The Powerpuff Girls

Season 1 Episode 13

Bubblevicious / The Bare Facts

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Jan 20, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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Bubblevicious / The Bare Facts
Bubblevicious: Bubbles is tired of everyone dismissing her as plain old cute, and gets a confidence boost after secretly beating the training room on its maximum danger level. Mojo couldn't have picked a worse time to include Bubbles' usual crybaby nature in his world domination plan. Mojo thinks Bubbles will lure her sisters into a giant glue trap at his lair by wailing when he zaps her with his laser. But Bubbles doesn't cry out until the laser is on 11, and even then, it's a battle cry. Buttercup and Blossom come to the rescue, only to find that Mojo has already been defeated.

The Bare Facts: It's Mayor's-eye view one day when he's kdnapped by Mojo Jojo. We get the visual scoop when the Girls re-tell the tale. Even with three versions of the story - Bubbles' crayoned yarn, Buttercup's action-packed adventure, and Blossom's strategic operation - the Mayor never finds out why the Girls are giggling at him. It's only when the Girls fly off and the camera gets a wide shot of the Mayor's office that we see the bare facts.moreless

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  • One of the best episodes of the series.

    \"Bubblevicious\" and \"The Bare Facts\" are both excellent episodes of \"The Powerpuff Girls\". They both have a lot of strong points.

    In \"Bubblevicious\", we see how the world thinks of Bubbles being \"the cute one\". But in this one, we take a deeper glance at Bubbles and find out how she feels about this, and she once again reveals her dark side (like she did in the pilot episode). I also really enjoyed the Spinal Tap reference they threw in there a couple of times. I still like Bubbles a lot better as the cute and cuddly character we all know.

    \"The Bare Facts\" is a fall-down funny episode! It used to be my favorite episode of the entire series until the season finale of the 3rd season came. Watching an entire episode from the mayor\'s perspective wasn\'t too interesting, but mainly the whole episode is about the girls telling the mayor a story about a battle they have with Mojo, and each one tells it a different way. Bubbles was absolutely right, she does tell it the bestest! \"We were flying to Mojo Jojo\'s house, and we passed by these really pretty clouds! There was one shaped like a heart, and there was one that looked like a pony, and there was one that looked like a cloud...\"

    If you have not yet gotten acquainted with the Powerpuff Girls, don\'t listen to those jerks who think the series is gay. These two episodes show a fine example of how hilarious the series can be, but I really think \"The Bare Facts\" is the better of the two. I guarantee you will love it.moreless
  • This is my fave Powerpuff Girls episode in the history of the PowerPuff Girls!

    I love "Los Dos Mojos". I absolutely love it. Bubbles is my absolute fave character. I love the fact that she is so cute and adorable even when she is proving she can be "hardcore". It is beacause of this episose that we now know to never underestimate the cute cause they can prove to be tougher than they look
  • Whoa!!! a whole new Bubbles and the Major in his birthday suit, well what can I say.

    What a brilliant episode with Bubbles (My Favourite) who is so cute and now she goes so beserk as she beats anyone up to 9 times her than regular level, she kindy freaks me out but I don't mind.

    The Major who loves his own town but he only likes himself who than gets kidnapped by Mojo Jojo and than the girls saved him and he is trying to find out the truth about the girls laughter and what did they say?... Nothing just their own stories and what happened at the end?... Yep you guessed it.

    Super Great!!!

  • Both of these episodes, though radically different, are among the best in the entire PPG series.


    This is, hands down, my favorite episode. It's also among the favorites of many PPG fans, and for good reason. Before this episode, Bubbles was seen as almost a third wheel, only there to look cute (and sometimes keep her sisters from killing each other). When it aired, all of that flew out the window. Bubbles was given an entire new aspect of her character: her dark side. Even though it was shown once before (during one of the pilots), it wasn't fully realized until now. She gets fierce, mean, even cruel in this episode, and these are adjectives that would've have never, ever been applied to her before this. And other than the huge character development, there are all the fights! Bubbles dishes out more beatings in this episode than any other single Powerpuff in any other episode (well...except maybe Buttercup in "Moral Decay"). Five monsters at the same time, three random people, Blossom, and Talking Dog all feel her wrath. And it all crescendos with that major pounding of Mojo at the end, after he subjects her to a Lv. 11 laser beam ("This laser goes up to 11" ;-)...). It was just a great, action packed, character-building episode. It earned Bubbles the respect she deserved. And for PPG fans, it changed the meaning of the word "hardcore" forever.

    The Bare Facts-

    Oh, wow...I cannot describe to you how hilarious this episode is! The way the story is told is the most unique in the entire series, and it makes for some really funny moments! It also gave us a rare glimpse at how a non-Powerpuff character went about their daily routine, as well as building the character of the Powerpuffs themselves in the most creative way imaginable: art style! That's right...they used different art style to project how each Powerpuff saw the events of that day, and it goes a long way in helping us see them as themselves.

    The cool thing about this episode is that it gives a good look at how the PPG interact with themselves in a non-action-packed situation. They're just telling a story in an office as opposed to fighting some villain or monster. That was a rare thing prior to this episode, and it made it so much more enjoyable. Well...that, and Bubbles version of the story, LOL. Either way, this episode is one of the funniest, most enjoyable episodes in the entire series, and shouldn't be missed by anyone!moreless
  • My favorite episode of The Powerpuff Girls.

    This episode was truly amazing...

    Bubblevicious: This one was my favorite out the two, I mean I loved seeing Bubbles go to the dark side, and go completely psycho & violent, that was really great. Looks like Bubbles is stronger. I also like how Mojo Jojo has been getting more airtime, he's hilarious!

    The Bare Facts: This was a very surprising episode, the whole time the mayor was naked the whole time, I like how it was in telling a story format, that was really great. Everyone had their different perspective of the story which made it interesting, plus the shocker in the end wrapped it up. Favorite episode by far!moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • "Bubblevicious" is Craig McCracken's favorite episode, as revealed on his top 10 countdown.

    • "Bubblevicious" - When we see the close-up of Bubbles wiping her mouth, watch carefully and you'll see a tiny white bloth moving around her face.

    • The Powerpuff Girls' stories seemed to portray an incredibly long chain of events in the fight, despite the fact that the actual battle lasted for no more than a few seconds.

    • In "Bubblesvicious," Bubbles beat 6 monster who were level 11!

    • "Bubblevicious" - When Buttercup said to Bubbles "Have you lost your mind," Blossom's mouth moved a couple times when the line was said.

    • In "Bubblevicious," watch closely in some shots of Bubbles giving Mojo a good beating up. Mojo's helmet is chipped, then it was repaired again, and then it was chipped again.

    • In "Bubblevicious," when Bubbles caught the man with his foot on the grass, she gave him one punch, but in the next shot, the man's face was completely battered with bumps and bruises.

    • When the girls start telling the mayor the story in "The Bare Facts," Bubbles said that she drew a red flower, but then just a little later, she said it was a pink flower.

    • In "Bubblevicious," the Professor and Bubbles turn the handle in the same direction to increase and decrease the danger level.

    • The Mayor isn't correctly mirrored in the window in "The Bare Facts."

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Bubbles: (thinking) It's not fair, I'm just tougher, stronger and meaner than Buttercup and Blossom, but they won't believe me; they treat me like a baby. I'll show them, then I'll prove to be hard core.

    • Bubbles: That's the dumbest plan I've ever heard, and I'm NOT A BABY!

    • Bubbles: (After defeating the monsters) WHO ELSE WANTS SOME?!?!

    • Professor Utonium: Bubbles you're not ready for the high levels, but don't worry, you will soon be as good as Buttercup and Blossom.

    • Bubbles: Yeah. Mojo did a very silly thing, he did, blowing a hole in his house. Boy, was he mad. There was steam coming out of his ears, but I knew that deep down inside he was a sad, poor, little monkey.

    • Bubbles: That's the dumbest plan I've ever heard, and I'm not a baby. . . I'm not gonna cry, you dumb doo-doo brain!
      Mojo Jojo: Doo-doo brain?! That's it! I've had it with your sassy mouth! I didn't want to do this! (Muttering to himself as he jacks up the laser he's using on Bubbles) Well... actually, I did.

    • Bubbles: It's not fair! I'm just as tough, and strong, and mean as Buttercup and Blossom, but they just don't believe me. They all treat me like a baby. I'll show them. I'll prove that I can be... hardcore!

    • Talking Dog: (In a car) Well, I may be able to talk, but I sure as heck can't drive.

    • Blossom: Bubbles!
      Buttercup: Have you lost your mind?
      Blossom: This isn't the Bubbles we know!
      Bubbles: The Bubbles you know is gone! I'm hardcore now!
      Buttercup: But you're going overboard.
      Blossom: That's not the Powerpuff way.
      Bubbles: Forget the Powerpuff way! I'm doing it my way. I can handle Townsville myself!
      Buttercup: But we're a team!
      Blossom: We look out for each other.
      Bubbles: I don't mean to burst your bubble, Girls, but from now on, I fly solo!

    • Blossom: Man, Bubbles, we really underestimated you.
      Buttercup: And you know what?
      Bubbles: (Angrily) What?!
      Blossom & Buttercup: You're hardcore!
      Bubbles: (Sweetly) Really? (Giggling) Aw, shucks! And Girls, I'm sorry for running off. Mojo would never have gotten me if I had you two to look out for me.
      Blossom: Team?
      Buttercup: Team.
      Bubbles: Team.

    • Blossom: I took Mojo into custody, in order to keep Buttercup from beating him up, and deposited him in a safe place, and then saved you, and raced back here.
      Bubbles: And then we took off your blindfold, and then you asked us, "Hey, what happened?" And then I told you I was drawing a picture of a pretty flower, and then Blossom said...
      Blossom & Buttercup: You're telling the whole story all over again!

    • Blossom: And then Mojo Jojo turned around and swung a mind-blowing blow! And he hit Buttercup. As she fell limp, that's when I knew that it was up to me to save the day!
      Buttercup: I wasn't hit that hard.
      Bubbles: And what about me, huh?
      Blossom: Uh... you drew the pretty picture, remember?
      Bubbles: Oh, yeah.

    • Blossom: Mr. Mayor, you had written an elaborate note telling Ms. Bellum that you'd gone home to write your election speech.
      Mayor: I did? How smart of me!
      Blossom: That's not what I mean! See, you didn't actually write the note.
      Mayor: But you just said I wrote the note!
      Blossom: Ms. Bellum said that you couldn't have possibly written the note because she writes all of your speeches.
      Mayor: Ms. Bellum wrote the note?
      Blossom: NOOOO!! Neither you nor Ms. Bellum wrote the note!
      Mayor: Then who wrote the note? I'm sorry, Blossom, but this is all terribly confusing.
      Blossom: I knew that there was only one evil menacing character cunning enough to do this.
      Bubbles: Mojo Jojo!
      Mayor: Mojo Jojo?
      Powerpuff Girls: Yes! Yes!
      Mayor: Mojo Jojo wrote my speech? I'll have to thank him.

    • Blossom: (To Bubbles & Buttercup) You're not making any sense! The Mayor isn't following your stories at all!
      Buttercup: Well, if you would butt out, maybe he would!
      Bubbles: Yeah! Butt it out! Let me tell the story. I tell it the bestest. Besides, I remember everything like it happened yesterday.
      Blossom: IT HAPPENED TODAY!! See? This is what I mean!
      Buttercup: Oh, shut up!
      Bubbles: You don't even know how to tell a good bedtime story!

    • Bubbles: Ha! I got you! You're done, out, finished! You're beaten down, sister! By cute, little Bubbles!
      Blossom: Sheesh, relax, it's just a game.
      (Buzz... buzz... buzz)
      Bubbles: The hot line! (Answers the phone) What do you want, Mayor?
      Mayor: Hmm...
      Bubbles: Spit it out!
      Mayor: (Shiveringly) I'm stuck in the middle of the traffic and I'm about to be late...
      Bubbles: I'm on it, Mayor! (Throws the phone down and breaks it into halves)

    • Bubbles: And Mojo was hurt, and I would have kissed his little boo boo, but then I realized he was a BAD monkey, so I KICKED HIM IN HIS FACE! And there were some guts. Oh, I didn't like the guts. Yuck.

    • Bubbles: Yeah. We were flying to Mojo Jojo's house. I like flying. Oh, and then there were these really pretty clouds. And there was one that was shaped like a heart, and there was this one that looked like a pretty pony, and there was one that looked like a cloud...

    • Blossom: Ms. Bellum had informed me that you had been kidnapped.
      Bubbles: Hey, you mean Mayor-napped, don't you? He's not a little kid, you know.
      Buttercup: Yeah, he's no spring chicken.
      Bubbles: Yeah, he's no chicken.

    • Buttercup: Why is everything always about you? We were there, too.
      Bubbles: Yeah! And I was drawing a very important picture. Although, now I can't remember if it was a yellow flower or a pink flower. Blossom, do you remember what color it... ?
      Blossom: As I was saying...

    • Bubbles: We were all at school. I was drawing a pretty picture of a red daisy. But then Blossom came along and said that the red daisy was bi-bi-o-ge-netical... biogenetically impossible! So, then I made it a yellow one, but I really liked the red one. Maybe I should have just made two flowers, one red and one...
      Buttercup: Bubbles! The Mayor doesn't want to hear about your stupid baby stories. He just wants to know the bare facts. Who cares about a dumb, old flower, anyway?

    • Buttercup: Suddenly, he was holding a giant laser. KA-BOOM! He fired!
      Bubbles: And there was a very pretty, shiny blue color.

  • NOTES (11)