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The Power of Choice

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The Power of Choice is a documentary series that highlights the ideas and theories of the Nobel Prize winning American economist, Milton Friedman. The American Public Broadcasting System produces this series, starting with a short biography of Friedman's life. Actor Michael O'Brien narrates the economist's humble upbringing in Brooklyn, New York, and takes the audience on a journey through Friedman's life up to his teaching commission at the University of Chicago. PBS then focuses on Friedman's conservative economic theories that embrace small government and strict monetary policy. Interviews from leading economists, including Alan Greenspan, Gary Becker and Paul Samuelson, play throughout the season. The famous men talk about how Friedman's ideas, implemented into American society by President Ronald Regan, contributed to a freer and more liberal nation. PBS cameras also travel to South America and Europe in search of economic leaders who grasped Friedman's progressive ideas. By the end of the season, viewers become well informed on the subjects of consumption analysis and complex stabilization policy.