Life's Railway to Heaven" (Gospel song).
      T.G. Sheppard- "Do You Wanna Go to Heaven?"

    • Ray Pillow (1980-81 season)

      Songs include:
      Ray Pillow - "Super Lady."
      Porter Wagoner - "The Crawdad Song."
      Porter Wagoner - "Shady Grove."
      Porter Wagoner - "Old Camp Meeting Time."
      Porter Wagoner and band - "Shady Grove."
      Porter Wagoner? - "Old Joe Clark."
      Karen Riley (also appearing?)

    • Susan McCann (1980-81 season)

      Songs include:
      Susan McCann - "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues."
      Susan McCann - "Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You."

    • Joe Simon (1980-81 season)

      Songs include:
      Joe Simon - "The Chokin' Kind" (released in 1969).
      Porter Wagoner - "Family Bible."
      Porter Wagoner - "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree."
      Mack Magaha - "Wildwood Flower" (Bluegrass).
      Joe Simon - "When Love's In Your Heart" (released in 1980)

    • Randy Barlow (1980-81 season)

      Songs include:
      Randy Barlow - "Slow and Easy" (released in 1978).
      Randy Barlow - "Lay Back in the Arms of Someone" (released in 1979).
      Performer? - "You Are My Sunshine."

    • Mary Lou Turner (1980-81 season)

      Songs include:
      Mary Lou Turner - "Yours and Mine."
      Porter Wagoner - "Cold Hard Facts of Life."
      Porter Wagoner - "Carroll County Accident."
      Porter Wagoner - "Everything I've Always Wanted."
      Danny Gregg (also appearing?)

    • The Kendalls (1980-81 season)

      Taped at Opryland's Showboat:
      Porter Wagoner - "Sun Don't Shine (on The Same Dog Every Day)."
      The Kendalls - "I'm Already Blue."
      Bluegrass - "Blue Moon of Kentucky."
      Porter Wagoner - "Nothing Between."
      Speck Rhodes (comedian) - "Please Help Me, I'm Crawlin'."
      Porter Wagoner - "I Found a Man" (Gospel song).
      The Kendalls - "You'd Make an Angel Wanna Cheat."
      Band - "Old Joe Clark."

    • David Wills (1980-81 season)

      Songs include:
      David Wills - "The Light of My Life (Has Gone Out Again Tonight)."
      Porter Wagoner - "Girl in the Blue Velvet Band."
      Porter Wagoner - "Banks of the Ohio."
      David Wills (or Porter Wagoner) - "Blue Moon of Kentucky."

    • Jody Miller (1980-81 season)
    • Sylvia (1980-81 season)

      Taped at Opryland's Gaslight Theater:
      Porter Wagoner - "Wake up Jacob."
      Sylvia - "You Don't Miss a Thing."
      Bluegrass - "Sally Goodin."
      Porter Wagoner - "Misery Loves Company."
      Speck Rhodes (comedian).
      Porter Wagoner - "I'll Meet You In Church Sunday Morning" (Gospel song).
      Sylvia - "It Don't Hurt to Dream."
      Porter Wagoner - "Funky Grass Band."

    • Cristy Lane (1980-81 season)

      Taped at Opryland's Bluegrass Theater:
      Porter Wagoner - "Hold on Tight."
      Cristy Lane - "One Day at a Time."
      Bluegrass - "Colonial (Columbus?) Stockade Blues."
      Porter Wagoner - "They're All Going Home But One."
      Speck Rhodes (comedian).
      Porter Wagoner - "When I Sing For Him" (Gospel song).
      Cristy Lane - "Sweet Sexy Eyes."

    • Wendy Holcombe and Randy Albright (1980-81 season)
    • Eddy Raven (1980-81 season)

      Taped at Opryland's Lakeside:
      Porter Wagoner - "Highway Headin' South."
      Eddy Raven- "Dealin' With the Devil."
      Bluegrass - "Jimmy Brown."
      Porter Wagoner - "Lightening The Load."
      Speck Rhodes (comedian) - "Hound Dog."
      Porter Wagoner - "I Thought of God" (Gospel song).
      Eddy Raven - "You've Got Those Eyes."

    • Scooter Lee and Cindy Nixon (1980-81 season)
    • Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius (taped Summer 1980)

      Taped at Opryland's Bluegrass Theater:
      Porter Wagoner - "Crawdad Song."
      Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius - "The Bedroom."
      Bluegrass - "Katy Hill."
      Porter Wagoner - "Faded Love."
      Speck Rhodes (comedian) - "Pull That Window Shade."
      Porter Wagoner - "Satan Gets the Gold" (Gospel song).
      Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius - "Run Baby Run."
      Porter Wagoner - "Tennessee Saturday Night."

    • John Wesley Ryles (1980-81 season)
      Music includes:

      John Wesley Ryles - "Liberated Woman" and "Fool."

      Porter Wagoner - "I'm Gonna Feed 'Em Now" and "Shady Grove."
    • Marty Robbins (1980-81 season)

      Songs include:
      Marty Robbins - "Begging to You."
      Marty Robbins - "She's Made of Faith."
      Marty Robbins - "I Wash My Hands in Muddy Water."
      Porter Wagoner - "Katy Did."
      Porter Wagoner - "When I Reach That City."
      Performer? - "Fireball Mail."

    • Jeanne Pruett (taped Summer 1980)

      Taped at Opryland's Bluegrass Theater:
      Porter Wagoner - "Long Journey Home."
      Jeanne Pruett - "Temporarily Yours."
      Jim "Shorty" Chancelor - "Flat Mountain Rag."
      Porter Wagoner - "Lovin' Lies."
      Speck Rhodes (comedian).
      Porter Wagoner - "Singing on the Mountain" (Gospel song).
      Jeanne Pruett - "It's Too Late."
      Porter Wagoner - "Highway Headin' South."

    • Tommy Overstreet (1980-81 season)

      Taped at Opryland's Acuff Theatre:
      Porter Wagoner - "Company's Comin'."
      Tommy Overstreet - "Sue."
      Bluegrass - "Flop Earred Mule."
      Porter Wagoner - "Tennessee Sunshine."
      Speck Rhodes (comedian) - "Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms."
      Porter Wagoner - "I'll Fly Away" (Gospel song).
      Tommy Overstreet - "Heaven is My Woman's Love."
      Porter Wagoner - "A Satisfied Mind," "I Thought I Heard You Call My Name" and "Your Old Love Letters" medley.

    • Jeannie C. Riley (1980-81 season)

      Taped at Opryland's Showboat:
      Porter Wagoner - "Bonaparte's Retreat."
      Jeannie C. Riley - "Oh Singer."
      Bluegrass - "Colonial (Columbus?) Stockade Blues."
      Porter Wagoner - "Divers are Out Tonight."
      Speck Rhodes (comedian) - "When It's Long Handle Time in Tennessee."
      Porter Wagoner - "Cabin In Gloryland" (Gospel song).
      Jeannie C. Riley - "There Never Was A Time."

    • Stephanie Winslow (1980-81 season)

      Songs include:
      Stephanie Winslow - "Try It On."
      Stephanie Winslow - "Say You Love Me."
      Stephanie Winslow - "Little Maggie."
      Porter Wagoner - "Country Music Has Gone To Town."
      Porter Wagoner - "When I Reach That City."
      Porter Wagoner - "Ole Slew Foot."

    • Razzy Bailey (possibly 1980-81 season)

      Taped at Opryland's Lakeside:
      Porter Wagoner - "Sugarfoot Rag."
      Razzy Bailey - "Too Old to Play Cowboy."
      Bluegrass - "Flint Hill Special."
      Porter Wagoner - "What Ain't To Be, Just Might Happen."
      Speck Rhodes - "The Little Shirt My Mother Made for Me."
      Porter Wagoner - "Just a Rose Will Do" (gospel song).
      Razzy Bailey - "9,999,999 Tears."
      Porter Wagoner - "Bonaparte's Retreat."

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