The Powerpuff Girls

Season 1 Episode 14

Cat Man Do / Impeach Fuzz

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Jan 27, 1999 on Cartoon Network



  • Quotes

    • Bubbles: Wake up!
      (Blossom and Buttercup do so)
      Blossom: What is it?
      Bubbles: The Catseye Jewel's been stolen!
      Blossom: Again?!
      Buttercup: I thought we took care of that guy.
      Bubbles: Wait! What if the cat is really the bad guy, and he put the Professor under a hypnotic trance and made the Professor build this evil machine, and then they stole the jewel to power the machine, and then they're gonna use it to hypnotize all the people, so that the cats can rise up and take over Townsville?!?!
      Buttercup: Bubbles, if we didn't have to stick through your ridiculous ramblings, we'd be halfway to solving this crime!
      Bubbles: Oh. Well, then, let's go.
      Narrator: (as the girls take off) Oh, Bubbles, you don't know how right you are, for at this very moment, a Cat-tastrophe is about to befall... The City of Townsville.