The Powerpuff Girls

Season 4 Episode 4

Him Diddle Riddle

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Jun 21, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • The girls have to solve a slew of riddles to save the proffesor from Him.

    I have to say the Proffesor can be pretty devious, making that bet with Him, I thought that the Profersor was really in trouble, but it was a great way to get out of paying for those flapjacks and who would have thought that HIM could cook? The first riddle involving the two Ms. Keane's was a little confusing. But that last obstacle i loved how each of them fought that giant monster oh, and how they had to reach that ringing phone without using thier powers. How that truck flew, reminded me of an action scene that i saw in a movie.
  • Interesting

    The girls have to solve riddles by Him to get to the Professor in time.

    I liked it, the riddles were very interesting, such as the two Ms. Keane's, having to fight the monster without using their powers, etc. The ending was weak though, but I think that was the point; the girls did all these riddles to get to him in time only for him to be OK, he just has to pay Him 7.50 for breakfast Him cooked. I still think it was an overall fantastic episode, my overall grade for this is of course a great A+