The Powerpuff Girls

Season 5 Episode 19

A Made Up Story

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM May 14, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Someone is defacing all the posters and statues of Townsville with make-up. It turns out that the villain behind it all is some new lunatic named Mask Scara. According to the Professor she used to be a famous in the makeup business, but when that failed she became Mask Scara. Mask Scara gives bad makeovers that are impossible to remove to all the people of Townsville including Buttercup and Bubbles. Now it's up to the Professor to create a cure for it all, and Blossom to stop Mask Scara!moreless

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  • Boy, this is why I love the show, it's sooooo well-coloured and beautifully animated. 2nd favourite episode, Do Bubbles and Buttercup looked smart with their make-up on? "Now what shall I wear to the party" they would say. Anmoreless

    Boy, this is why I love the show, it's sooooo well-coloured and beautifully animated.

    2nd favourite episode, Do Bubbles and Buttercup looked smart with their make-up on? "Now what shall I wear to the party" they would say.

    And Blossom getting into a sticky stitution, thats so funny than Buttercup's smell.
Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller

Mask Scara

Guest Star

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin

Ms. Bellum

Recurring Role

Tom Kane

Tom Kane

Him/Man #1

Recurring Role

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • If Bubble's ultra sonic bubble sound knocks down Townsville, why are the buildings still behind the Powerpuff Girls when the scene changes back to them?

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Narrator: The city of... whoopsie, wrong scene. (clears throat)

    • Bubbles: (About Mask Scara) Um... Blossom? She's nuts!

    • Blossom: Just tell us why you did it, Mask Scara! Why?
      Mask Scara: Why?
      Mayor: Oh, no! Not again!

    • Mayor: (After they poke him) No! I didn't take it! It was Ms. Bellum! (Gets splashed with water)
      Narrator: There! It's time for you to make your speech.
      Mayor: Uh... oh, okay.
      Mayor: Uh, what speech?
      Narrator: The speech you will make!
      Mayor: Oh!
      Narrator: No, not "oh" -- you.
      Mayor: Why?
      Narrator: No, you!
      Mayor: You?
      Narrator: No, not me; you, the Mayor!
      Mayor: Me?
      Narrator: Yes, that's what I said!
      Mayor: Now, wait a minute. Who's "I"?
      Narrator: I is you!
      Mayor: Stop it!
      Narrator: Gee, are you okay?
      Mayor: I don't know anymore!
      Narrator: Oh, forget it.

    • Narrator: Meanwhile, the girls scour the city, looking for any clue that will lead them to Mask Scara.
      Blossom: We've scoured the whole city, and still no clue that will lead us to Mask Scara!

    • Buttercup: Have you made any progress?
      Professor Utonium: Girls, check this out. I've invented a DNA-based, vector-sensitive, target-seeking computer virus, which if remotely uploaded to the target individual's communications peripherals, will directly enter their sensory system, causing the individual to cluck uncontrollably, like a chicken; develop incurable rashes -- with or without excess body hair; hideous screaming follows, and finally -- ha ha! Total meltdown!
      Bubbles: Uh, that's coolee! But will it help us catch Mask Scara?
      Professor Utonium: Well, no.

    • Narrator: The city of... whoopsie, wrong scene. As I was saying, who will save Townsville? Oh! The Professor! I get it.

    • Narrator: Is there no hope for Townsville? Can anyone stop this faceless defacing? We'll find out after these messages!

    • Mayor: (About his makeup) Gee... I kind of like it.

    • Professor Utonium: Girls, I'm afraid this is a job for a scientist. You girls try and catch Mask Scara, and I'll head home and work on an antidote. And Mayor, you go... do something with yourself.
      Mayor: Uh, okay.

    • Bubbles: Here, try this. (Gives Blossom a hose)
      Blossom: Hold on, Buttercup. (Starts hitting Buttercup with the hose)
      Bubbles: Um, Blossom, I meant use the water.

    • Professor Utonium: And now, she's taking her misfortune out on all of the innocent signage of Townsville! Boy, that makes me mad! Kind of like when you wash your hands in a public restroom, and the hot water just stays cold. Or like when you're mowing the lawn on a hot summer day, and your undershorts keep riding up the -
      Bubbles: Um, Professor, we get the idea!

    • Blossom: Mask Scara! It's the work of Mask Scara!
      Mayor: Uh, did she say Mascara?
      Professor Utonium: No -- Mask Scara, the dreaded villainess.

    • Mask Scara: Now that's what I call the "kiss of death." (Laughs)

  • NOTES (8)