The Powerpuff Girls

Season 2 Episode 4

Beat Your Greens / Down 'n Dirty

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Sep 10, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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Beat Your Greens / Down 'n Dirty
Beat Your Greens: Alien broccoloids infect the broccoli of Townsville, and now it's up to all the kids in Townsville (including the Powerpuff Girls) to defeat them.

Down 'n Dirty: Buttercup loves to fight monsters, but taking a bath gets in the way, so to continue fighting monsters, she dosen't take a bath for 3 days. Eventually, the monsters themselves don't like the smell of Buttercup, so she decides to finally take a bath.moreless

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  • Educational.

    Beat Your Greens: I am getting a vibe that this was a Halloween special counting on the fact that it was about aliens made out of broccoli. The whole episode reminded me of Lord Of The Flies when they all eat each other, that was a pretty disturbing image. The Powerpuff Girls eating people?! Anyways I guess teh whole point of the epsiode is to make little kids eat healthy.

    Down n' Dirty: This episode surrounds around how Buttercup suddenly has this sudden urge not to take showers. She scares all the monsters away with her stink. I guess it is teaching kids to take baths?

    An educational episode all around.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • In "Beat Your Greens", a kid appears in a black shirt with the letters NWO. The "NWO" was a wrestling stable known as the "New World Order" in WCW in the late 90s lead by Hulk Hogan.

    • In "Down'n Dirty," as the Girls arrive at their house, the window and the door are on the left and right side of the front of the house, but later on, when Buttercup's outside, they moved around.

    • Earlier in "Down 'n Dirty," Buttercup is drenched in a mess of some sort of natural gas. Later on, the water dragon monster blasts her with fire. Wouldn't that have chained some sort of explosion?

    • Why didn't the Powerpuff Girls just use heat vision to destroy the Broccoloids instead of eating them?

      Reply: Professor Utonium said the only way to get rid of broccoli is to eat it up.

    • When we see the Girls (except Buttercup) in the bath for the second time, as Bubbles is doing the Godzilla type to the toy boat, her hair is in pigtails. But in the next scene, her hair is loose.

    • When Buttercup runs through the woods, her dress gets torn by a twig. But when it cuts back to her, the tear is gone.

    • During the fight with the elephant monster, Buttercup gets hit by the goo, which she landed on her back. But when it cuts to her, she landed on her face.

    • Buttercup was sucked into the left nostril of the monster, but it was picking at its right one to get Buttercup out. When the monster sneezed, Buttercup flew out of the left nostril.

    • When the Powerpuff Girls are in the scarecrow, Buttercup says, "What!" But Blossom moves her mouth.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Buttercup: Hey, wait! Where're you going?!
      Sneeze Monster: Oh, I was just going home.
      Buttercup: Why?
      Sneeze Monster: I don't know, maybe it's because...YOU STINK!!!

    • Narrator: The city of Townsville, a tidy town where the Towsville tidies doing their best to keep their tidy town tidy.

    • Buttercup: Now that's what I'm talking about!
      (monster blows fire at Buttercup)
      Buttercup: You're gonna have to do better than that.

    • Butttercup: (thinking) First my family, then my friends, now Townsville. I mean, what's being clean have to be so important, anyway? Who needs them? As long as I can fight monsters and stuff, I'M NEVER COMING CLEAN!!!

    • Broccoloid Leader: NO! NO! Leave me alone! I DON'T DESERVE THIS!

    • Blossom: Is it me or does Buttercup stink?

    • Blossom: What a mess. Well, guess our work's done here, come on.

    • Buttercup: Sorry I'm late, Ms. K, I was just stopping an evil monster.
      (Grossed out by Buttercup's awful smell, Ms. K punches a fire alarm break-glass station and sets off the alarm bells..)

      Ms. K
      : Well, whaddaya know, kids, a fire drill, I guess we'd better get out of here.
      : YAAAAAAAY! (they evacuate the building)
      Ms. K
      : (holding nose) Buttercup, you stay!

    • Blossom: I just hope Buttercup remembers to get to school on time.

    • Buttercup: What are you doing? Don't you know you're just gonna get dirty again tomorrow?

    • Professor: Welcome home, girls, I ran a nice hot bath for you.
      Bubbles & Blossom: A BATH!
      Buttercup: A bath.

    • Bubbles: I feel so dirty.
      Buttercup: I know, isn't it great?

    • Bubbles: (after Buttercup's bath) There you are. See, Buttercup? Don't you feel better, now that you're all squeaky clean?
      Buttercup: (irately, mocking Bubbles) "Now that you're all squeaky clean..." SHUT UP!! I only took this stupid bath so I could fight monsters again.
      Blossom: You know, Buttercup, you may be clean, but your attitude still stinks.
      Narrator: Ripe you are, Buttercup. I mean, right you are, Blossom.

    • Ruler: Earth creatures?! Why aren't you hypnotized?!
      Blossom: 'Cause we didn't eat none of your diabological spores!

    • Blossom: Professor?
      (Professor turns green and falls over after eating tainted broccoli)
      Buttercup: You see? I told you that stuff was wrong!
      Bubbles: (voice breaking) Why did you eat it, Professor? (tearfully) Why???

    • Professor: Now, girls, eat your broccoli. It's exactly what growing superheroes need to charge up their powers. Oh, it's packed with vitamins and minerals and, mmm-mmm! It's so good for you!
      Buttercup: Too bad it tastes so nasty.
      (Blossom sticks her tongue out at it)
      Bubbles: You haven't even tasted it yet.
      Blossom & Buttercup: Shhhh!!

    • Boy With Swollen Stomach: (woozily, lying on the ground) Forty-seven stalks... the horror... (labored breath) ...the HORROR!
      Blossom: Stay down, soldier. You've seen enough action.

    • Blossom: (to kids) So you see? The only way to save the Earth is by eating broccoli.
      Football Kid: Aw, don't believe her! This is just some kinda trick to get us to eat vegetables!
      Buttercup: (incensed) What?! You doubt the word of a Powerpuff? Or maybe you're just scared to eat vegetables. (snidely) Tell you what. Why don't you just run on home to your mama and see if she'll make you a baloney sandwich? Oh, wait. You know what? She CAN'T! 'Cause she's been zapnotized by alien invaders! But you don't want to help save her, 'cause you don't feel like eating a few vegetables!
      (Boy's in tears by now)
      Football Kid: LET'S DO THIS FOR THE FOLKS!!!

    • Buttercup: Hey, wait! Where are you going?
      Monster: Uh, I was gonna go home.
      Buttercup: Why?
      Monster: Oh, I don't know, maybe because YOU STINK!!!
      Buttercup: WHHAATT?!?!?!?! (throwing a fit) All right, I'll do it, I'll take that stupid...
      (cuts to her in the bathtub)
      Buttercup: ... bath.

    • Mayor: Buttercup, thank goodness we found you. As Mayor of Townsville, it is my sworn duty to tell you that... YOU STINK! YOU SMELL! YOU REEK! You're stinking up the whole town! So, either take a bath or take a hike.

    • Professor Utonium: Buttercup, you stink. Take a bath!

    • Bubbles: I'm getting full.
      Blossom: I think I have room for one more!
      Broccoloid Leader: What? You're getting full already? But that was just an appetizer. (Sends down reinforcements) Here comes the main course!
      Blossom: Uh-oh. We're gonna need some help.
      Broccoloid Leader: What's the matter? Don't have the stomach for it?

    • Buttercup: Don't you know that only big, fat sissies take baths? (Storms out, short pause)
      Bubbles: I'm not fat.

    • Bubbles: Ewww! What's that icky green stuff?
      Blossom: It definitely isn't cake.
      Buttercup: It ain't a corn dog.
      Bubbles: I know it's not a hamster.
      Blossom & Buttercup: YOU EAT HAMSTERS?!?!
      Bubbles: No, I like hamsters, and I know I don't like that stuff!

  • NOTES (11)