The Powerpuff Girls

Season 5 Episode 6

Burglar Alarmed / Shotgun Wedding

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Sep 19, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • In "Shotgun Wedding," Fuzzy was bare-footed as he ran straight towards the camera, but as he ran passed the hidden Professor, his boots are on.

    • When the Girls are downstairs were the burglar is, Bubbles has Octi with her, but in the next scene, it disappears, and then it reappears in the last shot.

    • How could Bubbles not reach the milk? She can fly!

    • At the beginning of "Burglar Alarmed," when the Girls are waiting for the Professor to tuck them in, Buttercup is on the right side with her green sheets and Bubbles is on the left side with her blue sheets. However, after the Girls tuck the Professor in, Bubbles and Buttercup somehow switched places, with Bubbles on the right with blue sheets and Buttercup on the left with purple sheets.

  • Quotes

    • Bubbles: Thanks.
      Burglar: You're welcome.

    • Burglar: One more step, you little freaks, and I'll scream your daddy's head off.
      Blossom: You wouldn't dare.
      Burglar: One more step, and I'll do it, I'll scream so loud, it will scare him. And after that, you will be in trouble.
      Bubbles: No, please, Mr. Burglar, leave him alone. He's tired.
      Burglar: Tired? He's tired? What about me? I've being stuck inside this freak show all night! I'm the one who is tired!
      Buttercup: Don't you dare scream.
      Burglar: Im gonna do it.
      Blossom: No, please, Mr. Burglar.
      (Professor punches the burglar in his sleep; Girls cheer)
      Professor Utonium: Crackers! (Falls asleep)

    • Bubbles: Boy, a few more seconds, and Fuzzy would have been our mom.
      Buttercup: You mean our dad.
      Blossom: Yeah, and Professor would have been our mom.
      (Girls laugh)
      Professor Utonium: I said, never speak of it again!

    • Professor Utonium: (Writing) Final analysis: Lumpkins, above all things, are stupid. On a side note, never speak of this incident again. (Eats notepad)

    • Professor Utonium: Wait. That tree -- it looks like there's something written on it.
      (Tree reads, "Fuzzy's Watching You")
      Professor Utonium: Oh, please, no.

    • Professor Utonium: Wait! The Lumpkin senses something. Oh, some poor, unsuspecting creature must have stumbled into the Lumpkin's territory. Oh, surely it will be mauled. What kind of stupid, unevolved, pea-brained critter would walk right into such a horrible fate? (Gasps) It's me.

    • Professor Utonium: The city of Townsville is filled with the most vile and strange villains to walk the earth. But as scientifically inexplicable as some may seem, each has an obvious origin. Enormous, one-celled organisms; common chimpanzee, mutated by a mysterious chemical; supernatural manifestation of pure evil; teenaged hoodlums with a strange form of adolescent skin condition; hot chick with chemically enhanced hair products. But one - one villain defies explanation; the only creature that leaves me baffled: the Lumpkin.

    • Narrator: (About the burglar) Oh, boy. I feel sorry for this guy. I really do.

    • Narrator: Ahem. So, like I was saying earlier before all of this nonsense began, it's the end of a not-so-quiet, not-so-peaceful, not so crime-free day.

    • Narrator: Shh. The city of Townsville, where it's the end of a quiet, peaceful, crime-free day, which means that it's bedtime for our beloved heroes - the Powerpuff Girls. Yes, it's time for Professor Utonium to tuck in our tuckered-out little supertots. (Pause) Ahem. Time for Professor Utonium to tuck in out tuckered-out little supertots.

    • Blossom: Bubbles?
      Bubbles: Yes, Blossom?
      Blossom: You okay?
      Bubbles: Yeah, I just needed a glass of milk. The nice man taking things in the kitchen helped me get it.
      Blossom: What nice man taking things in the kitchen?
      Bubbles: The nice burglar man?
      (Blossom & Buttercup laugh)
      Buttercup: Your eyes must be playing tricks on you. I mean, what burglar in their right mind would try to rob the Powerpuff Girls?

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